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Hey Themecomplete, downloaded your plugin and it works exactly how it’s suppose too! However, I didn’t really think it through that I actually wanted to use it for a Wholesale option. It calculates the product price but I would actually want it to calculate the Wholesale Price instead of the actual price and only display it if the user is Role Wholesale Customer. Do you think you would be able to do some custom coding for me? The wholesale price is just a few lines of php functions in one index.php folder.

I cannot help you any custom coding I’m afraid. We outsource all of those requests to

Hi, I have a pre-sales question.

Is it possible with this plugin to create something like this:

So, adjusting the content and automatically adjust the price.

Thank you for your input.



No, it isn’t possible. This plugin is only for simple and variable product without any customization. See our other plugin Extra product options if you want to create addons like the above link.

Does this plugin work with grouped products and WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing?

No, it doesn’t I’m afraid.

Thanks for the fast reply. Can you add that? Would be a valuable extra feature to differentiate from similar plugins.

I’m sorry but no, the WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing specifically cannot be made compatible. There is only unofficially support for Dynamic Pricing and Discounts from RightPress.

Hi, I’ve a problem with discount price display. On a website with woo-commerce, when I add a discount price for a product, the regular price is crossed and discount price is displayed in catalog page. But in product page, I’ve just the discount price and not the regular price crossed.

Do you have any solution ? (I’ve bought this plugin with theme “WD OSWAD MARKET”.


Do you mean that if you disable the plugin you get the crossed out price?