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How many computer can i run this on?

You can run on how many computers you want.

Can you modify the script to backup cpanel websites to amazon s3? because its really important such that the backup process run between server to server?

Can you also modify the script to be installed online or hosted on a server such that i do not need to install it on my computer?

If you can’t, kindly recommend me on a script that supports cpanel backup to remote servers like amazon



I will create a script that you request soon.

source code not included

Hi i have a few questions:

1. Is this product fully working on Windows 10

2. Am i able to schedule regular backups of the site and database?


Will work on Windows 10. You can do backups on database and files but you can’t schedule them, I’m working for an update.

Thats awesome news, do you have an ETA as to when your updated version will come out with the auto scheduler ?



I planned new version with scheduler for the middle of February.



Hi, Will it work with shared hosting ? and will it save directly to dropbox or google drive on given dates without our action ? will it create backup on server ? or it will backup on local/dropbox/googledrive ? will it backup of all hosting or it be site to site with their databases ? windows version supported ?



Will work on shared hosting and can backup in dropbox or google drive folders ( you also need to have dropbox/google drive application installed on your computer ). Tested on Windows 7,8, 10.

Can this export database into excel ? I have a script written in cakephp and I want it to download as a excel, is it possible. Thanks?

No, this program can’t export your database to Excel.

I have a database on my localhost computer and want to back up to web server, I get with your program?

If on web server you have Windows you can use this application.

How do I install it

Hi, will it synch files? or just backup it, smatching files from web to computer? I want the latest files to be synchronized, not all the files, as I plan to use it in 2 different computer, and archive files on web server. Thanks

At this moment it does a full backup every time. In few months, the new version will do incremental backup – but can’t be used on two computer at the same time for incremental backup. Maybe you can share a folder over network from one computer to another ?