Frontend Post Submission Manager

Frontend Post Submission Manager

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Frontend Post Submission Manager

Submit Post from Frontend with or without Logging in along with Frotend Post Management Dashboard

As the name explains, Frontend Post Submission Manager is a premium WordPress plugin which facilitates with the functionality to receive Posts or Any other Post Types from frontend with or without logging in along with Frontend Post Management Dashboard.

You can create unlimited forms with drag and drop form builder, add unlimited custom fields with various field types support such as Textfield, Textarea, Radio Button, Checkbox, Datepicker, Fileuploader and many more.

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See full features list below:

  • Unlimited Forms with Drag and Drop form Builder
  • 20+ Beautiful Pre Designed templates
  • Frontend Post Management Dashboard
  • Default Post Types and Custom Post Types Support
  • Default Taxonomies and Custom Taxonomies Support
  • Unlimited Custom Fields with various Field Types Support
  • Custom Fields Frontend Display Support
  • Custom Fields Display in Backend too
  • Guest Post Support
  • Secure Form Submission with Google Captcha Integrated
  • Admin and User Notification Configurations
  • Layout Customization Options
  • Frontend Form Preview
  • Redirection option available after Successful submission
  • Image and other files direct insertion into post content
  • Configure Submited Post Status
  • Configure Post Author
  • Configure Post Format
  • Character Limit Configuration
  • Enable/disable Form Components
  • Ajax Form Submission
  • Developer Documentation Available
  • All device friendly and browser Compatibility
  • Dedicated Support
  • Translation Ready

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Change Log

Version 1.2.7
Fixed Post Submission Limit issue
Version 1.2.6
* Added post submission limit feature
* Added media attach to the post feature
* Fixed featured image attach to the post issue
Version 1.2.5
* Fixed author select for guest form in the basic settings
Version 1.2.4
* Added Search Functionality in Frontend Dashboard
* Added Post Status Filter in Frontend Dashboard
* Decreased SN and Action column width
* Added option to enable and disable SN and Latest Modified Date in frontend Dashboard
* Added media sorting functionality on frontend form
Version 1.2.3
* Fixed custom field add issue in safari browser
Version 1.2.2
* Scheduled date printed on dashboard
* Added option to disable post views
* Added admin link in the post title when "List all posts for Administrator" option is enabled
* Fixed width for the post title and post views column in frontend dashboard
Version 1.2.1
* Added Background Color Options for Submit Buttons
* Added [from_name] parameter in From Name field for Admin Notification
* Added Post View Count Display integrated with Post View Counter Plugin
* Fixed upload file name issue for Arabic Language
* Fixed admin notification issue
* Admin Override with Post Edit and Delete Disable on List all Post for Administrator Option Enabled
* Future Post Status also listed in Dashboard
Version 1.2.0

* Added Post Status Specific Submit Buttons
* Added Save as Draft and Auto Draft Save Options
* Added Post Submit Notification Options
* Added Post Status Specific Post Edit Disable Feature
* Added Post Status Specific Post Delete Disable Feature
* Added Download button for Media Files uploaded from the form in the backend
* Added All Posts Listing feature for administrator
* Added No Posts Found Message Field for Frontend Dashboard
* Fixed custom post types listing in the frontend dashboard issue
* Fixed post content blank for post edit when post content field is not available in the form
Fixed multiple taxonomy select
Fixed dropdown for non hierarchical taxonomy
Added Youtube Embed Field
Version 1.0.7
 Fixed slash adding issue on form save
Added html support for field note
Added post edit redirection
Post title and Post author support for Subject in notification emails
Version 1.0.6
Fixed  few translation issues
Fixed gallery delete issue
Version 1.0.5
* Fixed few translations issues
* Hidden the label when custom field value is empty
* Added Telephone Field 
* Fixed post reject notification email sent from frontend issue
Version 1.0.4
Fixed backend dropdown selected issues
Fixed child category selection issue
Fixed translation issues
Fixed featured image delete on edit issue
Fixed form success and validation error message issue
Version 1.0.3
Added URL field in the custom field type
Added few hooks
Fixed post publish notification
Fixed Author name and author URL backend save issue
Fixed admin notification undefined variable issue
Fixed backend styling issues
Fixed custom post type assignment bug
Version 1.0.1
Fixed activation issue

You can check our change log here too