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Hi, any idea or troubleshooting about not working auto-responder? I checked “send auto-responder” in filed option but it still doesn’t work for me.

Odd. Are notification emails working fine otherwise? Do you receive test emails?

Hello , Question 1: I ask if i can creat this form with yoursolution Link for more information . https://prnt.sc/gbc413 Question 2 : To connect your solution with Stripe, do I two buy ‘Stripe Add-On’? Thanks

1. Yes, that looks doable.

2. Yes, you will need the Stripe Addon.

Hello , Thank you for your plugin. My question: For your plugin, can I use with other plugin Stripe (free) or else your plugin only works your Stripe addons?

Sorry, but other Stripe add-ons aren’t compatible with FormCraft.

Our add-on is custom built from ground-up to work seamlessly with FormCraft, and also has support for coupon codes.


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How do I make checkboxes to align left and not horizontally. I get my options showing like this: Option 1 Option 2 Option 3

I want them to show like this: Option 1 Option 2 Option 3


PastorFero Purchased

Aligned vertically

Edit the field, and set Option Width to 100%

Hi, this is a great plugin and almost everything works fine for me, but when I use formulas the loading time of the page increases a lot.

Here are the tests:

With formulas: http://imgur.com/a/mlkVA

Without formulas: http://imgur.com/a/SiYss

Finally is not only the test, cuz I can appreciate it when I navigate the page with the form http://ecoviajescolombia.com/prueba-formulario/ in any case the plugin is wonderful but the page load time is really important for SEO and of course for the clients and I suppose there is a solution for this problem but I can’t find it in the comments.


I doubt it is the formulas, since they are executed after page load, and require no server-side processing at all.

I suggest you should do more tests, and also look into the page speed report to check which files are taking time.

I checked the pingdom tool on your website, and found that the images and some assets from zopim are taking 4 seconds to load.

form.min.js the file which contains the form logic, took 135 milliseconds to load.

Hi, thanks for your quick response and your suggestions, but when I say the formulas is the problem is because I test same pages with and without formulas and the page load time with the form who contains formulas is 7.80 s and the other without formulas is 2.14 s that means 5.66 seconds difference between the same pages.

You can do the test

Page without formulas: http://ecoviajescolombia.com/prueba-formulario-1/

Test result: http://imgur.com/a/KCQWP (2.14 s)

Page with formulas: http://ecoviajescolombia.com/prueba-formulario/

Test result: http://imgur.com/a/mlkVA (7.80 s)

Note: the two pages are the same and the only difference is that the first page form doesn’t have formulas and the other has it.

If you can explain what happens or help me it would be great.

Congratulations for your great work


Hello, I am having an issue with the Address field when using the last Field Layout for the styling (4th option – underline). When the field is selected for input, the label stays in the same position and doesn’t transform to a smaller size above the field, thus overlapping the input address making it unreadable. Do you have a CSS solution for this? Thanks

I have also noticed when using the Time Picker with the same Field Layout (last option – underline), the text for 00 (min), 00 (hr) and AM / PM is cut off due to the left padding.

Hello, is it possible to reset the form styles and use the WP template styles for form without customizing FormCraft again? Because Theme Forest templates has already styled forms. Thank you.

Sorry, we don’t currently offer that. Some of the CSS we use is for animating the forms, so we can’t entirely remove our CSS.

We would consider this feature for the future, though.