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I would really appreciate a reply to my ticket ID #25471.

I have replied to your ticket.

I have replied back please send me the link. Please do not take another 24 hours to reply.


thomasmkl Purchased

Do you know why the stripe plugin would be outputting a layout like this?




thomasmkl Purchased



thomasmkl Purchased

Do you guys just ignore people?

It’s your theme. For some reason, it’s forcing layout styles on form fields, which is over-writing our CSS.

Please get in touch with the theme dev and ask them if there is a way the theme won’t apply CSS styles on to the field on the page.

Pre-sale question:

Does this purchase include all the add-ons mentioned on your website? If not, which add-ons are included in this Premium package?

Thanks in advance!

None of the add-ons are included by default.

Here is a list of all add-ons: http://formcraft-wp.com/addons/

Some of them are free, so they can be downloaded right way. Some add-ons are paid.


csimack Purchased

Hi, so first of all this is a great plugin!! But I have a few questions. First is It possible to make it so that if the text entered in the one line input is anything but a few codes ( such as 1234 1111 2222) then the form would redirect to a page saying you entered the wrong passcode. I have bought the multiple page plugin to achieve this but I do not know how. So basically I need this because I only want people who know a specific to be able to view page 2 of the form. I do not want to make an separate logic for each code either as that would take a lot of time. Basically is there a way that if someone enters a code that is not on the list of codes I put in the logic then they are redirected to another form page or wp page. Thanks


csimack Purchased

also is there a way to disable the previous button on forms with multiple pages and to also disable top bar that shows all of the steps. Thanks again

You’d need two forms. The first one uses conditional logic to show the Submit button only when the code is correct. You then use the redirect option on the first form to redirect users to the second form, which would have the fields you need.

The latter isn’t possible.


thomasmkl Purchased

It would be nice to get support that I paid for

I have replied to your comment.

Presales Question: Hi there, 2 Questions: 1. the Mailster Integration works even with Double OptIn? 2. User Registration – is it Compatible with Two Factor Authentication? (https://de.wordpress.org/plugins/two-factor-authentication/).


1. Yes, it supports Double Opt-In

2. Sorry, we don’t support that


simple question before buy,

(1) can I have dynamic drop down? Example: when I select “new york”on dropdown 1, Then I can see only new york store in dorpdown2

(2) I didn’t see the result data in demo backend where can I get it? do I need to install other plug-in?


1. This isn’t possible.

2. Not sure I follow. You don’t need any other plugins. The submitted form entries can be seen under the Submissions tab.


joaebobe Purchased

Is it easy to use with visual composer?

We don’t have a built-in add-on to support VC. Since you can embed our forms using shortcodes, it will work fine with VC.


crusin Purchased

can the updated plugin be uploaded so we can download it.


First of all thanks for the great plugin. Then, how do I, in conditional logic, set value of deselected?


Make sure you are using the latest version of the plugin. We added support for this a few updates back.

See notes for version 3.2.6: http://formcraft-wp.com/changelog/


When i try to display datepicker it doesnt work.

for example:

The date you picked: [field13]

Price is: [field5 + field6]

it shows everything except the date :/ why?

Using [field13] will show the difference between today and the date selected.

Try [(field13)]

That too might not work, since, when working with dates and math, we use date differences.

Yeah…that didnt work…

strange that it cant display users date…like an receipt


thanganet Purchased

how to add required to file upload field ?

Set min files to 1

Hi, I’ve just paid for formcraft 3 because support page said I needed to buy a new license, but while I can download the new plugin version I didnt get a new license key so I can’t send a ticket to support using my license key. How to fix?

Please reach me at nish at ncrafts dot net with this message, your license key, and the support pack purchase screenshot. You can also include your ticket info.


csimack Purchased

Hi so great plugin you got here but I have got a few questions. First is there anyway to make a form field required but not show the red star and second I using the logic so I was wondering how many logic entries can I have like I have 1 for each listing so is there like a maximum on that. Third I use this plugin for booking purposes so is there anyway to make the booking time be 5 hrs in advances in the time picker field. I know for the date you can do that but I don’t know about the time. Thanks

Also is there a way to turn off case sensitivity because if a customer capitalizes the first letter the logic does not work properly thanks

I have moved servers and when I try to either import the form and create a new form from scratch I cannot save the form. It says “Could not write to the Database”

My support has expired but I am hoping you can provide a simple answer for me here…

Disable and re-enable the plugin.

Please, update your plugin to latest release in the download section.

Thank you

we bought renew support for 1 year but it does not show up here so if there is any problem please check payment. so our questions like this:

1) is it still not possible to use german date e.g. 24.06.2017 instead of 24/06/2017 ? 3 years ago you wrote you will consider this for the “next” update?

2) when i have 2 date fields for a hotel: 1st date is date of arrival and 2nd date is date of departure. when the guest is clicking the first date (for example arrival date is 30/06/2017) then how to set up the 2nd date (date of departure) to minimum 30/06/2017 +1 day ? so that the calendar automatically is set to a date past the date of the first chosen date?

hope you know what i mean :) thanks