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Nice work :)
Good luck with sales.

Thank you!

Very nice 1st item, glws buddy :)

Glad to hear that :) Thank you, Capelle!

Does this pricing table fit for big pricing values like 10000 or will it break the layout?

Hello and thank you for your interest.

Well, if you remove the cent part and slightly reduce the font size, 5-6-7 digit prices + $ sign fit quite well.

If you decide to purchase the tables I can make a custom version of table with reduced font size and send it via email.

But please don’t forget to write me a message after the purchase.

Hi, can you please explain how I could get this on my Wordpress page?

I wrote you a comment yesterday, but somehow it disappeared.

I am thinking about making a Wordpress version, but this one is HTML + CSS so you have to add the code in admin panel of WordPress in the code tab.

You can send me a message with the link to your website and I will help you to install the table.

Just purchased this and downloaded source files. And in your directory named 3 columns and feature descriptions, I only see the 3 column layout. Nothing with the source code that includes the feature descriptions code. That was the primary reason I purchased your files for work in a particular project.


3 column and feature descriptions directory contains 4 column layout. However it switches to 3 column layout for devices with lower resolution.

So, probably you were checking the table in the lower resolution.

I’ve sent you a custom version which doesn’t switch to 3 column layout on your email.

Hello! I have a question: is it possible to easily reize the pricing table? It seems to be rather large for my website.


Yes, resizing is possible, however you should allow around 240px for every column to fit the head title.

So for three column layout make sure you have at least 720 px

Sounds like a way too much space just for three columns…

Sorry, I’ve meant 740 px.

It’s a minimal width required to keep price and Title, such as “Basic” on the same line.

If you use shorter titles or reduce the font size you will be able to fit the table in in the narrower layout. But for the default configuration you need at least 740px.

Not only is the product great, the support that the author offered was quick and painless. I would definitely recommend it to everyone.

Thank you!

I totally agree with yourworks. Not only it’s an awesome CSS responsive pricing chart, the support is really very prompt and helpful. I am very happy about it as the code fits well with my opencart theme. Definitely 5 stars for this product.

Great work! I really like it. As someone before me, I would also like to have a version that always shows feature descriptions, if it isn’t to much trouble to you, please send it to me. Thanks again, great job!

Hello and thank you! No problem, just write me a personal message and I will reply with fixed version of table.

can i fit more then 4 columns?


The table is optimized for 960px container width. If you have a site with container width optimized for 1280px or more for sure it is possible to fit 5 or 6 colums.

Hello, in the image u have it says we recommend tab and its sticking out. How is it possible to do that with out scrolling over. I wanted to stick out.

Hello and thank you for the purchase. Please write me a message via form on my page and I’ll send you the modified css file.

Hi i saw the table comparison design in the screenshots provided , but after downloading the package i cud t not find price comparison design , please provide me that .

Yes I wanted “Choose your plan” column

As I’ve mentioned above, this layout is in “3 columns and description” folder.

I assume you still want the table to keep full 3 column layout for resolutions lower than FullHD, so I am sending you a custom 2 view version (mobile/desktop) of this layout as a reply to your PM.

Ya please send it to me .