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is there any possibility to activate the Revolution Slider on this plugis through Shortcodes?


can I integrate a Youtube Video in this plugin? It appears on each Main Page call?

many Thanks

The instructions for fullscreen parallax are not clear. I’ve installed it properly but it doesn’t work. Can you please tell me exactly how to implement it on my page? i set it up in settings … but then what?

ok, now i got it to work but it doesn’t work in my theme’s page builder. I can only use it from settings. I feel like the plugin is misleading and needs better disclaimers or something. Can I please have my money back. If it can’t be used in the page builder it’s pretty much useless

Is this plug-in compatible with the Salient theme from Themeforest?

This thing sucks. The admin page doesn’t save the settings. It’s just flushing $15 down the toilet.

Hi, just bought your plugin, looks great.

I want a paralax image full screen as background.

I tested by using the “show on post id” function.

Something is happening, I see the image and a black dot.

Nothing else, site alle site elemente are gone also page content.

What is up with this? Any ideas?

very very bad, dreadful

-10 points !

bad documentation

Please refund!

Garbage plugin with zero support. Stay away.

Hi, what’s the error you get? You can send me more details via the contact form in my profile page, then I can try to help.