Discussion on FCM One-to-One Chat App with PHP, MySQL | Native Android Studio

Discussion on FCM One-to-One Chat App with PHP, MySQL | Native Android Studio

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Using socket for real-time chat??

I mean, which technology you are using in your chat app because without using socket we can’t fetch realtime data from mysql server.

hi the app is built in Java Native android and Using Firebase Push Notification. and connected to database using PHP API. It does not fetch message in realtime rather. when any chat is open it load all previous messages. and when you send message to some one it sends push notification to that device and using push message message is displayed to other person.

thats why there is no need of socket as push notification is configured in a way where it checks if same chat is open then adds message in recycleview and if chaht or app is not open then it shows push notification

Greetings, I am very interested in your code, but I have a presale question, do you plan to update php 5 to a higher one? Currently my server works with php 7 and it is not possible to work with an old php version such as 5 because I have several installations that works in version 7 and that prevents me from using an old version of php… ..... I tried to test your app on my Motorola G7 Power with android 10 but I can’t upload images from my gallery and it doesn’t open the camera either … do you think you can solve it, and is it possible to upload documents as pdf?

Hi, Currently only image sending is implemented. Yes i have plan to update web API to current PHP version with usage of PDO. Yes in test app there some issue with uploading image and storing.

I understand, but then if it is possible to solve the error and upload images?

I would very much like to be able to have the option to block the app with a numeric PIN, that is, before opening the app, ask me for the unlock code, do you think you can do it and how much would that improvement cost?

Yes solving image issue is possible it will take some time as currently not working on this project. Adding PIN possible as custom version for you not in version on envanto.

help: This version of the Android Support plugin for IntelliJ IDEA (or Android Studio) cannot open this project, please retry with version 4.2 or newer.

Unable to load class ‘org.gradle.api.publication.maven.internal.MavenPomMetaInfoProvider’.

Contact via support page / profile message section. Comment section is not for this.

The issue is you are using old gradle plugin. please update that.

disable minify. Please contact via profile message section

I solved the problem with these steps

Comment out “minifyEnabled false/true” in app level build.gradle file sync (for me AS started to proceed without any issues and downloaded the latest gradle plugin – 7.0.2) Once the sync to the new gradle plugin is done, uncomment “minifyEnabled false/true” and run sync again

Thanks for details could be helpful to others. Updated version also sent to you on email. Update on envato will take time to approve.


i am getting error when access updateUserLastSeen file. as this file is not found in folder

ok. can you contact via profile message section so i can help directly with issue.

Halo iam interest to buy, did you accept cuatom service?

Contact via Support form or mail to

kindly check your mail

yes. replied to that.

hello mr. sagar One of your fcm chat application source code was bought by me. But I am getting alert popup message show (error happened try again) on login, register & another activity of that android chat app. And login & register activity is also not working. Please solve this problem for me.

please send me message from support form for direct contact. so we can work on issue.

hey bro before i buy i have some query 1. can i block and delete any user 2. any admin panel where i can manage user list and take backup of chat 3 before registration we can verify user .

1. This can be implemented with small tweak in API, 2. There is no admin panel but this app using an MySQL database so once can create admin panel easily, 3. Currently no. can be done with some API changes and adding User Account status field in login verification.

I want to buy this application is there a new update

Hello brother, you see, I haven’t submitted any new update yet

I did not understand exactly what you are saying.

Hi, @sagaemaher i need this code. But i am facing problem in payment

What problem you getting with payment? you can contact directly from here by submitting that contact form.

Payment unsuccessful – there was a problem processing your credit card. For security reasons we may need you to re-enter your Visa or MasterCard details before trying again, or you may need to try an alternative payment method.

i want to use api in this we can send message to and user by api tell me details

I did not understand exactly what you want to do. Yes this app is using rest api for messaging.


i need one customization only, push message can be send by rest api by mobile number so we can add api to own system

Hello! Resend password function dont work in your app now. Server message: can`t send email to you. Can you fix it?

You need to configure email sending function with senders mail detail in PHP code. for more help with this you can send direct mail to me via profile chat on codecanyon.

Thank you. I sent message via profile.

delivering the message takes lot of time

Yes that’s true. because of PHP/MySQL backed. where as other real time chat script uses Firebase backed.

I am sending these questions under comments since you will not answer my direct email.

I followed your instructions and the app is working. I created a new database on my provider’s server, but used your existing Firebase account. 1) I tried to create my own Firebase account, but when I used the new JSON file the App gave me errors in Android Studio and it would not work. Do you have additional instructions for settings or other procedures when creating a new Firebase account? What are all the required settings for firebase? 2) The messages are not transmitted real time, on the receiving device I have to click the back button and reload for the message to load/appear. How do I fix this? 3) I can delete individual messages on the chat list, but I am not able to delete pictures. How do you delete pictures that have been sent as messages? 4) When using a tablet, the text field for the message to be typed, is covered/hidden by the keyboard when typing the message. It is OK on the phone. How do I fix this? Thank you

1. Here is detail documentation by google. 2. Real time message is depends on firebase service. The messaging will work in real time once you connect app to firebase server correctly. 3. The delete action get appear on click and hold of placeholder. and in case of picture it may be not triggering the placeholder click action. 4. I have no tablet size device to test. ie. not got that issue. that can solved with some debugging. 5. I do respond to direct mail also. why you thinking i wont?

You didn’t respond to my email with answers, your email just dismised me with general comments, that is why I put it here. Your Codecanyon page says “Tablet support”, your response to my question (as you can see above) before I purchased was “user can delete chat message.” Based on these two problems, unless you can fix both in the next day or so, I would like to request a credit for my purchase, this app is not good for my needs as is.

Answer to your questions already given in last comment. If you find some bug and issues then you can submit them they will get short out in next update. I have provided test app also to check the actual working of project so there is no question arrive about product not working as describe.

Can chats be deleted by users? or must they be deleted at database level?

user can delete chat message.

register still not working

responded to your mail.

Hello Bro How are You i facing an error in your project which i buy can you help me out. User not registering

You account does not shows any purchase from me. As for the error. please go through the documentation once again and check if you have done all the changes required to run the project.

i purchased this project from my 2nd account.

Contact via profile message for support. Also include your mail id which used to purchase.

How do i can create the local server which php file to update

That info is given in the documentation. Do check the documentation. For any further help do message via my profile. For db configuration, there is a file with name config.php

hey sir, can i get the app soon after purchasing? or would it take some days?

You can download app immediately after purchase from your purchase items list.


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