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Discussion on Freelance Manager

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hi. i’ve been looking for an easy to use basic crm for like you say freelance and small biz and was happy to find your software here FM today. PS ?—a few other software either say SAAS or have the ability to offer access to others on a monthly basis. my plan is to offer it like saas for people who are starting up a small endeavor.. alongside other things needed when one is starting their new venture. so my ? is would i be able to use your FM crm here like this? i really hope so as i love how you tailored it towards freelancers in general.

thanks a lot!


FM manager is for a single freelancer, adding SAAS ability is possible, but will require some serious coding .

Hello I was wondering if when creating the estimate or Invoice if the note field can print more text like a disclaimer legal type of information?

Note field could be increased from within database. Please email me from my profile page and I’ll help you with that.

Hey there! Unfortunataly we want to get a refund on the product. It is not working as described and missing a lot of features. Also we had a lot trouble installing it because, when it’s installed it doesnt redirect to the index.php so every link (/dashboard , /admin, etc. ) was not working because it coudnt get found. It bugs a lot in even more corners, so we not to find another solution for our website.

We kindly ask you to give us a refund. We already deleted it and will not use or share to product in any way.

Best regards Stefan from the Bad Wolf Team

The Htaccess files was missing completely in the installation and i did everything as described. Since im not a coder it was very hard to figure this issue out. Also we are missing following features which you described: - Fully customize the Profile of clients. -> You can only set up mail and name - When i send an invoice to the client. it doesnt show in his dashboard - Project are dissapearing instantly when i close it. -> would be nice to have a closed projects tab. - Also tasks instant dissapear from the list and its hard to get them back if you misclicked them. - Doesnt look good on a mobile version

So we kindly ask again for a refund. We installed it, tried to configure it, but didnt even showed it to customers. It’s the least you can do.

.htaccess file is included, and it might be hidden, depending on your OS. This is just something so basic, that any developer should know. Where did you see this “Fully customize the Profile of clients”? Looks like script is not configured correctly. Projects, task and other items will only disappear, if you remove them or archived them, or set them as completed. Than you can find them under different tab

1. Client Management – You can easily add, edit, and manipulate client profile information as well as track all related projects, invoices, and work flow approval queues -> Editing doesnt work afterwards 2. Responsive Layout – Both admin and client area are responsive -> Not fully responsive 3. Invoicing Feature -> You Can add taxes in the settings, but they are not getting applied in the invoice -> Also Clients dont get a notification

But well since having issues in your scrip is “So basic that any developer knows it”. Btw. it took a proffesional developer 30 minutes to figure the issue out. Have fun with your money and leave an unhappy customer. Wont recommend it to anyone else.

Congratulations on this “Freelance Manager” script and I’m ready to hit buy, the only thing that stopping me are concerns that there has been no update since v4 in 2020. Your comments suggest various issues will be dealt with in the next update but none has been forthcoming or any hint of when that might be? Please can you give any kind of road map or just reassurance this project has not been abandoned and will get an update in 2022? Thank you

Freelance Manager, is not abandoned. All the major issues and known bugs have been fixed. All my scripts listed here are fully supported, regardless of the release date

I love this script.

How do I manage user to sign up for different plans?

It looks like there is not registration implemented.

I am happy to make this purchase right away.

Sorry, what plans are you talking about. This is freelance CRM script, there are no plans. If you are looking for membership manager script look here:

just installed, all good exept on making changes in configuration… file types: cant add mp4 or mov. also cant change max upload size.

it doesnt save.

Are you getting any errors? You can also contact me from my profile page with your ftp access and admin login, and I will have a look.


in the invoice section of the configuration page when I select to change the logo on the invoice it changes when i save and exit but it reverts back to the preset logo.

also is it possible to alter the sizes of the columns in the invoice ideally I would like to increase the description and decrease the qty tax and item cost areas smaller

I appreciate your help and I am loving the plugin just need to get these minor issues resolved

many thanks

Yes, you can redesign invoice in any way you want, just edit view/admin/snippets/Pdf_Invoice.tpl.php, as for the print logo, you can just replace print_logo.png in /uploads/ folder with your own, just make sure to keep the same name.


I be purchased your freelance manager and all looks amazing but when I go to download a PDF invoice I get the below error

Fatal error: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported in /homepages/20/d789173401/htdocs/clickandbuilds/OnyxBusPortal/lib/mPdf/vendor/mpdf/mpdf/src/Mpdf.php on line 2227

Any ideas



No tax in either invoice or estimates even though its setup in the config

I resolved the tax not displaying by accessing the database and changing the active status to 1 instead of 0

thanks for pointing out, must have been a bug I have missed.


The dark theme doesn’t seem to be working for me. Every time I select it nothing changes. Am I doing something wrong?

Also I see on the help site it shows an update at the bottom. Is that something I need to manually do or does the original download have the update?

There is no need for update, if you performed full install. As for dark theme, I will have to take a look. Could you please email me from my profile page with your admin login and ftp access?

Hi, I can’t see the live demo, when I click on demo, it says login, and when I click, nothing is happening. Can you send me the demo link?

Go to item description, and select proper link for admin panel or client. Also make sure to use correct credentials.

Hi, can i setup monthly billing here? thanks

Sorry, there is no recurring option available at this time. Only one time payments

Hello – Issue with files

- I can see them in the uploads but not as admin or client just says:

There aren’t any files in this project at the moment. When someone uploads a file or attaches it to a task, note, discussion, or comment – it’ll show up here.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you kindly - Daniel C

Update: Fresh install of 4.0

If the files are visible in /uploads/ folder, then as long as you have assigned at least one staff member or your self, you should be able to see those files from the project section.

Okay, thank you for the great support!

Hello, I love freelance manager so far; however, I noticed a few little bugs (not sure if this is common)

When sending invoices I often get an error (it won’t initially realize that a sender is in the box and will notify me that the field must be filled). I have to select to send, get the error, then deselect and select the name again to get it to send.

Also, the main login page seems to not let members login directly. Im not sure if i’m doing something wrong but it doesn’t really supply access unless going through the admin login page. (including my account)

Lastly, is there a way to allow partial payments of invoices that are sent? I’d love to be able to do this the way I already do with paypal but to keep everything contained in the backend. Thanks!

I understand you are probably a single developer so this is more of an inquiry since I see the last update was roughly 1.5 years ago. Thanks in advance for your time.

Thank you very much. To quickly answer your questions:
1. Im not able to recreate the problem, but will take another look at it.
2. If login as staff member or admin, you will need to go to the admin login. Front end login is only for clients.
3. Only admin can manually assign partial payment, client will need to pay invoice in the amount show


I’ve just purchased Freelance Manager and am trying to install it. I’ve followed the instructions by creating a mysql database with all permissions granted and uploaded the FM folder to root director but I am not seeing a set up wizard at all. And if I go to the domain in my browser I just get a 403 error. I’ve spent most of the afternoon trying to get this to work and I’m at a loss.

I can have a look. Please email me from my profile page with your hosting panel access and url where you want script installed.

I just can’t figure out how do you receive payment do the clients paying invoices being redirected to the payment gateway

Yes exactly

Hello, Is it possible now to add Custom items (in the header menu next to Projects, Invoices etc…) ? I would add such page and link the e-signed contracts with customers from another site…Also I’d add some data on a 2nd custom page such as local network setups and so on,

Thank You so much

Yes, if your coding skills are sufficient, you can make any changes

Hi @gewa13,

Is there a way to reset the password? Currently, we use the software without purchasing a domain, so it still uses the IP, when a user does a ‘Forgot Password’ the reset link does not work and it only redirects to the homepage. Is there a way I can reset the password using the database?

Password reset works, just make sure your SMTP settings are correct in admin configuration page

@gewa13, I am using Google SMTP mailer, but it is not sending the forgot password link. It is only showing an infinite loading.

Also when using the PHP Mailer, it sends the forgot password to the email, but when the link is clicked, it only redirects to the homepage login screen.

Any suggestions where to look at to solve this issue?

Your hosting is most likely not allowing you to use gmail SMTP, as for the link going to home page, looks like email template is not correct. I can have a look. Please email me from my profile page with your ftp access

Hello Just a few quick questions before buying this plugin: 1) Is freelancer-manager compatible with latest version of wordpress? It worries us not seeing any updates in 2021. 2) Can you upload files to an external service like google drive? We want to use the platform to enable client’s to submit their videos. 3) Can you embed forms (ej: ninja-form) anywhere inside the client area?

Thanks in advance

FM, is not WP plugin but the stand alone php script. As for the rest of your questions, none of them apply to FM

If anybody wants to change the size of the logo in the invoices and estimates, open these files: Then find this code:
<td class="two wide"><?php if (file_exists(UPLOADS . '/print_logo.png')):?>
        <img alt="" src="<?php echo UPLOADURL . '/print_logo.png';?>" class="wojo basic medium image" />

Replace ‘two wide’ with ‘three wide’ or ‘four wide’.

Remove ‘medium’ from the image class.

Another little problem is adding people that are ‘owner’/partner of the main company. They do not get assigned to a company after invitation.

They end up as ‘Users with no company Assigned’.

And there is no way to assign them to a company.

I’ve changed it in the database, but it would be good if it was an option in the ‘Users with no company Assigned’ section.

Sure, I can make that happen in the next update


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