Discussion on Flipping Cards 3D - Wordpress

Discussion on Flipping Cards 3D - Wordpress

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Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with the setup. So I would like to have cards as in “Button Flipping Cards” example. I can set up the grid, make it responsive etc. no problem.

But on mobile, I would like those to have transition ie., when tapped on touch screen, they simply flip very fast with no transition effects. So I was wondering if you could help me to add such transition.

Thank you in advance Regards

This would required a little JS customization, if you know some JS then this would make sense:
Open the flippingCards/js/flipCard.js file and find this:

var fallback = false;
below that line you could make a condition, and if it’s mobile you can then set that variable to true, like this:
fallback = true;
you just need to look for the right condition

Best, David

Hello. One question: Can I use it for Woocommerce products?

Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t scan your products, you would need to manually add the HTML for each side of the card

If you are looking for a grid of products, probably this would be a better option:

Best Regards


maybe you remember. As I bought your plugin you’ve made some custom changes for me. I’ve installed the current update today and it seems the changes has been lost now. Please give me an email address and I can give you the changes you’ve made.

Thanks for your support.


Hi Warmly,
Unfortunately I don’t remember, but you can contact me via email here:

Best :), David

..done! I sent an email. Thank you! :)

Hi David, I had a question re having multiple cards lined up horizontally next to each other. I was having issues doing that. I send message about this via contact form a couple of days ago. In case you prefer supporting via these comments, I’ll paste my message here:

Hi David,

I’m working on setting up your Flipcard plug-in on my site.

I couldn’t find anything in the brief documentation file stating how to put multiple cards on the same page. When I duplicate the entire shortcode sequence (i.e., [flippingCard] ... [/flippingCard], the additional cards seem to nest into the container of the first card, which makes no sense to me.

When I only duplicate the [fc_front] and [fc_back] segments, only the first card displays.

Would you explain how to have more than one card on a page? I basically want four cards horizontally lined up next to each other, downgrading responsively to two cards and one card accordingly when viewport width is reduced.

Is that possible?

Thanks very much,


HI Jonathan,
I sent you a reply via email just now :D

Is it possible to have a picture on both sides?

Hi, yes it is possible, you can add any HTML on both sides :D


I cannot get the vertical text to align in the middle. I followed the link but it did not work Here is my page: (just the first block)

Please help


I’m guessing the images are added by your theme using some background-image on a div, but you can quickly make them responsive by adding this peace of CSS:
    background-size: contain !important;
I hope this makes sense :)

Awesome thank you! How about the background images on mobile?

Oh you are fast. Thanks!!!

Hi, we just brought the flipping cards 3d for wordpress and downloaded the files. the website mentioned about the admin page on wordpress but when I tried to upload the zip file as a plugin it wouldnt work and all the files in the zip are for css and js files so not sure how I can install as a plugin so I can call from shortcuts, do you have a link to this?

I also just noticed even though I added the flipping cards which said wordpress it then put the js / css which is cheaper… my fault for not double checking… will buy again the proper one

Ohh yes, the js/css version is for HTML websites (stand alone)

Best Regards :)


I’ve been searching for this type of plugin for a long time. Very thankful you created it. Amazing job!


If you could visit the url above and offer some advice on how I could make the image and container 100% width and height and fully responsive that would be great as I have run into some issues accomplishing this myself. Currently, when the browser window is adjusted in size a grey gap appears above and below the image.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

Best, Alan

Hi Alan,
1) Oops I’m sorry, I forgot to check the backside, in the front side there were some empty paragraphs, so instead of the code I sent, try this:

.fc_card .fc_front  p{
    display: none !important;

.fc_card img{
    width: 100%;

2) Ohh I think I see the issue, maybe the plugin is refreshing the dimensions of the card faster than the responsive design of the theme, any chance you could give me access to your wp? I would like to make some adjustments, you can contact me privately via email here:

Best, David

Hi David,

Thanks for all your help with this issue, I really appreciate you willing to look into this for me. I have sent you an email via the link above. Let me know if you run into any issues within WP. Thanks again.

Best, Alan

Great :D lets continue via email!


I need some basic help to begin with Flippingcards

WP, Themeforests Infinite Theme. Can´t get html code to work in Code-window”

Best regards Jukka Vuorinen

Hello Jukka,
You can contact me privately via email here:
I’ll be happy to help

Best, David

Hello, I’m using version 2.0, and when saving the settings I’m getting the following errors:
Deprecated: Non-static method FC_Options::display_options_page() should not be called statically in /wp-includes/class-wp-hook.php on line 287

Deprecated: screen_icon is deprecated since version 3.8.0 with no alternative available. in /wp-includes/functions.php on line 4723

Deprecated: get_screen_icon is deprecated since version 3.8.0 with no alternative available. in /wp-includes/functions.php on line 4723
Looks like we have some depreciated code. Could you look at these and issue an update? Thanks!

Yes, please contact me via email here: so I can send you an updated version of the plugin

Best, David

Do you not update the plugin via the purchased downloads here on CodeCanyon?

yes, you can go ahead and re-download the plugin, CodeCanyon usually takes few hours to process updates, but it has been approved now so you can re-download it :)

Can you turn these into active links? Like if you wanted to make an ad wall with logos on one side and maybe an ad offer on the other and people can click on them to go to the site?

You can add any HTML inside both side of the cards, so if you know some HTML you can add your own anchor links on both sides

Best, David

Hi, I Can’t seem to activate my license. Could you please advise?

Can you describe your issue a little bit more? do you mean you can’t upload the plugin to WP?

You can contact me privately via email here: for further support

Best, David

Is there a way I can make the back colour of the click flip card a different colour to the front?

Hi, Before I buy this item I would like to show you a sketch to make sure what I am envisioning can be done. How can I send you a PDF of this idea?


you can contact me privately via email here:

Best, David

Hi, I updated the Autostart-Time of the rotation, but from then, every card rotates correctly once but stops after one rotation. What can I do, that the cards will repeat rotating constantly?

by any chance you are talking about the stand alone version? Since codecanyon says that you haven’t buy this plugin (which is the WP version) this is the stand alone version:

Best, David

Dear David, how to make the flip box responsive? For example, if I want it to show nicely on very small phones and large computer screen. Thanks!

One idea is to use percentage width and specify a ratio to always keep the right proportions, something like this:

[flippingCard width="25%" ratio="1:2"]
I hope this makes sense :)

Hello David, would be great if you could help me with my problem. I built this site with the Divi-Builder: If I resize the Browser window, the columns/images overlap but I want them to resize or jump into the next row.

I used the width and ratio combination which I thought should work: [flippingCard direction=”right” type=”click” borderradius=”0px” width:”100%” ratio:”450:634” background=”white” textalign=”left” front_class=”frontflip” back_class=”backflip1”]

Thanks in advance! Tobias

Hi Tobias,
I noticed some issue with your shortcode, you are using colon, instead of the ”=” sign, it should be like this:

[flippingCard direction="right" type="click" borderradius="0px" width="100%" ratio="450:634" background="white" textalign="left" front_class="frontflip" back_class="backflip1"]
try with that one :)

Oh, i should’ve seen that. Thank you very much for your help, works fine now!


My item purchase code is: 6515e787-9e53-4ec6-9081-1e4948ed85d6

I bought it 3 days ago. I would like to request a refund because the plugin is not what I was expecting. Please facilitate the process, so I can review it positively.

Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you

contact me privately via email:
Best, David

Hello, I have purchased your plugin flipping cards 3d. How do I use your code in a responsive grid in a page? as you can see,, the mobile view is bad. Can you please help me resolve this?

Thank you, looking forward to hearing from you

I just checked your site, and saw that you added the flipping cards in a column container, I’m guessing that’s from your theme.
if you want something responsive, it depends what responsive behavior you want, do you want something like this? or that it adapts to the 100% of its container?

Best, David

Yes I would like to have the cards as your demo please and particularly to have the cube effect/transition. Please guide me how to fix them in than manner. Do you need admin credentials to facilitate the process? thank you, looking forward to hearing from you

yes I can set you an example in your WP installation, please send me the details via email here:

Best, David

and here is my purchase code: dd204965-3468-48fd-82f7-383c6f02ba87

Sent you an email :)


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