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Amyranth Purchased

I am finding this plugin to be below standards. At first glance, it looks and sounds great. However the moment I started using it the emails about the form not working or not submitting started pouring in. When people hit submit they think it didn’t send through, causing them to submit the form multiple times (at least 2, generally I get up to 5 emails from one submission!) Image upload doesn’t seem to be working from mobile… I am disappointed.

This is odd. This is most likely owing to a theme or plugin conflict. People can’t submit the form multiple times – the submit button disables while the form is processing.

Please create a support ticket here sharing a link to the form and temp admin WP access: http://formcraft-wp.com/support

Also make sure you are using the latest version of the form builder – 3.2.26

Hi, love the plugin but i didn’t get any emails. If i test it in the E-Mail Setup i receive the mail (WP Mail) – but i did not get any mail if i submit the form. Its also not in the spam. And ideas?

Please create a support ticket here sharing temp WP access: http://formcraft-wp.com/support

Is there any way to remove the giant “Pin It on Pinterest” at the bottom of the dedicated form pages? It’s an eyesore to say the least. et_social_pin_images_outer

We don’t put any such thing. Some plugin or theme is doing that.

My apologies! It was indeed a plugin! It’s so weird because the plugin doesn’t do that on any other page other than the form pages. Thanks for the assistance!


jonwmra Purchased

i’ve been a customer for a long time now and my support has run out (even though when i bought this there was no support running out policy in place) so i doubt i will get a response to this but i am trying to use the mailchimp addon functionality for the first time, and the API code was accepted and i matched up all the proper fields and it all looks like it should be working…the form submits and i get my email confirmation from formcraft…but when i go into mailchimp to see if it auto subscribed me it doesn’t….i tried to submit it multiple times….so i dont know if its a settings issue or a problem with the plugin….im sure you’re going to tell me to renew my support to get help with this but i figured at the very least other people can benefit from my feedback

In 9 out of 10 cases related to the MailChimp add-on the issue is incorrect configuration.

Try the steps here, specially the second one: http://formcraft-wp.com/help/how-to-configure-mailchimp-add-on/

Use the exact form label, in brackets.

If that didn’t work, share a screenshot of your config.

This plug-in has completely stopped working for me (where it was working well before). I cannot even log into your Support site. The message says SPAM DETECTED. Very frustrated and about to end things with you. https://screencast.com/t/saQeNndiS

Crike, I can’t even access your site to submit a support ticket. Please reply ASAP.

Please reach me at nish at ncrafts dot net with your purchase key, a link to the form, and temp admin WP access. I’ll look into this.

Also mention the issue with logging in to the support site.

Hi, if I buy the addon for multi-sites and then use domain mapping on some sites in the network, could they require another license? Or could you work normally?

If your websites are on the same WPMS network, you won’t need separate licenses.

How many options can you have per field?

Also, is it possible to change the options for the following field based on the previous field’s selection?

For instance, I’d like to create a dropdown for Brand. When a visitor selects a brand, the following dropdown field for products will display options only for the brand that was selected.

Basically, I’d like to use this for variable product ordering and display a price based on the selected options then process a payment (either through Paypal or WooCommerce then Paypal). So I’m wondering if this will be possible.

Yes, we have conditional logic you can use here: http://formcraft-wp.com/help/how-to-use-conditional-logic/

Can i use the form as sign up form for mz newsletter for mailchimp?

Yes. We have a MailChimp add-on as well: http://formcraft-wp.com/addons/

Great plugin! But before buying I have to questions about checkboxes:

Is it possible to show pictures inside the instruction box or to add live preview

Yes, checkbox field supports adding images to each checkbox option.


KADETE5 Purchased

Hi, I can’t edit the Email Content from Email Autoresponders. Please Help. Thanks

What issue are you facing? Try creating a support ticket here: http://formcraft-wp.com/support

Look at this form, ivcfilter.classactionclaims.us. Once all fields are populated by the user it loads the next part of the form.

I have the wp login and have duplicated the form exactly here. abilifylawsuits.net. But it wont load the reast part of the forms after the last part is filled.

Also, look at the side bar on this page, abilifylawsuits.net/abilify-and-suicidal-thoughts/

The form on the sidebar is so small, how can i expand it or make the form narrower.

Please help

Automatic loading? Please elaborate?

Visit ivcfilter.classactionclaims.us you will see a formon top of the page. Once you fill the last section it automatically loads the next part of the form. How do i acheive this?

The form does that because of the conditional logic that you use. Maybe the logic isn’t configured correctly for the other form. Please check.

So we are at version 3 now.
Where is the WPML support?

Very interested in purchasing this but had two questions about the add-ons before we buy.

Q1. Multi-page – can we allow uses to jump between pages? For example, can they go from page 1 to page 5 to page 3 by clicking on the tabs? Or do they have to complete the form from page 1 then page 2 then page 3?

Q2. PDF – can we see a sample of how the PDF’s print? The spacing between boxes is kind of large when i directly print the demo form.

They can’t go from Page 1 to Page 5. They can jump from Page 5 to Page 1.

Yes, they would have to make sure the required parts are completed before they can move on to the next page.

The PDF in print would look the same. We offer some customizations for the PDF addon, but I don’t think they cover field spacing: http://formcraft-wp.com/addons/pdf/

If that is going to be an issue, reach out to me at nish at ncrafts dot net, sharing a screenshot of what the PDF looks like for you.


huss24 Purchased

Hi Support, I bought Formcraft3 a few days ago and it is great at the moment. But you did not answer my support ticket until now :-( My questions are: I have 10 checkboxes in one field area and if 5 of these checkboxes are activated I want the following: a textarea should be displayed and an options box should mark as active. Is that possible? How? I tried many things with the Logic area but nothing works. One more question: How is it possible to add a color picker into the FC3 forms? Thank you for your help!


cypunkd Purchased

pre buy question, is it possible to get a form as this: http://prnt.sc/f0j5jt

pre-purchase question: I really like the demo of this over the others but I need the woocommerce integration or I will have to use a different form builder. Is this coming soon? Thanks.

Hi, I have installed a basic version of form craft since because the need is simple. But the problem with it is that when using date picker it only shows dates from 1997 to 2048 What will I need to do to make it way back earlier than to 1997. Especially the problem causes users not to submit the form because their dob is around 1970 or 1960.


sentmedia Purchased

Hello, I’m disappointed that the feature to disable form when it reaches X submissions has NEVER WORKED. I’ve tried uninstalling and re-intstalling and even downloading a new package file. I tried your suggestions left to others with this same problem; without success. This feature was the reason I purchased the plugin. Please see link below to the screenshot:


Secondly, the confirmation email are sent very sporadically, if at all. The test email works fine, but the actual confirmation email doesn’t get sent. As well, I’ve configured the plugin per the documentation and best practices; without success

Overall I think the plugin is good and has a nice interface but it would be much better if ALL the features worked as advertised. Please help.

How can I buy pdf addon witout paypal. Thank you

Quick question before purchase: If I wanted to have a one field form where a user enters their Company Name, can I redirect to a URL using that text. Example: User enters “company1” in the form field and clicks submit, upon clicking it redirects them to http://example.com/company1 Thank you.