Discussion on Food Delivery Multi Restaurant Ionic 7 + Laravel (Android + iOS + Website + Admin)

Discussion on Food Delivery Multi Restaurant Ionic 7 + Laravel (Android + iOS + Website + Admin)

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Do you have plans to add a POS system for restaurants?

How do I change {app Ionic 7 API”,version“}

Ref. API


Hi, I am interested in application but before purchase i like to know how payment work into this. All order payment will come to admin and after deduction of commission payout done to specific restaurant or any other process is followed into this?

Reason to ask this I can see payment gateway option at admin end, restaurant have commission but i don’t see payout option at admin end.

Please help me with my problem, I can’t enter from the login to the restaurant and business application, in the administrator I can enter, but not in the applications, your help, please help me to make everything operational, please I need to start production

there are two times /api/api/

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excellent work I have ready, the entire project with otp authentication message displayed on android, I made a complete flow everything is perfect it is great, but I have a doubt, when generating an order, there is an event that updates the screen without refreshing, such as the orders, the state changes without refreshing, some firebase event, excellent work, I congratulate you, I would have to change the interface a little to my liking, but it is great.


1-Please, I need you to help me to differentiate between the two licenses. And since they would apply to this app, I am interested in buying. But, I want to be more sure.

2-I would also like to know if, after paying, I have access to the updates without having to pay again.

I’m looking to purchase this code, will you setup all things in my server?

Sorry sir we do not offer installation services

You are from? I’m looking one app for my business. For further details send me msg in WhatsApp


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1.There is no toggle button for store to temporarily close/open. Please add so it will be easy for store owner. 2.Can we add manually assign drivers from admin instead of store to assign driver.


How to setup Angular Admin panel on shared hosting, please provide documentation.

thanks, i’ll let you know how it goes

Yes sir my server got crashed, please write down your issue at

What is in new update please detail about new update

  • Upgraded CodeIgniter API to Laravel 9 * Upgraded User App Ionic 5 Cordova to Ionic 7 Capacitor * Upgraded Driver App Ionic 5 Cordova to Ionic 7 Capacitor * Upgraded Store App Ionic 5 Cordova to Ionic 7 Capacitor * Upgraded Admin Panel * Upgraded Store Web Version * Upgraded User Web Version to Latest Angular Version * Added Referral System (Refer & Earn) * Added Wallet System * Fixed Some Bugs

We already added Migration-Help for it too

if you still, find any issue please write it here =>

Hi, can get full changelog on new update? And can u consider to add Malaysia payment gateway integration, toyyibpay? Tq

Please write down your payment gateway name here =>

We already added Migration-Help for it too

if you still, find any issue please write it here =>

demo not working

we are working on updates sir

Hello initbazz, I am interested in your product. I have a few questions can you answer me. – Is there a test application for geolocation. – Which version of angular is using ionic. - Is that the web application works for the majority of phones, responsive, with all versions of android and ios. - It supports multi restaurant or for a single restaurant. - The backend of the application uses which version of laravel - The application can manage several requests at the same time. - Are there any additional costs? -Are there any updates? - I can modify the code to add a language, change the colors. -I have a delivery company what type of license can I use

That’s flutter version

Here you will have ionic and codeIngniter

Thank you sir for your reply. but in the documentation it speaks of ionic with laravel not flutter.

I get this error when I try to run ionic cordova build android on user app:

Could not find plugin “transform-class-static-block”. Ensure there is an entry in ./available-plugins.js for it.

could you help me to solve it?

demo not working. any update in coming days

what is the error message sir?

it shows blank page


hi, no more u[date?

Working on it, we are migrating it to capacitor! with new updates!

sent message

Hello sir ples update code

yes sir! we are working on it!

I tried to contact the author on multiple occasions regarding to adding something to make print functionality working but they have not responded in a long time. I would appreciate if you could kindly reply to my email when you can. Thanks.


Still no reply

Hi there, sorry for delayed. for your query its custom changes but we will try to add it in future updates for sure,

I am looking to purchase this looks good, most of the payment gateway options are only for india. If a customer was paying with paypal on the app is there also aguest checkout option for people to pay with a debit card who dont have a paypal account??

Yeah, you just keep sending the same support link over, i have already created a ticket, i have fixed a lot of the code myself, a lot of things are broken, the code is very outdated as well which will cause a lot of issue with upgrading npm packages and future PHP updates, iv spent over the last two days fixing it myself and still more to fix, so this has been a waste of money and a waste of my time, your support is nonexistent, ill just have to leave a bad review

let me check it please

demo user location not working

Yes we have disabled the google maps services


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