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I have a problem with FM. When I login as administrator, the page looks like it’s missing the CSS.


According to my provider the server is running on PHP7.

Can you please help? Thank You.

Best regards, Martijn van der Meer

I have replied to your email.

Do you offer any integration with WHMCS ? Thanks

Sorry, no I don’t.


ebe01 Purchased

Alex, Can you tell me how can i change my password from database tables? Cheers

Edit users table, find your username and usin sha1 encryption update password field. Google for sha1 generators.


Very interested in using this to help me manage web design and app development projects for clients.

s there any way I could keep a record/reminder for things like annual hosting fees and domain renewal dates?

Some clients renew domains every year, others every two years, some pay for hosting annually, some monthly, sometimes it’s included in maintenance contract etc. it can be difficult to keep on top of all these things for multiple clients.


Such a feature is not built in, but cold be implemented.

Before buy… clients can create a tasks and projects?

Only staff members can create projects and tasks, clients can view and approve/disapprove submissions only.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m having problem using FreelanceManager3. I think your application still using mysql command for connecting db. Whereas now my hosting server have upgrade to the latest PHP and only support MySQLi. Please help.

I can’t tell what the problem is, unless I have access to your site. Please email,me from my profile page with ftp and admin login credentials.

ok. I already email you with the details. Please check.

Reply sent.