Find Differences - Html5 game, construct 3

Find Differences - Html5 game, construct 3

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“Find Differences” is an engaging puzzle game where your task is to spot the differences between two images. You will be presented with two nearly identical pictures, and your goal is to find and tap on the five unique differences within a limited time frame.

Examine the images closely, as the differences can be subtle and cleverly hidden. It could be variations in colors, objects, shapes, or even missing details. Stay focused and observant to locate all the disparities before time runs out. Be cautious though, as each incorrect tap will result in a time penalty, making it even more challenging to find all the differences.

For a more relaxed experience, the game also offers a Free Mode without any time constraints. In this mode, you can take your time to carefully inspect the images and find the differences at your own pace.

“Find Differences” provides an entertaining and visually stimulating gameplay experience. Sharpen your visual skills, test your attention to detail, and see how quickly you can spot the discrepancies between the images. Can you find all the differences and achieve a perfect score? Play now and put your observation abilities to the test!


  • Touch controls
  • Keyboard controls
  • Works on HTML5 browsers
  • HTML folder ready to upload

What you get

  • HTML5 and source files ready to be uploaded to your server
  • Keyboard and Touch Controls

How to publish on your site:

  • Rename the HTML 5 folder to any name you like (don’t use space or special characters)
  • Upload the entire folder you renamed to your site (Check your host provider for FTP access)
  • That’s it!

If you have any question, don’t hesitate in asking.