Discussion on Furious Road

Discussion on Furious Road

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hello, I bought this game, but when I try to open it in Construct 2, the lite tween plugin gives an error, and the problem is that I do not have this plugin, please send it to me. thanks

This is really Amazing project, I want to purchase this for my blog.

Good luck with your sales

Hey! Is enough regular license to use the built-in Google Adsense advertising?

Hi! I don’t know anything about Construct2 but this game can be an Android game?

And its possible to integrate with Google Admob?

I don`t know, it was possible with cocoon. But now, cocoon servise closed. May be original android building is possible. Look scirra forums for it.

I am trying to add custom leader-board in the game, for that I have to save the score in my database but I am not able to find the function (the section of code) which save the score in local storage, in c2runtime, kindly guide me for the same

why i can not run it on crome or yandex browser ? it shows only loading, i also test it on anroid webview app, it also shows only loading… can you help me

usualy it fine working with HTML5 export, if everything is done correctly

of cource not localy

How can i remove this Exported games won’t work until you upload them. (When running on the file:/// protocol, browsers block many features from working for security reasons.)

I know its possible, but have not detail, try search it in c2 forum

hello where can i change the logo of game ?

if you want

what kind of license do i need if i re skin game and just run ads?

Hey Sharkanry, great work! I’m seeing the same problem as luissigma. It happens after the first boss appears and you destroy the first turret. The second turret doesn’t fire and neither do the cards anymore. How could we fix this? Thanks

I can not repeat this bug and therefore I can not fix it yet. May be helps: in eventsheet “_Enemies” / Event 38. You can change “Is outside layout” for inverted “Is on Screen”. I cant check it.

This sollution worked! Thanks Sharkanry.

I need help with one more thing if you can. I’m trying to implement a button that autoshoots the default gun.

I copied all the events/conditions from gun0 and added ‘on tap’ as a condition for the group but it still just shoots once, not continuously. Any idea how I might be able to tackle this? Thanks

Hello. Great game. Congratulations first. I’m having a bug with your game… Suddenly the enemies stop shooting… Most of time happens after the boss trailer appears… I took video is that helps

I uploaded it to drive. After 0:12… It happens all the time.

ok, i see, seems like bullet sprites disappears, What is this browser and platform?

It’s chrome on android

Hello, I do not have much knowledge of construct, it is easy to change kilometers to points

Just remove letters (&” KM”) from events. EventSheet “_Win_Score”, events 3 and 6 EventSheet “_Timer&Scenarios”, event 5

Ok, Thank you Sharkanry!

1.construst 2 : Lack of plug-ins 2 i want to get it in PHP ,how can i get Game score


any plugins you can find here: tutorial for php:

in capx: _Win_Score event sheet. Event 4, here saving best result. Also him can use for send to php-script.

Добрый день! Пытался найти вас в вк, но не удалось (писал на акк Anry Shark, но никто не ответил). Поэтому большая просьба написать мне на, как будет возможность. Хотел просто задать пару технических вопросов по одной из ваших игр (про C2, портирование и баги). Заранее большое спасибо!

ответил в вк

I want to know the list of plugins in this game.

behaviors: lite tween and ease tween, (last behavior not use, and soon will be removed)

hello.. GLWS.. Also visit my products :):)

Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)


Nice Work,

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:


Does this come the development files? CAPX?

the project contains commented CAPX, also png and psd sources, and a short guide that will help to grow up in all this mess)


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