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Hi I am getting an error on uploading this to a plug in. can I have more info on how and which files i should compress?


why you have been upload as plugin? please read the items more details this is not a plugin, this is the css pricing table

I am sorry – I was mistaken – where can I get install instructions and can it be used w other themes or is it stand alone

this is css .. please open the example / html file and you will found how to implement it to your site : inlcude css on your site , and put html structures like pricing tables uses

I must be missing a file because I see an example / html file with any instructions.

Please advise, thanks.

Hello, for pricing table you could use as example and easy to use :)

I’m in trouble, the table icons are appearing all in Japanese, as moficar?

what is in japanesse? all like as screen shot :)


for the Pricing Tables is this a simple html script that i can add to each of my pages for the table to appear or is this a pricing tab that is added to the dashboard menu then we have to add a new pricing tables and then use a short code to display that pricing table on the page?