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Hello, I wonder if after User login I can choose where it will be directed, and how to do data verification login with bunch of data, could you help me?

Hi, sorry for late reply. Yes, there is place for url to your .php file where you can work with data. If you want more inputs, you have to add some javascript conditions too. But it could be easy. Write me if you need help with that.


Is there any way you could guide me to make the ‘Connect with twitter’ button to ‘Connect with Google’ after I make the purchase?

That is, if not changing it yourself, could you provide me with the gradient specs for hover and normal mode; with a tiny white google icon.

Hi, yes I could. Please write me on mark@hipstacowboys.com after purchase and I’ll send you specification and icon.


How do i set where the login information is sent to?

Hi, you have to place url of your PHP file to the FORM action=’YOUR_URL’. In this PHP file you have to connect with database.

Hello, I’ve bought this template. Where to set user that system should accept?

Send me your email please on mark@hipstacowboys.com

So what?

Sorry, but I didn’t get any email from you. Send it again please.

Hey buddy i need you help to connect your script with my database !


I’m sorry, but as we speak on email. I can’t make a PHP script template.


I bought it plus the test to register, the registration was not made, was unable to perform the login, would like a solution.


Hi, I’m not sure about your problem. But this product is just about validation and css. You have to connect it with you database to login. You have to create your own PHP file to connect it.



Is possible to add this into wordpress website ? I have membership website need this item.

Please let me know your reply

Hi, maybe if you replace login / registration form using wordpress and some way connect it with a php validation on your server, it might work. But it’s not developed for wordpress in first case. Sorry


WIll this work on bigcommerce, which is moslty based on HTML and CSS? Most PHP plugins would not work on bigcommerce. Please help.


Hi Surya, I’m not sure. I never try it there. It’s just css, html and javascript. Be sure to include jQuery on right place. It should work than.


Can this be integrated seamlessly into Wordpress? I also need to add Social Logins from Facebook and/or Linkedin and the Registration form needs to have an acceptance of terms and conditions. If this can be done via this plugin, I’ll purchase it immediately!

I think it can’t be done via plugin, but I’m not sure. You can put some code inside your functions.php to enable this custom Login.

I need help to implement this and not getting any help.

Hi, just write me what’s the problem and we can solve it together here. Thanks

Pre-purchase question can this be integrated seamlessly into Wordpress? I also need to add some custom field in registration form. can this open in ajax/popup? If this can be done via this plugin, I’ll purchase it immediately!

Hi, yes you can easily replace login / register form in WP with this. You’ll need to connect inputs to do right actions obviously. You can add custom fields but you’ll need to customize (copy/paste) some javascript for validation. You can place it to ajax/popup. No it’s not a plugin based. Thanks

Actually i don’t have too knowledge of developing or coding. If it is not out of box plugin then how would i install it to wordpress?

Hi, can I make contact forms instead of login forms using this plugin?