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Rojcan Purchased

Hello I get 10 days of nervous breakdown My server Godaddy and Wordpress I’m all set Mail does not come to me

I’m sorry about that. GoDaddy is infamous for email issues. We are not a big fan of them.

Try some steps: http://formcraft-wp.com/help/how-to-setup-email-for-getting-notifications/

The above link has some specific steps on dealing with GoDaddy as well.


I want to create a selection field, that takes data from database using an sql query.

Can I do that using your plugin?


Sorry, that isn’t possible without custom coding.

Hi, I love your script but I am having one problems, #1 when I click to upload a file the window does not open to pick the file. I do not know if this is a theme issue or what might make this happen. The window will pop when I push it in the form builder on the back end but not on the front end of the site. #2 The text area field on click it makes the area very little and looks bad. please refer to my site at: http://www.modificationnetwork.com/assign-a-claim/

Does it work if you switch the theme?

How i can add CC o BCC to mail?

Sorry, we don’t have support for that.

Its Planned? is a basic mail function

We would consider it.

Im very interested in using this plugin. A few questions before I buy:

Is there anyway for registered users of the site to see the past forms they have filled out? could they edit them if need be? can these forms be assigned a name and category / type / slug so they only certain ones might be shown on different pages?

Any idea if it integrates / no conflict with the following plugins: Userpro / Woocomerce & Salient theme?

The site will be for mainland chinese users: assume all forms can handle chinese? does the plugin use google fonts or facebook or twitter integration? China firewall blocks these so we need to be able to turn them off.

Sorry, we don’t have support for those features.

We don’t use Google, FB or Twitter.

Hi, I tried to put short code in slider revolution but nothing happened. Do you have a suggestion to put form in slider? Thank you very much

Is it messing up the CSS?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question… Can you rephrase?

Most sliders add CSS to all elements in them, including the form. This would distort the form, break it, or make it not show up at all.

There is no way around it that I know of.

I want to buy this plugin ubt I need to test it first as an end user not as an admin. I need to test a site with a form and see if the auto save is working, your demo site requires password and there is no way to test a form. Your sales will increase with a better frontend demo. Can you help?

You can enter the demo site using demo / demo and username / password.


EvoRod Purchased


i have 3 of your addons ( paypal- stripe- tabular ) and of course formcraft

im interesting to purchase ” User Registration”

i have some questions….

1-. is posible to combine User Registration and custom form and paypal ?

2-. i neet to create a MESSAGE FIELD firts when user finish the HIDE FIELDS appearse = USER REGISTRATION FIELDS ( conditional logic ) IS POSIBLE ?



Mikeoc Purchased


I have set uploads on the form. when i submit and receive the email of form i do not receive any email image attachments.

Nor do i receive links to uploaded images in the form received.


Can you please advise?



thomasmkl Purchased

How would I add tax for one state with the stripe plugin?


You’d have to use the fields to work around it. We send over to Stripe the final amount, so the tax would need to be included in that.


moegraph Purchased

When will there be a add-on for using Authorize.NET?

Sorry, we aren’t planning an Authorize.NET integration.