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It will be great if in the future we have coupon system that will deduct price

Our Stripe add-on has support for coupon codes.


ytrowell Purchased

Can you provide me with instructions on how to remove the Stripe-add on banner. I tried using this code:

.formcraft-css .fc-form .stripe-cover.field-cover div.stripe-amount-show{ display:none }

but it only makes it disappear on the Styling/development page but doesnt remove it from preview or front end.

Love the plugin, thanks for the help!


ytrowell Purchased

Also, can’t seem to get the email customization to work for Value or Label; [Field1.value] or [Field1.label]

Please make sure you are using the latest version of the plugin. Then, create a support ticket here:


yawsei Purchased

i want to forward some fields to a custom url. please how do i do it?

Something like:

http://example.com/name=[Your Name]

yawsei Purchased

http://example.com/handler.php.... i want a sample code of how it looks like, because i have tried severally to post form to a custom url but it is not working.

Hello, I recently wanted to configure my gsuite email account but it shows me the following error (SMTP connect () failed, https://github.com/PHPMailer/PHPMailer/wiki/Troubleshooting).

I have already looked for all possible solutions, but I have not been successful.

I have already explored all the options of GSuite but I do not give with the correct one.

Can you guide me a little more?


The issue is with your web host. They have disabled outgoing SMTP access. Please get in touch with them.


mmaqsudi Purchased

How I can disable Font awesome or fontello from my website. https://www.wrecky.com.au/

Please update your plugin.


stijndw Purchased

Dear agent,

We noticed a small bug while wanting to use negative values in the dropdrown function.

For example: -1==First option 1==Second option

And so on,..

While counting the fields [field1 + field2] it doesn’t take the negative value. So it’s not substracting. When using radio buttons, this works with negative values.

I hope you have an idea what’s causing this and can be fixed.

Kind regards,

Please share a link to your form where I can replicate the issue.

hi, We noticed a small bug i have 2 addons: - Pre Populate Fields - User Registration checkboxes with “allow multiple selections” do not pre populate with user meta data but the values are correctly saved.

work only for one value, but with multiple values not work

Please create a support ticket sharing temp admin WP access. I’ll take a look.

Hi – I’ve sent support an email and still no response. I have bought the plugin and would like to have the check boxes pre-selected. I then bought the pre-selected fields add-on and still not possible???!!! If this is impossbile to do using this form the I have wasted my money and would like a refund. Please respond soonest as this is an urgent matter.

Please share your support ticket #


conte Purchased


suddently the Forms only work for logged in users. How can this be?

Pretty sure we don’t have any code which does it. Please check the config on your website. Maybe you have some other restriction plugin?


is it possible to change the text that appears on the following page after clicking on the Submitbutton and add a link there? If so, how do you do that?

Thank you in advance for your support!


has my request been overlooked?

Yes, you can change that under Settings -> Custom Text, and the first textbox you see there. You can add a link in there.

Thanks :)

I have licence but it keep telling me to renew, my key : 7d97f134-c831-4797-b488-68b98e92154d, email- peterkilaba@gmail.com

Please hit refresh info on the License page now. Should be fine!

This has to be the author with the worst support ever.

1. Pointed out something was wrong with analytics. 2. Shared super-admin credentials to my website. 3. He had a look and said nothing was wrong, while clearly something is off when you do have submits but no views. 4. Somehow he broke one of my forms in the process. 5. Contacted him and gave the exact issue which I unfortunately cannot fix myself. 6. Unreachable for a week while I’m losing business :-(((.

Unbelievable. Don’t buy this product if you expect support. And definitely don’t buy extended support.

I am trying my best to help you.

I logged in to your website to check if the view counter was working, and it is. I did not edit your forms, so I have no idea how they broke. You have removed forms from the links you shared, and haven’t given me any info on what error you are seeing on the forms.

Your basic issue is that the page view counter from Google doesn’t match the form view counter in FormCraft. I hope you understand how entirely different they are.

Learn how FormCraft and GDPR compliance go hand-in-hand:


My form is picking up theme styling.

I have contacted you via email and Codecanyon profile page as well.

How can I fix that up?

I don’t want to pick the theme styling up.

I have bought two licenses of formcraft and 2 extensions as well (Zapier and Multi-Step) form.

Could you please give me solution for that?

I will reply to your ticket. If I haven’t so far please let me know the email used to create the ticket.

Hey Guys, Love the plugin and have been using it for a while. The new addition of being able to show a map when a user completes the address field is very nice as is the auto fill field itself. I was just wondering though if it was at all possible to have an option as to where the map starts at in terms of a longitude and lat and maybe even a zoom amount for the initial display before the user enters their final address. Any help you could offer would be appreciated

Ah, sorry that isn’t possible for now.


I have set up a form, which I would like to query personal data such as name, date of birth, etc. At the end I want to insert a button that you can click to show another block of fields in order to enter new data for another person.

Can this be done with formcraft and if so, how does it work? On the Internet I found source code http://jsfiddle.net/shrinivas93/zewk17vL/ over which this works. Unfortunately, however, I do not get this embedded in the form so that I can see the fields I have created by clicking on the button.

Before I keep trying, I’ve tried a custom text field, but I can not get it. Does that work anyway with formcraft?

Thank you in advance for your support!

This is my first form design: https://talhochzeit.de/form-view/71?preview=true This shows a complete questionnaire.

We don’t have support for that. The close thing I have is this addon:


Thanks for the hint. That comes very close to what I need. Is it possible to insert more than 5 lines and more than 4 columns (as in the example)? If so, what is the maximum?

I bought the addon “User Registration”, is there the possibility to modify the profiles of other users using the same registration form I created? I need to modify the user metadata. If it does not exist, will you be able to implement this feature in the future? thank you

Hello, i’d like buy this plugin but want to make sure if these functions are available.

1) Export to .xls by admin 2) Upload attachment by user 3)In order to prevent duplicated entries is it possible to make that the field entered must be of a unique value? Example: Person X phone number is 1111. Person Y comes later and tries to write 1111 at the same field as well, but shouldn’t be allowed as it is not a unique phone number any more.