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hi i wonder if your app has the following features:

1. Creating timesheet reports and bills automatically

2. Define different hourly rates for different freelancers in different projects

3. Creating invoices automatically and periodically

4. Allowing clients to input credit card info for them to make afterwards payments

5. have cards/listing ect. like to sort different projects and clients eadily.

Thank you.

Unfortunately, current version does not have most of those feature, but the upcoming version will have most of it if not all.

I have installed under a subdomain after I login I can see the admin panel but no information is displayed and none of the links work – any suggestions using firefox

it looks like it is redirecting to a folder there is no freelance folder in the subdomain do I need to install it in a folder?

NO, you dont need to install it in subfolder, but it seems that your file directory during install was changed. Try this first, go to phpmyadmin in setting table look for site_dir field. If you installed FM in, make sure that field is empty.

ETA on the Major update that your working on?

I dont have ETA yet, but most likely in few weeks.

It is a great product too. I would like to try it. Can you update it? You have thousands of clients… And it is a very helpfull plugin. Thanks.

Yes, I’m working on update.


Plotz Purchased

Yes, I’m working on update.
That’s a good joke! Let’s wait another three years …

hi, I bought this cms a long time ago and I have not updated since the version has changed the graphic layout, so I stay with an old version not updated because I like the old graphics more. The problem I have is that paypal does not work but I do not think it’s a version problem. can you help me?

the error is: A system error has occurred. Try later.

Please check gateways/PayPal/ folder for any error logs.

hello gewa13

When will you update freelance manager?

Yes, I will. At this time I dont have ETA

Why don’t you update this to work with php7? I have it running just fine on php 7.1.5 and it only took me a couple of hours to implement the required changes.

Video of it in action running on php 7.1.5 and MySQL 5.7.21!AusdiKa87-PCgYendXTxuRBpIZ8el8k

You said that two years or so ago. You could have updated the current version to work with php7 so that your users aren’t stuck running php5 for years waiting.

Also, Freelance Manager doesn’t work with MySQL 5.7, I had to update the code so the software description is misleading.

Hi, I bought Client Manager script and have it installed in a sub-folder but I want clients to be able to login on top domain homepage. What code can I use for the login form to work?


You would basically need to move login form into your other page, as well as javascript files. Its bit complicated to explain, but if you have some php knowledge, you should be able to figure it out.

Hi Alax will you be updating to comply with the GDPR?

Sure, I will update it this week.

nice one thank you Alex much appreciated

1- Does your CRM solution support IVR so it can retrieve caller/customer information when he calls on landline ?
2- Is there easy way to synchronize call logs from Android/iPhone with your CRM ? this is very important when customer calls on phones there must be an easy way to copy lead contacts to the CRM without have to enter it manually?
3- Is there compatible native Andiron / iPhone app with your CRM so user can retrieved, edit and read information form either web or mobile phone ?

Sorry, none of the above.

How do you create a new invoice? When I click project or client, etc there is a button that says + New “Whatever” but not on invoices. Am I missing something? Thank you.

Invoices are created automatically once project is created