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gluegl Purchased

Will the next update support Editing / Changing the HTML/CSS Colors? The current colors are toooooo Dark

Sorry, It will not include any type of theme editor.

any news for the new version? regards

Sorry not yet.

Hi, on the “admin” part, no button is working, no link, and i think style is broken;

Can you help?

Is your URL correct? I can’t open that page


himzz98 Purchased

Hie how are you.i bought your system yesterday can you help me personalize it.I want it to redirect to different links after posting a project depending with the project type selected.For example if i upload project under web development after uploading it should redirect to if i post some thing under app development it should redirect to http::// after posting

I can help you with first question, but assigning ads to different blog category, is currently not possible. Please email me from my profile page for instructions.


himzz98 Purchased

Yes I want to redirect after creating a new project

Sure, please email me from my profile page.

Hello Gewa13,

Can you help me to specify the login language in URL to let customers directly land on an English or Arabic login page? example: English : Arabic :


Sure please email me from my profile page for instructions.

where to test creating a workflow in the demo?

Sorry, data modification is disabled in demo mode. If you have any questions I will gladly answer for you.

Hello, do you also offer customization?

Yes, I do, please email me from my profile page.

It’s been a while since I updated simply because the first time I did, it was a nightmare.

3 years later, I updated to recent version of PHP and the plug in locked me out of admin area.

So I purchased a new license, followed the instructions and updated. Had to do password reset anyway.

Log in, nothing. Just the header, nothing else.

Figured may I need to repurchase a new version of the theme. Did that. Still nothing, just a header.

Tried going to, press the button, nothing but white screen.

This is all very familiar to 3 years ago.

So $60 later, what do I need to do to get this working again?

I’m not sure, what the problem is, but I can definitely look into it. Could you please email me from my profile page with your ftp as well as url and access to your database?


Possible to put the application in French?

Yes, you can translate language phrases, or download French translation from


be2store Purchased

How i can synchronize user/password of membership manager pro and freelance manager?

Unfortunately, you cant. FM is using sha1 for encryption, while MMP uses hashed passwords

Hello , I wan a need some info before I buy, please let me know is it possible to chat with u ?

Sure, you can email me from my profile page.

Hello, I understand that my support for this item has expired, but I am not contacting to get support. I am contacting because I the item is not available for download again. This is my purchase code and purchase date: bc6c4dcf-5bf9-43a0-9179-89e7b2c2cf10 – 6 Jul 2015

Most likely you run out of available downloads. You should try to contact codecanyon and see if they are willing to reset download counter


carloscid Purchased

hello, any news for the new version? is there any aproximate date? regards


gewa13 Author

Sorry, not yet.