Discussion on Final Price

Discussion on Final Price

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shaym23 Purchased

Is this working with grouped products?

As indicated in the first paragraph of the plugin description the plugin works for Simple and variable products only.


thinking about buying your plugin. However, one presale quesion: - My theme (porto theme from themeforest) only displays the standard price for quantity = 1 below the product name. You can see it here:

So does your plugin adds some html codes so that the updated price (price * quantity) is displayed below the Add-to-Cart-Button (It is a German shop so you will see “In den Warenkorb” on the button)? Thank you for your service.

Best regards The KBG theam

Yes, correct. This plugin adds code to display the updated price (price * quantity) below the Add-to-Cart-Button.

How do I show the option in the product archive pages?

That doesn’t matter at all I’m afraid. There isn’t any default WooCommerce functionality like that in order to create something that will work regardless of the theme.

I want to use this plugin to update the single page product price when the quantity is increased.

I want to use Dynamic Pricing & Discounts from Rightpress plugin for – if the quantity is increased to above 10 I want each product to have 10% discount.

Question is, if I set the quantity to above 10, will the product price be updated including the discount rule price?

The particular plugin doesn’t support 3rd party extensions I’m afraid.

Oh, In someone’s comment you put ‘ Officially we only support Dynamic Pricing and Discounts from Rightpress.’

In previous comments I said that “There is only unofficially support for Dynamic Pricing and Discounts from RightPress.”. The support is untested with the latest version of the pricing plugin, that is why I told that it isn’t supported. Our focus for supporting the pricing plugin is on the Extra Product Options plugin. This one is intended to be a simple plugin.

Hi ! Is it work with Min Max Quantity & Step Control plugin ?

The particular plugin works only for simple and variable products. There isn’t any compatibility with other plugin from our end.

This means will be ok ?

No, it doesn’t. I’m not sure in what way you want the plugin to work with Min Max Quantity and I’m not sure what the Step Control plugin is. The plugin just makes a total price box for the product, nothing more.

Hi! With which bulk purchase discount plugin is your plugin compatible?

Please revert my previous comment.

For some reason I though you meant the Extra Product Options plugin. The final price plugin doesn’t support any discount plugin.

Oh. What a bad luck.

hey, does this work with this plugin – i have discounts for people who buy 5 or more which shows on basket / checkout pages. thanks

Officially we only support Dynamic Pricing and Discounts from Rightpress.

does this discount plugin work with quantity change? for example if quanitty is 5 it will show discounted rate for 5 tickets I set in the discount plugin?

I can’t speak about what others plugin support I’m afraid.

Hello, is this working for archives/category pages, or only for product page

You can show the option on the archive/category pages but this would require you to fix the display according to your theme and since WooCommerce by default doesn’t allow adding variable products from the archives/category pages you can only use this to add the product with the options for simple products.

Is this application involved in the epo plugin?

Yes, if you have the EPO plugin you don’t need this one.

Hi is there a way to replace this word Final total: to Subtotal?

I just bought the plugin and could not find a way to do this. Is it possible to add a filter that we can use in functions.php to adjust the wording?

digging through the plugin found out the filter. If anyone wants to do the same, this is the snippet: add_filter(‘wc_tc_final_price_total_text’, ‘replace_final_total_text’); function replace_final_total_text(){ return ‘Subtotal’; }

This plugin has no settings. The filter you found is there for exactly that purpose :) It can also be translated from the pot file using a plugin like loco translate.

This plugins works with Elementor Pro ? For single and variable products.

Using a page builder shouldn’t affect the plugin unless you don’t have the basic WooCommerce product page interface. This means the product and the add to cart button which contains the hook where the plugin runs.

The issue is that Elementor has a Widget for the Add To Cart button that works for all product types, and I don’t know if it updates the quantity for that widget too or just for the default WooCommerce widget.

From what I know you will need to use the Pro version of Elementor and use the “Add to cart” widget that is on the WooCommerce version. That should give you the correct form.

Hello, is your plugin working correctly with the product option?

Can I see the product URL?

It works fine in product page but not works in category view

The plugin is for the product page only not any other place!

Will the plugin show the calculated price when the page is loaded? We have a minimum purchase quantity set to our products.

Yes, it will but please note that the particular plugin doesn’t support discount plugins or similar. It only works on base WooCommerce.

Thanks for your response.

We’re not using any discount plugins, just a plugin that enforces certain quantities for products –

Will it function correctly with that plugin? If I purchase your plugin and it doesn’t function correctly, will you provide a refund?

If that is your only requirement it should work correctly. If it doesn’t yes, we will provide a refund.

Hi, is it also possible to set a price for certain quantities? For example, I sell 1pc for $50, two pcs for $75, three for $100 etc. Or does is only multiply the actual selling price?

No, it isn’t possible. This plugin is only for display the selling price multiplied by the quantity.

Hi, This plugin still can used or not?

I’m sorry but I don’t understand what that means. If you mean if it is compatible with the latest WordPress version, it is.

yes. if any discount i want try i and if any price for agency cause i need to install at 5 ecommerce website

I’m sorry but Envato doesn’t have discounts as far as I am aware of.

Hi – is the plugin compatible with minimum/maximum pricing?

For example, I have a product that is set to a minimum of 5. Will it initially display the total as 5x the single price?


It should although I haven’t tested it with any particular plugin like that.

Hi, Is compatible with ”WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing & Discounts”? As I have some discount rules by quantity but total price doesn’t get discount.

No, it isn’t I’m afraid.

Does this plugin works with WP All import plugin? During the import are the fields pricing fields visible? Thanks in advance.

This plugin doesn’t have any fields. Perhaps you are mistaken with one of our other plugins.

does this work with any theme?

On any proper coded theme, meaning if the theme doesn’t implement default WooCommerce hooks there is slight change you won’t see it depending on what the theme implements.

When I activated the plugin, the site layout messed up and this message popped up: the site is experiencing technical difficulties

This is something that needs to be troubleshooted, although it is pretty strange that you got such a message. Either open a support ticket or contact me via my profile page at

I already sent a message on your profile.

I have already responded to it.

Hello, the plugin does not work correctly with elementor. What to do? Work screenshot:

If you need any further support or want me to do this for you you will have to open a support ticket please.

“you will have to open a support ticket please.” What does it mean? The translator could not translate it.

I’m not sure how else to say this. There is a support forum for issues like that at

This comment section isn’t for troubleshooting issues. So, if you need more help with this you will have to create a support ticket. You can also email me via my profile page at


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