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Pretty funny…

I love the mark when the frog dies… very clever


The silly idea of crime zone or death mark came from GTA games. :)

Nice game. Noticed the Envatitor in your listing. That’s genius. I’ll have to use that on my next upload. GLWS

Thanks. Envattior really saves lots of time and come handy. I found it randomly here on the forums.

Hi, it’s possible enlarge screen? I can edit game or links only with tutuloo game maker? It’s possible delete “Made with” text?

Yep,you can resize the game screen,but the game assets are designed for a small displays and comes in 32×32px size. There is no function to zoom or stretch whole game level. Tululoo Level Editor
You can edit all game with Tululoo Game Maker as I included project file. “Made with” is included in HTML file and you can simply delete that line of HTML code.

Which font you used for the words “Help”, “play”, “game over” ... etc … can you pass me the ttf file. font? I’m trying to translate the game into my language but I would not change the graphics. could you be kind enough to pass me the psd images of game? in this way the work would be easier for me. Thanks! Antonio

Thanks for your purchase! The font is Peralta and size was 41px. I actually used GIMP and Paint.NET,but will export images as PSD for you. Drop me a message via my profile page or using my website

only one level?

Yep as it’s example.

Hey, really nice game! I enjoy playing it. How hard it’s to change the fog to another animal character?

It’s a HTML5 game so you can easily replace the graphics. Note that game has only one level so you need to open project in a free editor Tululoo Game Maker to add some more.

can I change the images . and is there levels ? and why the game not in center ?

Yes,like all HTML5 games these are easy to modify. There is only one level for now and no mobile support for now.

You can bookmark this item as I am planing to update this game later on.

How can I edit the file and what is the tool to do that ?

There is included Tululoo Game Maker project included and HTML5 file with images folder where you can easily replace them and import into image editor.

When will it be ready for other platforms like tablets ? Thank you.

January or February in upcoming year. It will have higher resolution and more levels.

sounds great please keep me updated!