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hi, how to remove “camera” button


thanks :)

how to customise photoBg i want put some text from my form and i want the apps fullwidth with desktop screen :)

you can add new object into the background where you can edit the image, but the app does’t support full screen

Hi, I was wondering what files were changed in the latest update? Thanks

Hi, You can request this at support page, just state down what version you are using. However if your files are too old, it is recommend to use the latest files.

Is it possible to add a watermark to the image before it gets downloaded?

Yes, can

Do you have any tips on how to do it?

after you purchase the app, can request this at support page for the code

Hi! I want to buy this cool canvas but in the preview i can´t test the Facebook sharing image, is it still available? Thanks!


The Facebook share is disabled in preview link, you can enable and setup the share function with option.

how to delete the uploaded images?

Hi, all share image are save to ‘upload’ folder

can the stickers be gif?

you can load SVG format, but not sure it can change the color

Okay and can we have free transform on images . User can use mouse to make the image small or big than using buttons.

You can’t use mouse to transform, but for mobile you can pinch to rotate and scale the images.

hi, is it possible to add in text box where user can key in their own text? thanks.

Hi, this canvas library doesn’t support text input, it can display text but without input.

ok thanks. possible to make this work on mobile landscape mode also? it only works on portrait now.

this app is only work in portrait mode

My images are not going to the upload folder, can you tell me how, thanks


Make sure to follow every steps to setup the Facebook share option in the documentation.

Is it possible to not block the “camera” button in the game, and when you click on it, choose from a special folder that is in the resources of the game my pictures.

Then the children could: 1 Upload your photo. 2 Create my application on the basis of my base drawing.

D-r Andrew

Hi! I have two questions. 1 How to delete all social buttons (Faseobok and others). 2 Can I redirect the “Camera” button so that when I click it, I can download pictures from the “ADD” folder. This folder is located at the address “App / Assets / ADD” Thank.

Dr. Andrew

1) You may request at support page for instruction. 2) You can’t do with web browser


Hello, how could I make it to landpage the design since I only want it for the web, and I want it to occupy the whole width. Thank you


Although this game is build for responsive, but the canvas holder is setup for portrait mode only.

Hi Demonisblack! Great app. Is it possible to take the category sticker and only go straight to item stickers?


The category option will auto disable when there’s only 1 cateogry item in XML file.


fran-fun Purchased

Can I add a “share via email” button instead facebook share? Thank you for your support!


The current app only allow to download and share via Facebook.