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Hello, none of the checkout pages are showing when this plugin is installed. this is very important. Can you kindly advise what to do. my website is www.bermyslist.com and click on the site in the drop down called ” Online Mall” , then proceed to checkout, the page just goes blank.

this only seems to occur on my mobile phone. on desktop, i am prompted to open a new window to view content? but on mobile, nothing happens

ok i have made all site content just http and the chekout page still dont work on some websites. can you please have a look at it. go to www.bermyslist.com. then select the theme ” Online Mall” add an item to the cart and select checkout , you will see what i mean. But if you select the directory theme and click on checkout page , it works just fine…

https://gyazo.com/38482e8faa0061742315868c4edabb9b It’s still giving cross origin error. So it means you are loading https content in Http.

1) – What were the updates on October 4, 2016 ?

2) – Will you be updating the changelog ?

3) – Which version is this ?

Hello, something goes wrong and I can’t see previews. Can you compare the screenshot and advise something? https://www.dynamikstore.com/img/screen.png

You have to download fresh files again, it surely work.

Thank you for your support. Now the plugin works properly. I see you have fixed the ‘themesdemo.php’ file. Please note that the distribution pack doesn’t include this new version of the file yet. So I had to copy the file from my test site to the targeted location. https://www.dynamikstore.com/demos

We have already updated that file on Envato so it won’t be any issue.

My website is not showing up when I activate your plugin, it’s just blank with the bar showing but when the plugin is NOT ACTIVATED my website shows up. Please help.

Please check your email we have replied you.

Nice Plugin , I have buy this plugin. When i try to install on my site .. Which appear a error message .

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘array’ (T_ARRAY) in /home/host03ing/public_html/wp-content/plugins/fbar/config.php on line 1

Please help ..

Thanks could you please provide admin credentials via email?

I get the same error as @freshdesignhk

Can you post the solution on here please.

Send me an email mike AT epicplugins.com


Hi an information is compatible with the version 4.6.1 Regards Sandro

Yes it is compatible with 4.6.1 :)

Hi – we’d really love to use your demo bar plugin… it works on desktop but does not work at all to display our themes on mobile devices, like iPhone or iPad. All of our background images are stretched out or distorted. Any ideas what we can do to resolve?

This is what I’ve been explaining all along, ha. It’s not an issue with the slider, it’s just a matter of a fullscreen slider inside of an iFrame. This is more than likely an issue for more of your customers than you realize, so you may want to figure out a workaround for your plugin since the use of vw/vh values are becoming more commonplace in site development.

https://gist.github.com/pburtchaell/e702f441ba9b3f76f587 Found a solution on internet. Do you think you can add this by your own? If not we will add it for you.

Yeah, I’ve tried this solution, but the problem is the vw/vh values inside of the iFrame. The iFrame methodology your plugin uses is the culprit I’m guessing, but I have no clue how to fix it. You can see that the CSS is properly entered here: http://besuperfly.staging.wpengine.com/demo?theme=Anthem but that it still renders the same on mobile devices.

Hello Team

looks some troubles for loading demo on SSL version. Need quick fix.


Hi, We have replied you on your email.

please reply my email :) i have some troubles

Hi, When did you send email? Looks like i didn’t get it could you please send it again?


The redirect isn’t working. Your code is making no sense.


$parts = Explode('/', $pageURL);

$page= $parts[count($parts) - 1] ;

$redvalue= substr($page,0,12);


$phrase  = $pageURL;

$healthy = array("redirect.php");

$yummy   = array("");

 $newphrase = str_replace($healthy, $yummy, $phrase);



This makes no sense.

Redirecting has no issue, Its working. Could you please send the live URL?


1Wolf1 Purchased

Will this work with Multi site subdomains?

1Wolf1, It needs URL to loads the page it could be any subdomain or main domain.


1Wolf1 Purchased

In that case … SOLD :-D.

Perfect let me know if you need our help to set it up.

Hi, work with WP 4.7x? Thanks

Yes it does!

Facing a problem like we have two variations of items: Like Elevation HTML and Elevation WP.
If we make Elevation as ID and create two types. Then the Demo only works for any of them.
If we create like this “Elevation HTML” then for the space bar it creates “%20” which isn’t working on anywhere like ThemeForest Demo.
We like to make “Elevation” as ID and type will be different. How can we achieve this ???
Demo URL: http://demo.jeweltheme.com

Hi, I’ve got some problems with protocol HTTPS. I installed a SSL Certificate on my website. All my demo site works on HTTPS. I configure FBAR tu redirect on HTTPS://..... FBAR send a request to HTTP. You can see this here: https://www.ourwebitalia.it/demo?theme=Design thanks for your help

Hi does this support sub categories? Demo Websites List 1 – Demo websites list 2 and then sub categories?

Also how many demos can be added? 10,000?

sorry one more question: Does it support links from a different domain name and hides the link source?

EDITED please see 1st post

Hi, There’s no feature to categories listing for now. We didn’t set any limit but if you add 10,000 items the page will give timeout error. You can give any external link it will hide it as well.

Hi Just buy this plugin: this gives a error by installing it:

‘fbar’, ‘plugin_version_text’ => ‘Version: 3.1’, ‘plugin_version’ => ‘3.0’, ‘plugin_title’ => ‘Fbar plugin’, ‘plugin_menu_title’ => ‘Fbar Plugin’, ‘page_title’ => ‘Fbar plugin’, ‘per_page’ => ‘1000’, ‘page_num’ => ‘5’, ‘addOnTitle’ => ‘Add-On’, ‘admin_tabs’ => array( ‘index’ => _(‘General settings’,’stplugin’), ‘page_setting’ => ‘Page settings’, ‘fbarplugin’ => _(‘Sites list’,’stplugin’), ), ‘disable_tabs’ => array(‘menuChild1’), ‘default_layout’ => ‘default’, ‘default_theme_layout’ => ‘themesdemo’, ‘default_action’ => ‘index’, ‘option_key’ => ‘1’, ‘addOnFolder’ => ‘addOns’, ‘tableOptions’ => ‘wp_st_options’, ‘permission_capabilitie’ => ‘delete_posts’, ‘addOnPerm’ => ‘true’,);?>

Its a fresh install of wordpress, with no active plugins.

I hope you have received email from our support team.

Yes i did, thnx! I already fix this.

Good to know.

Can you confirm why the order does not work? I place websites in order like: website 1, website 2, website 3 and when i save it, it all goes to random order? is this an issue?

Could you please provide WP admin credentials along with CP access via profile contact form? So we can look at this issue?

Any update

It’s not working for me, https://www.geethemes.com/demo?theme=automobile , it shows nothing. It will work if i use this link : http://www.geethemes.com/demo/?theme=automobile, but if you click from the dropdown menu to choose a theme . It will show nothing.How to fix it please.

Hi, I am sorry to say but these options are not currently available.

just show me which files i can edit to change the meta title

“plugin_folder\fbar\views\layout\themesdemo.php” This is file path.