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Congrats!, very useful script. Good luck with sales!

thanks you

Congratulations on the new work. Good luck in the big sales.

thanks you

Nice script, nice design, grate price. GLWS! Yamon

Thank you very much

There are currently 2 password generators on this market (this, and another by TopStudio), for the same price. Do you think this one is better, if yes, what makes this one better than the other?

Sincerely, Mike

Thank you for your interest in my work. The works have much in common but I realized export to a file (txt, csv), the addition of your characters in password, the mandatory presence of at least one character from the selected option.

Good news everyone

We move to a new and better level of support our customers. So we have just launched support forum.

Our support hours are Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm (GMT+3). From the moment your support request is entered inside this forum we’re trying to answer your question within 24 hours.

Support Forum

It will soon be available v1.0.1

  • Added prefix to password
  • Added suffix to password
  • Added SHA1 interpretation password
  • Added MD5 interpretation password
  • Hello i have a question

    Are these passwords saved anywhere?? how can u be sure that it is 100% new generated password each time??

    hello. Passwords can only be exported to a file. with prefixes and suffixes, and a short password, passwords can be repeated

    Hello , y just purchase this item but , have not instructions so y nned help for example : how can i turned onn the buttons(for default) , like this : , thnaks.

    Attention! From August 26 to September 4, support is not provided


    i’ve noticed few bugs with the script. Is the support for this item still active?

    I send you an email and also opened a topic on the support forums few days ago, but no one replied so far.

    Just clicked on the buy button and on paypal checkout site it says 4.68€ for the regular license??? Am I doing something wrong?

    Getting the following error when generating a password with the other field empty.

    Undefined variable: other in \inc\_main.php on line 239

    How can this be solved?

    Please note I attempted create an account on the support site however the page get stuck on “please wait…” and account never gets created

    The script is not working for us. We tried all for help from owners So now what to do

    Refund or money lost

    I am tired no one supporting and there is no way to take refunds. I could not understand why such kind of scripts are allowed to be sold. codecanyon is for such fraud scripts or owners

    I got my script working there was issue with version of PHP some one else helped me

    Hi! Is it easy to seet up with a wordpress site? Can it be translated? thanks!

    Hi. This is not a WordPress plugin, the plugin is not difficult to do and I can this. But I have no idea how to apply it to Wordpress, to what end? If you tell me, then I will prepare a plugin. For this script, I can make for you translate, but you yourself can easily translate.

    Thanks for your reply! Necessarily I don’t need a plugin. I was just curious of how can I install your script to a wordpress site?


    just copy the contents of the archive to your hosting, for example and everything works

    the script and beautiful, but there are problems sometimes hangs with all browsers, in some cases not even charge remains stationary, without buttons

    hi, fix ready, will soon be available for download

    or found a bug when you select Type> Key script crashes, please fix as soon as possible.

    thank you, I’ll do this error and I’ll let you know

    the problem still persists even in the version 1.0.5 critical bug in the key generation ??

    or downloaded and put the 1.0.5 and when I select type password key freezes all

    I understood you and now I am trying to understand because of what is happening this

    I made changes to the algorithm of the script Please check the job on my demo site, if you write that all right, I will file for approval of this update

    Hi, I am interested in this plugin but not sure what is this plugin is used for? can you give a more clear description?


    it is not a plugin
    this is a separate script that generates passwords, keys of any length and any complexity. then you can make the export result and have to use it where you want

    Password Generator generates no right number of passwords, the installation on the number of passwords does not accept, 0 can generate a file, can according to the installation. At first I thought that because of slow mobile internet, but vydelenka same.

    Help me please