Discussion on Focus - Laravel Productivity Management tool

Discussion on Focus - Laravel Productivity Management tool

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hello Do you have news on: RTL?

Hi, not yet, we will notify you. Thanks

Pre-sales question… I’d like to test it in this version, but if this test goes okay, is it possible to upgrade to a SAAS version?

I just hired the focus, and we have an issue with the images. All of the are not shown.

I need to fix the issues with the focus script installed on the domain. No images are shown and I see en error 500 when I access the Weekly Plans.

@CloudOnex There is an 500 Server Error, when you click on this option for the planner. I’m interested in purchasing this, but I need be assured that the code is clean and up to date.

sottey Purchased

I love this. So much. The only things I would love to see is: 1) Adding a profile pic never sticks. It doesn’t work. 2) There is no way to search through the whole system. This is the only thing that keeps me from extending support. If I cannot search for something, things are too difficult.

Thank you!

Thanks so much, we will consider your suggestions in upcoming update.

HI is it support rtl

Hi, not at the moment, we have a plan to do it soon, keep connected.

How long will it be bgefore this version is up to date with the SAAS version ? i am considering an extended license of either one. For my use its just internal for use by students of our academy. As of right now which one would be the better option, (aside from the quotes feature). Thanks

As multiple students will use. So you will need saas. This is for single user. With saas student can register and start using. Thanks

After I buy the software can I sell my plans? Or will I always have to pay?

Hi, Do you mean if its a saas? We have a saas version of focus check here- Thanks :)

Does this version have all of the updates of the 2.1 Focus SaaS version (except for the payment options of course) or is this version only 1.0 as it doesn’t provide any update info and the demo isn’t the same?

The looks of the saas version is slightly different. only favorite quote feature is not available here yet, we are working on it. we will soon post an update. Thanks

Isnot possible to test the demo version

Hi, thanks for notifying.

Please check now Demo URL:

Username: password: 123456


I cannot log in with the public demo information. ..

Please check now Demo URL:

Username: password: 123456


Hello i bought this script with my another Account, but images will not be showen, why can this happen?

Hi, please open a support ticket with your purchase code. Our support team will help you. Thanks

This product is very interesting. kind of a jack of all trades. i think you should call it an erp.

Thanks so much, we have a best selling crm softwar as well, check here-

hi there, what are the system requirements for this project ? laravel version, mysql version etc

“require”: { “php”: “7.3|8.0”,

“laravel/framework”: “8.40”, “laravel/tinker”: “2.5”, “mews/purifier”: “3.3”, “rinvex/countries”: “7.3”, “spatie/laravel-ray”: “^1.23”, }, Server Requirements to Install Focus

As this software is built with the PHP laravel framework. So, it follows the system requirement of a laravel application.

Server Requirements

PHP >= 7.3 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension Ctype PHP Extension JSON PHP Extension

Thank you so much :)

Hi Uploading images to vision board and logos don’t show images once uploaded… what is the issue?

Where are you checking? on the demo?

Uploading photo in the demo is disabled.

Can I use this script with MySQL 5.6..?

Hi, It requires MySQL 5.7.7 or higher.


I think if you add ’ chat’ with team work on the dashboard, it will be an awesome feature on your script.

Hi, Okay, we will add this as feature request for future updates. Thank you

Hello, The product it looks quite nice. Congratulations! Would you like to mention if it supports multi-user(each user with his goals, focus items, etc), sign-up and the possibility to have user subscriptions? Also, where could we find the roadmap?

Kind Regards, Claus

Hi, We have a saas version of this software which has multiple users and the features you mentioned. Check here –

Thank you so much

hi is this multi user supported??

Hello, saas verion supports multiple users, in this version you can create multiple users but users will have access to other users information. You can check the saas version here –

Hi There,

1st… great software, it’s been deployed in our environment and works perfectly us. Quick question, I saw that you released the Saas version of this package, isn’t this version Saas as well since you can have multiple users? is the only difference the payment gateways? I haven’t taken a lot of time to review the new product since this one works so well for us, just want to understand the differences and if there is an upgrade path for early adopters of your item.


Hi Elia, First of All, Thanks so much for the compliment. And, Thanks for your great question.

The answer is No, this version ii’s not saas, although it can create several users those users will view all the information other users write, so it will not create a separate workspace for them.

It does not have a signup page from where a user can signup themselves. It does not have super admin where the admin can create plans which is available in the saas version.

If you need more clarification, feel free to chat with us on our website. :)

You can also visit the saas page and check the demo to understand the difference-

saas demo details

User Demo URL: Username: password: 123456

Super Admin Demo URL: Username: password: 123456

Sign Up Page:


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