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thank you very much!

How many Level

This game goes on until you lost all 3 lives. Each level increases the number of colors ( for a maximum of 6 colors)

very nice thank you 10*

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i rate you 5 * and am going to buy your other game

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Exellent work my friend!!! Wish you happy sales :)

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OK i am now addicted to this game. i hate you!!!!!!! No really good work i like it. have purchased and rated. cheers well done

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What a game :) Loved it. GLWS mate.

thank you very much!

I love this game bro.

Happy you like it. Please rate it to support our work!

I just purchased this game. How do I play this game on my iPhone and other devices? as you mentioned with your details below


Mobile compatibility with IOS, Android and Windows Phone
Fully compatible with all browsers that support HTML5 canvas
Auto-resize to fit various screens
Language localization

Mobile compatibility means that game runs perfectly on most common mobile devices (IOS, Android and Windows Phone). So simply load the game with your favourite mobile browser.

how can i convert it to apk file?

Hi, you need programming skills and you could use some middleware like phonegap

Any chance to make the Popup disappear automatically (rules, level2, ...) ? Now the problem is that you can click on the “faces” in the background even the PopUp is still on. Let me know. Thanks!

on which device you are experiencing the bug?


Just purchase it and compile it with PhoneGap for Android.

Sometimes, when you have a face left and the end of the level, when you click it, the game will take you -1 live but will not continue to next level. Test it few times.


http://postimg.org/image/o5sxfrdlp/ http://postimg.org/image/x6eizkjy7/

Honestly not. We can’t know what you do with the original source code. You should use a debugger console to understand why it crashes.

Will try to debug it.

Otherwise I did not make any changes on the original source code. Just compile it with PhoneGap. It’s my standard routine before start making any changes. 1st to see it is working at all.

Hello There,

Love the game. Just finished revamping the images and sounds… and I am ready to share it with my clients as entertainment on my site… I have a quick question for ya…

Do you know why the sound is disabled on mobile devices and not on desktop computers?

Regards, Digital Chica

Hi, Sounds are disabled on mobile devices by default. If you want to enable it, please read the section ‘Enable Sounds For Mobile’ in the documentation. Anyway we can’t grant that sound works well on all mobile devices.

Hi I am having a resizing issue. works great on a server and resizes well on all mobile devices. But when i try to build for a native app it doesn’t resize. Can you assist me please.

thanks for quick reply. the game is awesome, On Mobile My only problem is when you run it locally it doesn’t fill the screen, when i upload to a server and run it , it fills the screen perfect, If you run it local from desktop and resize your browser to mobile size you will see the height shrink. Have a look. I haven’t touched any coding, I have tried phone gap, cocoon.js and intel xdk for wrapping and compiling into an app but does not fill screen, Its ok on iPad just not phone sizes anyway thanks for your time,

This is the normal behavior as the game scales proportionally to the original resolution (768×1024) so if the current screen has a not proportional resolution, the game fills the empty spaces with a predefined color.

ok thanks,

Can you create horizontal version? It is very good for web and mob. If you make it for this game and another your games, I purchase a few license.

write at support@codethislab.com to get a quote of this customization

well done! GLWS ; )

thank youuuuu!!! :* :* :*