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i have the problem that the form will send 4 times when the will submit…

Please create a support ticket sharing a link to the form. I’ll take a look.


sinayes Purchased

Hi, i thinking buy your addon (everything packet) but i have a question.

For example: you make a new add-on 1 year later. This newest add-on will include to my packet?

So this mean: Everything packet is all time include real everythink? Or That a new Everything+new addons?


sinayes Purchased

Do you think Xmas discount?

The pack includes all add-ons we have right now, not future add-ons. Sorry we don’t have a Xmas discount.


livedub Purchased

Your license seems to have expired. Click here to renew it. Read more. Dismiss. just paid for extra 6 month support i never even use this item on any-site just thought to try on my site as i realised i have paid for this. standing by for your response sir …..


livedub Purchased

i just send you message on link you provided


livedub Purchased

not sending email it did send test email though !!


centz Purchased

Do you have advance report like Exporter for eForm ?

I am not aware of exporter, but we do have support for ‘Insights’ which gives you reports for individual fields in your forms.


seofoxx Purchased

Hi, one question. In your documentation you describe the option to mark submissions as read, unread and so on. I also found this page: – your current version of formcraft does not offer the option to mark “entries” / “submissions” as read or unread?

You must be referring to which is a separate product. The documentation for WP is here:

I just purchased… installed… already got your stripe addon too but now I’m regretting it.. can I have my money back? This thing won’t even create a form… It just keeps spinning.

Please create a ticket at the above link. If you have it already please share the ticket #

We have a Pre Populate Fields addon which allows you to have default data in your forms, including checkboxes

ID #102267

Ok I have replied to your ticket asking more info.

Hey, are there some incompatibilities with PHP 7.1 and 7.2? I got this message in my protocoll every time i send a contact form:

And actual the plugin just work if the folder name is ‘formcraft3’ and not ‘formcraft’. Did you changed something with the namine? Otherwise i get blank setting pages in the backend!?

16140#16140: *506656 FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP message: PHP Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /var/www/ on line 2163 PHP message: PHP Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): Attribute xmlns redefined in Entity, line: 2 in /var/www/ on line 151 PHP message: PHP Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): htmlParseEntityRef: no name in Entity, line: 12 in /var/www/ on line 151 PHP message: PHP Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ’;’ in Entity, line: 13 in /var/www/ on line 151 PHP message: PHP Warning: DOMDocument::loadHTML(): htmlParseEntityRef: expecting ’;’ in Entity, line: 13 in /var/www/ on line 151” while reading response header from upstream

Please create a support ticket here sharing temp WP access and some steps to replicate the errors:

We are compatible with 7.2

The folder name – formcraft or formcraft3 shouldn’t matter – but we recommend using formcraft3.

You didn’t answer my question. Are there problems with the PHP Versions? And there is conflict with this plugin:

You couldn’t submit messages if the plugin wptelegram is active?

There are no conflicts with PHP 7.2. We can’t assure compatibility with particular plugins. In 19 / 20 cases a plugin conflict occurs when their plugin isn’t following WP coding standards.

Hello there, I have a question I need a Plugin like this ( ) Could you please tell me this is your plugin?? Thanks

At first glance it does seem you can make forms like that. I would recommend trying out our demo form builder here though:

How to add Facebook pixel tracking <script>fbq(‘track’, ‘lead’)</script> upon successful submission of form?

You can add the tracking pixel to the success message text.


sckye Purchased

Hey. Thanks for the great plugin. I noticed that in version 3.7.5 has changed the name of plugin folder – now it is “formcraft” (before that it was “formcraft3”) is it a mistake or should it be? What will the folder be called in new versions? To upgrade I need to delete folder “formcraft3” and upload folder “formcraft”?

To upgrade you would delete the old folder. The name of the new folder doesn’t matter much, but formcraft3 would be preferred.

I want to use your FormCraft with my 3 different sites. I understood that I must buy multi site license. Then, do I must pay 29$ 12 months Support and Updates for every single site?

We don’t have a multi-site license. We have an add-on which allows usage on all sites of a WordPress MultiSite type installation, but no license or addon which allows usage across multiple WP installations.


fzange Purchased

Hi, what i have to do when i want a field only for an phone number. i tried a field only with numbers, but the iPhone get not automatic in numbers…

You can restrict the validation to numbers. We don’t currently have support for a numpad-type field.


Kemal90 Purchased

Hello There! Unfortunately, the FormCraft Dashboard or anything is not showing when I click on Formcraft.

Is there something with the new Wordpress?

Thank you!

None we are aware of. Works with the latest version.

Please create s support ticket here with WP access:

Hello, I’m considering buying a second copy for another site. Is it possible export forms from the existing site to the new site?

Also, enhancement possibility, on the check mark boxes, would be cool to have an option to make the checkboxes line up in one column. Thanks for your time.

Yes you can export forms via Settings -> Advanced -> Export

If you want to align then vertically, edit your field and set Option Width to 100%

If you have, say 4 checkboxes, and want to align then horizontally set Option Width to 25%.

Ok great, thanks. I’ll be getting the second copy shortly.

Hi! I would like to print on A4 page the received submitted form. Can be done something in CSS to achieve that? Thank you!

You can go to the Entries page on your dashboard, select an entry to view. Above the entry, on the right, there is a print button.

Can I do a form like this with your plugin ? >

What in particular were you looking for? You can’t make an exact form like that.

I’d recommend trying out our demo:

Hi! I was wondering if it is possible with conditional logic to hide more than 1 field. For example: Box 1 is required, and if it has been filled in Box 2 appears. If box 2 has been filed in, Box 3 appears. I need to have about 10 boxes which works like that, they all need to show up when the one before has been filled in.

Yes you can select hiding more than one field when configuring it.


I have bought Pre-Populate add-on and i’m trying to Pre-Populate a dropdown field with data from the URL

I have the dropdown field with alt label named “drop_down”

==Select an option
value1==Option 1
value2==Option 2
value3==Option 3

And the URL like this


But the only way to make the form auto select “Option 1” from that URL was to change

==Select an option


[Get: drop_down]==Select an option

which made the value “Select an option” an available option that the form will work with and now the user can select “Select an option” and still submit the form.

I’m pretty sure i’m making something wrong. Could you please explain me how can I dynamically choose the dropdown value from URL ?

I have read the documentation, searched thru envato comments but nothing related to this problem.

Use field ID in your URL, like:


Hi. I have a list of 4 addresses to receive email notification. When each of them receive a notification, they can only see their own e-mail as a recepient, but no others.

For example other scripts, like CF7 that we use previously, showing all recepients in a email copy list like: To: Email1, Email2, Email3,...

Is there an option to configure it? Thanks

Sorry that isn’t possible right now.


mtrolle Purchased

Hi there,

There is a bug with the Address field and Google maps api. When you’re on a smartphone (iPhones at least) you cannot click on the field to enter your address. It’s simply not possible.

Another question is: Is it possible to exclude a field from the [form content] when you send emails?

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best Regards,

Please share a link to your form.