Discussion on FormCraft - Premium WordPress Form Builder

Discussion on FormCraft - Premium WordPress Form Builder

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I am using the Multi Page Forms Add-On. When I submit the form and the success message is shown, under the success message the navigation of multi forms is still visible. This is very confusing for costumers. How can I switch it off under the success message?

Thanks Matthias

I’ll look into this for an update. Right now it isn’t possible to alter that. Sorry.

Hi there. I need too to bulk modificative the conditional logics. So I access to the raw SQL record in the table wp_formcraft_3_forms (or by the .txt export/import file) and found the “Logic” in the “meta_builder” Column, but that’s not the only place that works with the logic, I think that is in the “builder” Column but its encoded. How can I change this directly?

You need to decode the text under builder, using this PHP function:


Hi. I was wondering if you can help. When I receive notification email that John Doe has filled out my form, the notification email is from me, and not from John Doe. I have sent the email field to include the reply-to email and that is good, but his name does not appear in notification. I don’t see where I can set the sender’s name to [name]. Please kindly point me to exact location where I can change this. I am using the latest form version. Many thanks.

If the name field in your form is labelled Your Name, edit the Sender Name under email settings, and type in [Your Name]

hello! huge issue – on my clients computer when the form is submitted it never shows it was submitted just keeps on turning. But shows up in the backend. Any idea whats going on?

Please share your ticket ID? We have resolved all tickets until earlier today.

I wasn’t given a ticket # . I used this form:

Please contact me directly at nish at ncrafts dot net and reference this comment.

Hi, can I use all kinds of fileds such as checkboxes, selects etc. with user registration add-on? Or do I have to use only the basic text and email ones that are originally used in Wordpress?

You can use any field with the addon.

Pre purchasing
Hi. Im testing demo right now and there is issue on backend builder
If I make for example Name field , with two rows 40/60, field overlaping the edit window and this is real pain to edit. There is somm issue with z-index
I think it will be also better to have fixed edit window on the right side and not extra window for each field especially if you work on 13” monitor


Yes, I know that is an issue, specially on small screens. I’ll note the feedback and see what can be done about it.


With this form, can I create a multi-step form with a Data Preview page before submission.

And on the Data Preview page, they can click and go to the step they want to edit.


We don’t have support for data preview at the moment. We do have support for multi-step forms, via a paid addon we sell.

Can your form limit users to submit form not more than 5 times?

Sorry it isn’t possible to impose a numeric restriction. You can prevent double submissions though.

javierhc Purchased

HI, got an error that makes plugin not compatible with a function in a theme:

DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE

When deactivate plugin, the function works fine.


Please ignore the SourceMap thing. It’s not an error. It only shows up when you open the developer toolbar.

javierhc Purchased

If i dont disable Form Craft theme doesn´t work properly, thats the matter

Hi, im currently having issues with any forms. It works ok on the backend but not sending any email. I tried on different servers and its the same.

Support ticket created. Thanks in advance

We will respond to the ticket. Thanks.

dg9ban Purchased

Hello, great plugin. We have that on our side too. thanks

Glad to know it’s working out for you!

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Hi there,

Are there any plans to implement more in-depth analytics measures for this?

It would seem like a major selling point if – for example – a user could see a pattern over time for the star ratings in a form (e.g. if the mean star rating was rising or dropping).

At the moment you can only see total numbers, but that’s not really especially useful.

Look forward to your thoughts

Not at the moment, but thanks for the feedback. Right now one way to do it would be to export everything to CSV, and then work in spreadsheet to get the relevant reports.

Hello. Form i need is with some calculations. It composes about 3 series of 10 questions, each question have 5 answers. Each answer have a score (1-5). So after the calculation we have “TotalQ1” “TotalQ2” and “TotalQ3“ which is the total of the sum of 3 series ( of 10 questions ). Now we compare if TotalQ1 TotalQ2 or TotalQ3 is the bigger. Could your plugin do that?

The first part is possible. You can have questions where answers have different values, and you can add those values.

However, there isn’t a way to compare three values to see which is the greatest one.

Is it possible to “store” answer total from “serie 1” “serie 2” and “serie 3” separately Var1 Var2 and Var3 then compare them at the end?

USER REGISTRATION PLUGIN NOT WORKING – I have error: Sorry, that email address is already used! – Whatever email I enter the same error! - I send You several emails but no response – This is URGENT I need this make work ASAP – Please help!!!