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I like this component, but there is one thing I can’t figure out. Is it possible to send an e-mail after submitting a form and also store de data in the database?


Right now, it allows either to send email or save it in the database. A little customization can be done to do that. Please note that Email part is still not mentioned in the feature of this component as it is still in beta testing. Thanks

If I click on save then it works but when the page reloads I get the folowwin message.

{"message":"Operation done successfully","error":[],"data":1}

how can i get rid of that message?


you are using ajax based submission or page reload submission. Please let me know so I can suggest accordingly. Thanks

page reload submission


I have checked at my end. I am not getting this message. It was present in initial version that I have resolved it. Please download latest version, if still doesn’t get resolved. then contact me. I will send you latest code. Thanks

Is there a way to define fields as not required?

Yes, You can set not required fields using fieldNotMandatory() function.

I have three dependent selects like category->subcategorie->page It works but if I load the page the first time and I open the selectbox for the subcategory first then I find all items regardless of the parent id

$formdoid->fieldTypes("Kategorie", "select"); $formdoid->fieldDataBinding('Kategorie', 'Cat1', 'id', 'name'); $formdoid->fieldTypes("Seite", "select"); $formdoid->fieldDataBinding('Seite', 'Cat2', 'id', 'name'); $formdoid->fieldDependent('Seite', 'Kategorie', 'parent'); $formdoid->fieldTypes("Unterseite", "select"); $formdoid->fieldDataBinding('Unterseite', 'Cat3', 'id', 'name'); $formdoid->fieldDependent('Unterseite', 'Seite', 'parent');

Is there a solution?

Thank you


Sorry that feature is not available. I will add in future version. Thanks

ok then i will hide the child components and unhide them on the onchange event of the respective parent. maybe also an idea for your next update? Thank you anyway Formdoid is awesome – the more I work with it the more i like it


Thanks for your nice comment and review. I have added around 6 more features in formdoid and adding 2 more (including the one you have mentioned). Probably by the next week, I will be able to release it. Thanks

Hello, I have just found your plugins, and they are very nice. A couple things, the formdoid demo has a db-connect error and is not usable. Also, can you please explain the differences of pdo-model/pdo-crud? Is pdo-model included in pdo-crud? Also, is formdoid included in pdo-crud or separate? Thanks!


Thanks for your interest. PDOCrud was has all fetures of formdoid and pdomodel so you can use that. For formdoid demo, I will check database connection. Thanks.

I sent you a support request yesterday about, purchase code not validating! But seems you didn;t want to reply for the support request. I’ll buy a script from a different author.. who give a better product and service. Please refund my money..

This is not our product. From where you got that link. We provide support using email and comment here. That’s why I didn’t got any message else I always reply fast.

Please check the link. It is for contact form generator plugin not ours script. It will not validate there. If you are having issue in our script, please contact me here. I will solve issue, if not then I am ready to refund. Because of some other one’s plugin issue, you have given us bad rating :( It takes too much effort to develop a script and this is given without any issue in plugin. Please let me know. Thanks

Hi I hope you understand that you were checking things on some other plugins link so that’s why purchase code didn’t work.

Please contact me here in case of any issue, I will try to resolve and if not, I will give you refund. Thanks

Your demo site reports db conn error:

SQLSTATEHY000 Access denied for user ‘demouser’@’localhost’ (using password: YES)

Hi It again stopped, this server is causing some issue, I am checking again. Server started in morning but again stopped.

Please check


this has all features of formdoid and many more other features.


OK. Actually I purchased the crud one and simply want to know more other products.


Demo for formdoid is also corrected. You can check it. Thanks

Hello. Today I bought your software but I can not run it. This script, I started on my server here: http://automyckycr.cz/form He writes me this error. Here I attach config.php ////////////////////////////////


/* * Formdoid – An Advance Form Builder PHP Application * * By Pritesh Gupta – http://demo.digitaldreamstech.com/formdoid * * Copyright© Pritesh Gupta /

/ Configuaration Settings / global $config; //script url – enter complete url inside which script folder is placed $config[“script_url”] = “http://automyckycr.cz/form/”;

//Set the host name to connect for data $config[“hostname”] = “localhost”; //Set the database name $config[“database”] = “-----”; //Set the username for database access $config[“username”] = “------”; //Set the pwd for the database user $config[“password”] = “???????”; //Set the database type to be used $config[“dbtype”] = “mysql”; //Set the database type to be used $config[“characterset”] = “utf8”;

//Encryption and Decryption salt $config[“salt”] = ”@3dsfsdf9934324”;

//template $config[“template”] = “bootstrap”; //by default, whether make fields required or not $config[“required”] = true; //default langugae $config[“lang”] = “en”;

//Upload folder $config[“uploadFolder”] = FormdoidABSPATH . “uploads/”;

//Upload folder URL $config[“uploadURL”] = $config[“script_url”] . “script/uploads/”;

//download folder $config[“downloadFolder”] = FormdoidABSPATH . “downloads/”;

//Download folder URL $config[“downloadURL”] = $config[“script_url”] . “script/downloads/”;

//js settings //date format $config[“dateformat”] = “yy-mm-dd”;

//time format $config[“timeformat”] = “HH:mm:ss”;

//hide auto increment field $config[“hideAutoIncrement”] = true;

//block css settings $config[“blockClass”] = array(“col-xs-10”, “col-sm-10”, “col-lg-10”);

//block label settings $config[“lableClass”] = array(“col-xs-2”, “col-sm-2”, “col-lg-2”);

//hide all lables $config[“hideLable”] = false;

//hide lable of field type html $config[“hideHTMLLable”] = true;

//load js initially (this js needs to be present in script/js fodler) $config[“loadJs”] = array(“jquery.min.js”,”jquery-ui.min.js”,”jquery.form.js”,”jquery-ui-timepicker-addon.js”,”validator.js”,”jquery.stepy.js”);

//load css initially (this css needs to be present in script/css fodler) $config[“loadCss”] = array(“style.css”,”jquery-ui.css”,”jquery-ui-timepicker-addon.css”);

//load plugins initially (list of plugins available) $config[“loadJsPlugins”] = array(“chosen”);

//display errors directly $config[“displayErrors”] = true;

//submit whether using ajax or using simple post $config[“submissionType”] = “ajax”; //enable js validation $config[“jsvalidation”] = “bootstrap_validator”; //enable php validation $config[“phpvalidation”] = true; //by default single step form $config[“formtype”] = “singlestep”; /* Email Related Settings **/ $config[“emailMode”] = “PHPMAIL”;

$config[“SMTPHost”] = “ajax”;

$config[“SMTPPort”] = 25;

$config[“SMTPAuth”] = true;

$config[“SMTPusername”] = ””;

$config[“SMTPpassword”] = ””;

$config[“SMTPSecure”] = ””;

$config[“SMTPKeepAlive”] = true;

Thank you for your help


When I am clicking on the url it is showing me “Direct access not allowed” message only so do you have some index.php file there or some other file name so I can check it. Your config files seems ok, you can try to access the demo files.

Please contact me via profile for faster checking. Thanks

1. Can i have conditional Multistep Wizard forms in this ? (Say Option A selected on step 1 will have different fields on step 3).

2.Would this fit into responsive html without any issues ?

3. Are you available for some custom programming based on this script ?

1. Multistep wizard is present but condition needs to be added. 2. It’s developed using bootstrap completely so will properly fit with bootstrap. 3. Yes, but that will be chargeable.


Do you have a user’s manual. I am not a programmer, I am not sure what you are asking for when you ask for complete url is that the absolute path. You demo does not help getting it to run. Do I just enter the code as in your example and put my database information? It is very confusing. Please help or I will request a refund through paypal.


We have written in detail demo/documentation/function documentation to make things as easy understandable for any user.

Please check installation instruction


More Details

http://demo.digitaldreamstech.com/formdoid/ Documentation http://demo.digitaldreamstech.com/formdoid/documentation/formdoid/ Function references http://demo.digitaldreamstech.com/formdoid/script/function-doc/

In case of still not able to figure out, send me ftp and database access details, I will do the required setup.


Hello, I am interesting buying your plugin as frontend builder for my database But I have some questions: - Could I link this plugin with my SQL? - Can you customize the data base fields that I want to show on the frontend? - Could I export a certain data to the plugin frontend? - Make reports about my data or/and customize the reports fields? If any of these points are not available, do you have a modification ability to achieve the required above? Note* after we reach to Point of agreement we can discuss the pricing. Thank you.


This plugin generates forms based on the database fields. You can put tablename and it will generate form for that table. 1. It uses tablename to generate forms not sql. 2. I didn’t understand this question. 3. You mean you want to show the data in frontend in table format. 4. It doesn’t do that.

I think our other product


meets most of your requirement. Please check that, it has all feature of this product plus many more features. Thanks

Hi your demo/documentation site says the domain expired on 3/31/17

I’d like to see it if it will be up soon.



Hi, if I use PDOmodel and PDOform on the same page, hit this error.

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined method PDOModel::setErrorCtrl() in D:\xampp\htdocs\portalesicurezza\nrghost_html_themeforest_v1.3\html\asset\classi\formdoid\script\classes\Formdoid.php:1641 Stack trace: #0 D:\xampp\htdocs\portalesicurezza\nrghost_html_themeforest_v1.3\html\asset\classi\formdoid\script\classes\Formdoid.php(1034): Formdoid->getPDOModelObj() #1 D:\xampp\htdocs\portalesicurezza\nrghost_html_themeforest_v1.3\html\asset\classi\formdoid\script\classes\Formdoid.php(892): Formdoid->getInsertForm() #2 D:\xampp\htdocs\portalesicurezza\nrghost_html_themeforest_v1.3\html\asset\classi\formdoid\script\classes\Formdoid.php(843): Formdoid->handleOperation(‘INSERTFORM’, Array) #3 D:\xampp\htdocs\portalesicurezza\nrghost_html_themeforest_v1.3\html\jobs.php(243): Formdoid->render() #4 {main} thrown in D:\xampp\htdocs\portalesicurezza\nrghost_html_themeforest_v1.3\html\asset\classi\formdoid\script\classes\Formdoid.php on line 1641


You are using the pdomodel class that is already used so because of same class name it is conflicting. Please also check the solution I have proposed in other message.


Pre Sale Question Does the form support saving Multiple Rows of Data In MySQL Database , Form Wizard(step by step form creation-multistep) and form calculation


Example of importing multiple rows of data

http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/bulk-import-data http://pdocrud.com/demo/pages/crud-table-bulk-update

Multi step form


I don’t understand what you mean by form calculation


I installed it and connected it to v-tiger database; It gives this message ?

Direct access not allowed


I think you are trying to run the index.php inside the formdoid folder.

You need to include the formdoid.php file and use it to create forms.

Please follow these instruction

If I run this http://realtimerealtyga.com/crm/script/formdoid.php

I get a blank screen.

I can send you all the reverent screen shots of the settings if you send me an email to contact you; since there are passwords I don’t want to send it here.

I did everything that was asked to be done. Do you support mysqli ?


You don’t need to run that file. You need to include that file and add required code as shown in demo to create forms.

Let me explain in more details 1. Create a database with required database tables 2. Add database connection settings in config file 3. Now create a php page and include the above mentioned file using include or require keyword of php 4. now add following code…replace “users” with your database table name $formdoid = new Formdoid(); //create object of class echo $formdoid->dbTable("users")->render(); //call render function for the table

More details are given in demo/documentation.

Please check.


como se intala


I read docs and see demo. And I have pre-purchase question: how could I block to edit fields for special field value of entry ?

Scenario is: user fill forms, click save, and after saving user cannot edit form. We ave hidden value for this entry like “submitted”. So if this entry has status “submitted” user cannot edit. but if we change status in DB, to “edited”. user cold edit it again.


I read docs and see demo. And I have pre-purchase question: how could I block to edit fields for special field value of entry ?

Scenario is: user fill forms, click save, and after saving user cannot edit form. We ave hidden value for this entry like “submitted”. So if this entry has status “submitted” user cannot edit. but if we change status in DB, to “edited”. user could edit it again.