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Hello, I try a lot of forms, but I cant find this options nothing. Have this plugin this features?
1. I make appoinment. And when visitor make appointment seleck 3:00AM, nobody already mustnt select 3:00AM. Can i do it?
2. I want to create registrain form for my job. And visitor must create username for hisself. But everybody can create only one username. Can I block it twise doing?

1. Sorry, that isn’t possible.

2. You need the user registration add-on, which uses emails for usernames, and no email can be used twice.

Hello, I have sent a few requests through your support form but get no reply. I need help getting email working. I saw previous comment on here from someone experiencing same thing. The set up is correct, mail works with everything else, just not Formcraft. How can I get it working? Thanks.

Please let me know the email address used in the support form, if I haven’t already contacted you.


bbitar Purchased

I have a problem with the upload bar, users think once its green they submit, how can I change it or show percentage or a text or at least make it required so no submission till file fully uploaded.

Set min files required in the file upload field. This way the user wont be able to submit the form till the files are fully uploaded.

I have an issue: the labels inside the inputs are shown in white color. How can I change this? See my capture: https://i.imgsafe.org/2107711a5d.jpg

I need the text label color to be black.

Styling -> Color Scheme.

Unless it’s your theme over-writing the changes.

In that case, you would have to use Custom CSS along with !important.

I can’t get it. Can you tell me wich is the right class selector? http://temporal-11.d246.dinaserver.com/contacto/ Thanks.


lilyv Purchased

I purchased the populate data fields add-on because I’d like to populate hidden fields with data from another plugin (essentially an ID and name). I tried testing it right away with a simple http://mysite.com?name=lily but I get a 404 every time. I have ‘enable dynamic form data’ on.

Could you please assist? I just purchased this last night.

Sometimes your theme / WP installation will throw 404 errors if there are parameters in the URL.

It shouldn’t be doing this.

Try tinkering with the permalink settings.

If that doesn’t work, try switching the theme.

hello, can you elaborate on how you add adwords conversion tracking to a form? i added the tag generated by adwords under the “message received”. is this the right way to do it? thanks