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Online CSS Minifier/Compressor: http://cssshrink.com

Hello, i have a doubt about installation, I am using the plugin for wordpress jwplayer 7, and this plugin asks me to send .css file to a specific directory in order to use a new skin, but to open flat files skin I I came across several files, my question is: if I send only to the directory “skin” file “flat.css” will work the skin? Or need to send other files to work well?

You need load icons from font files:
- jw-flat-icons.eot
- jw-flat-icons.svg
- jw-flat-icons.ttf
- jw-flat-icons.woff

I can support debug for you, Please contact me via email vu@tan.vn

Can you design a custom skins with playback rate, auto play, video quality and CC

Its already there in JW 7

Send you a mail for my custom request

I’m offline now and reply soon on today

Hello, I’m using wordpress so please tell me how to use this with wordpress?

Hi, I’ve tried replacing the jwplayer folder with the one that I have, added the style on the page but the player won’t load at all.

The documentation is kinda short and I’m not really fluent in CSS, really need your help on setting this up, how do we go from here?

I will support JW 7.7 and Icons by Base64

Thanks for your great support, the issue has been resolved quickly. Cheers!

Please get new update:
- Support JW 7.7.1
- Icons by Base64

Hey, Would you be able to design me a custom JWplayer 7 skin for my website ? And how much it will cost ? I like ur skin bt i want something different and unique, also is it possible to add Airplay and Chromecast buttons to the skin ?

I’m available at price of 125$ for custom JWplayer skin with your design.

Hello, please fix full screen in mobile device. seekbar not working, it’s too large. thank you.

No, it’s not about jwplayer. It’s about the skin. Default skin from jwplayer is working fine, I already try it.

The timestamp in your skin shoudn’t be appear in small screen. Just like other default jw player skin. So, it will not make seekbar unslidable.

For quick fix this issue. Please rollback to JW player 7.6.1 https://ssl.p.jwpcdn.com/player/download/jwplayer-7.6.1.zip


can you help me with installation of this theme? I use a Xvideosharing script on my site where JWPLayer is integrated, I could apply the .css design but I dont know how to change the colors of the button in this CSS. I need to do this by editing the file, which file and where can I change the colors of all buttons to other color?

For change the colors. Please see flat-skin-retina-for-jw7\bin\preview-flat-color.html

skin: { url:"./skins/flat.min.css", name: "flat", active: "your_color_active", inactive: "your_color_inactive", background: "your_color_background" }

I’m amateur in programming, can you tell me where to import the code you’ve sent me?

JW Player 7.12.0 introduces a new configuration option to enable playback rate controls as well as native caption and subtitle support for casting. This release also added the viewable event, making it easier to control the user experience based on the player’s visibility.

JW Player 7.12.0

Hi … did it support resolution options

Please try use: width, height or aspectratio

This option, used to setup JW Player for responsive design, is set to the video display aspect ratio, for example “16:9”. When the width of the player changes, it then automatically scales its height accordingly. When the aspectratio is set, the height option is ignored. See Making JW Player Responsive for more info.
https://support.jwplayer.com/customer/portal/articles/1413113-configuration-options-reference https://support.jwplayer.com/customer/portal/articles/1406644-making-jw-player-responsive