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Hi, some questions:

- is it possible to create multiple Flex menus for a single page – like a main menubar and a sidebar below it?

- in responsive sidebar mode can you close the menu by clicking anywhere outside of it?

- can you open and show the menu through a jquery function call?

Hello. Let me answer in order: 1. Multiple instances don’t support at the moment. Only top menu with dropdown submenus. 2. There is no built-in feature like this, but it can be done. When the menu is in responsive sidebar mode ‘body’ has ‘fxm-sidemenu fxm-active’ classes. So, you can add a special div under the sidebar and above the content, then bind click event and hide the menu (see below). 3. Yes, just call $(”#yourmenu”).flexmenu(“toggle”);

I will keep your advices in mind for next version. Thanks.

Thank you for your detailed reply.

I want right to left

can you give me this Right Submenu Alignment plz

Hello. I will send a solution.

Your menu didn’t open a parents link, just open childs…

Hello. Let me describe it. If parent item has children then you can’t go to a parent’s url. It’s because I have different type of show trigger (click or hover) for my child items and I don’t know what user want go to a url or open child items. The main priority is to show child items in my plugin.

.fxm-wrap .fxm-menu .fxm-submenu { display: none !important; }

this seems to prevent me from getting a working version

Hello. Can you describe your problem in more details?

in flexmenu.less line 104 i have to do display:block !important; or it doesnt work. I also can’t get the sidemenu to work from the complex example, the menu items are missing.

Can you provide a link to the demo. You can use a private message https://codecanyon.net/user/avirtum#contact

Do you have a wordpress version?

well.. im looking for your top bar responsive tester.

Hello. I have no athe wordpress version.

Awesome work! Best of luck!

Hi, does it support Right-To-Left languages like Farsi (Persian)?

This plugin operates divs, if you write a markup with right-to-left languages you should get what you want, but I didn’t test it.