Discussion on FormCraft - Premium WordPress Form Builder

Discussion on FormCraft - Premium WordPress Form Builder

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We require this plug-in for checking Body Type according to ayurveda.

The main work is calculation way. However, calculation is very simple, but I am not finding this type of plug in.

People will answer and it automatically show results based on their answers.

For example, we build a form with 100 questions and each have 3 options from which person can select one option only.

All Option A is for VATA All Option B is for PITTA All Option C is for KAPHA

Person has selected Option A for 70 questions, Option B for 20 questions, and Option C for 10 questions.

Plugin redirect result page show percentage like this:

You have VATA dominant Body Type having following results:

1. VATA = 70% 2. PITTA = 20% 3. KAPHA = 10%

Can your plugin do this? I will buy after your answer.

When function do we need you can see sample link and functions.

Sorry I don’t believe this is possible right now

I’ve owned the theformcraft plugin for a while now and is finally using it for an art show. Long story but I used to have my own form created with Contact Form 7. There are hundreds of expected registrations for the art show and I while everything seems to be working I just noticed the form I created says MAX ENTRIES 100 in the backend of wordpress. Does that mean only 100 people can register and where can I change that to unlimited if it is what it means. ( see image)

The max entries refers to the number of entires you wish to analyze. This is from the insights page. You can change this number. There is no limit on the number of responses.

Hi. How can I attach an additional event to the send button? How to have onclick in html5

Sorry this isn’t possible out of box right now.

The form does not reload when you click the submit button after installing the PDF add-on and adding it to this form, even if you also included the option for re-directing.

Please ensure your plugin and addons are on the latest version. If the issue persists allow me temp admin WP access. You can create a ticket at:

Is it possible to automatically populate my customer data, such as email, name, and phone number, into a form? If this feature is available, could you provide any demos?

Here is an example of what I am referring to:

Sorry that isn’t possible out of box


chill4 Purchased

Hello! I am having a huge problem: I have a lot of logic used. If I send [Form Content] in an autorespond email, every field filled out is shown, the fields correctly avoided by the logic are left out. This is working great, but not looking great. I need to customize the emails sent by FormCraft. Is there any way aside from the [Form Content] shortcode to put field values in the email only if the are not empty? This would help us very, very much! Thank you.

You should be able to modify this behaviour under Settings -> Advanced, and also under Email Settings. Please check.

I’m using V3.6, if i buy latest version, it i will lose the all form and data?

No, your form data remains unaffacted

There is chance to send email autoresponder with delay? Let’s say after 1hour after form was fill-up?

Sorry that isn’t possible.

Pre-purchase question. Does this contain booking form with dates and slots to select like on your website demo? Thank you

I can see you can set up slots for each day. Can the slots/times be repeated through whole year? Instead of setting up each day separately – make different hours for weekdays and different hours for weekends and keep this for entire year? Would this work with a restaurant where people would like to book months ahead? Thank you

I believe so. You set up slots based on the day of the week, so a slot for Wednesday would work for all available Wednesdays.


Devoart Purchased

calendar not working with popup ?

Please create a ticket here:

Hi, I have the “auto save form progress” enabled, but it only saves the information if I am logged in as a user (in my case as admin). If I visit the page without being logged in and I leave the page and come back, it doesn’t save any information. Is this normal? I have version 3.8.25 installed.

This feature depends on cookies. If it isn’t working as a non-logged in user please ensure cookies are enabled on your device. If the issue persists please create a support ticket. Thanks.

it’s not letting me install the purchased plugins. I keep getting an unknown error. Any idea what could be causing this?

the booking and getresonse addons are what I’m referring too. Not the main plugin

Please reach out to me at with a screenshot. I’ll have a look. Thanks.

Hi! Where can I change the code to change the url of the form? I want it to be: ”/form-view/form_name” instead of ”/form-view/id”

- I will take care to name my forms “always_this_way”

Sorry it isn’t currently possible to change that.


Is there a way to disable the file upload button styling? I cant get the submit button and the file upload button to look the same because of the forced styling. It renders a little icon (cloud) in there as well as a background.

Sorry it isn’t possible to disable default styling. I’d recommend using Custom CSS to over-write styles as needed.


Thx for the quick reply. I tried the following css:

html .formcraft-css .fc-form .form-element .fileupload-cover.field-cover .button-file span { background: #919191 !important; border: 0px !important; color: #white !important; border-radius: 5px !important; } html .formcraft-css .fc-form .form-element .submit-cover .submit-button { background: #919191 !important; border: 0px !important; color: #white !important; border-radius: 5px !import

It changes the submit button but not the file upload button. (or it does change the upload button but it wont remove the existing background and icon and instead just renders a button on top of it)

Please create a ticket here and share a link to your page with the CSS:



khoavo Purchased

How come your changelog shows Formcraft latest version 3.9.4: – But when I downloaded the zip file to upload and update, it’s still showing v3.9.3?

You should be able to update to 3.9.4 via the updates page in WordPress.


khoavo Purchased

But how come the latest zip file downloaded still shows the old version number and not the latest one?

The updates on are sometimes delayed by a version. Please update via WordPress. Thanks.

hi, presale question: Can I buy the 2 addons: paypal and stripe and at the end of the form let the customer choose whether to pay with paypal, stripe or bank transfer? have you an example to show me? thanks

Sorry this isn’t possible at the moment.


auspire Purchased

The free reCaptcha add-on hasn’t been updated for 2 years and is untested with the current WordPress. Does it still work safely?

The addon works well with the latest version of WordPress. It hasn’t been officially tested but the codebase is minimal and we don’t anticipate any issues.

Do you have a function that allow us to rename the uploaded file ?

Sorry that isn’t possible for now

Is your stripe addon support secure 3D and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)?

Yes, we support 3d secure and SCA

Hello, can your product doing this? user submit form but at the end form need to add purchase id for verification to sent form that we have after they purchased some product on my website?

This is possible using developer hooks and filters:

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