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This plug-in does not support the HTTPS protocol.

Site opened the HTTPS protocol, the plug-in can not load any demonstration site, even if the demo site is HTTPS 双语对照

Hi, Could you please provide FTP and WP credentials via email so we look at it?

I always get “Please wait…” when upload Logo image or Preview image, then I must refesh the page if I want continue do anything, nothing has been save.

Can’t upload Logo and Preview image. How to fix it? My site is using https protocol Thanks

What is the change log or version for the update made on October 4, 2017 ?


Presale question:

I have a multisite and I’m planning to create a sub-domain on my network to be used for demos, ex: Demos.mysite.com

- Can I add any page/link I want to show as a demo in the plugin? For example, I’d like to show these pages on my subdomain as demos:



Demos.mysite.com/page-3 .. and so on

I wonder if that’s possible!

Yes this is how it works… if you can’t add it by your own just send us credentials we will do it for you.

Hi please i need consulting who translate string purchase – close etc for spanish language


Thanks!!!! best regards

Thanks!!!! best regards

Your Welcome :)

For some reason my demo site works only when I hit “close” on FBar. Am I doing something wrong. URLs seem to be working fine when copy pasted, but not shown if I click on them ID in the FBar.

Could you please share the WP Credentials so we look on the issue?

I just run it as a separate sub site without anything but the FBar files on the web host. Will send you the URL in pm.

we have diagnosed your issue. that

“Refused to display ‘http://admincenter.angryadmin.net/' in a frame because it set ‘X-Frame-Options’ to ‘sameorigin’. “

which means your index page have blank space on line no 1.. Please removed it and let us know if you face any other issue..

Hello friend, once again I bother you to make a query, I have in mind to have groups of demos, that is, a bar for what are the themes of wordpres, another for what is html5 and another for what are my realizations to show, the question is I can acquire two fbar but instead of wordpress for php directly, and the query is if it works in the same way and if the structure to be modified is the same so that I can adapt it to my sites as I stay in my site principal?

As a suggestion I think it would be very interesting if groups or categories could be put together so the bar does not become so extensive, fix I have to put 286 themes + 120 of html5 + almost 60 own designs …

Perfect, thanks but now I would just move the preview photo to the right so that it does not cover the details

Fix yourself: https://alejandrovalenti.com/motos

What should I modify to move it a little to the right?


Ignore this i fix to change into frame css ” img.preview {” Thanks – Best Regards


Prooyo Purchased

hi there, does this current version of this plugin support the HTTPS protocol?

Hi, Yes it will work only if you host fBar on HTTPS. If you host fBar on HTTP and try to load HTTPS URL’s it won’t work.

Let me know if you have any confusion.


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thanks for your answer, i have 1 more question, so how about if Fbar host in HTTPS is this able to load http url’s?

HTTP and HTTPS is browser end restriction, Plugin supports both protocols


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Have a few questions?

1. Does this work with Multi Site setups that are using the /directory structure? instead of the Sub domain Multi site method?

2. Where can I read the full documentation to see what the plugins full potential is?

3. Would I be able to rearrange the buttons or layout in terms of order?

4. Can I add custom content via shortcode? Like a count down timer for specific demos? Like a promo sale announcement?

5. The video tutorial is very outdated, do you have a newer one, have you made major changes since that video was made?

6. When someone removes the Iframe, how do you get it back?

7. What does it mean by, “Remove any Bars” ?

8. Will/Can you add your own custom social sharing buttons?


Mbx Purchased

how can i get this to appear on all pages?

1) This plugin will only work on subdomains.. 2) Document file is under the Plugin folder 3,4)you can change things with HTML and CSS 5)since we don’t update our back-end, so the video tutorial remains same 6) No, you can not get iframe back after removing it. 7)) Please explain it again 8) you can add it in Themedemos.php file.


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Can you please answer 9. (replied inner thread)

For Multisite, you wrote, “Now This Plugin WORKS ON WORDPRESS MULTISITE and SUBDOMAIN” so multi site only works 2 ways, with subdomains or without it (subdirectories). So why do you say “This plugin will only work on subdomains”? What’s the effect of the other method?

For 7. In your sales (featured) image under Special Features, you wrote “Remove any Bars” can you clarify what this means, as far as “any Bars”. The user doesn’t understand until they see the backend stuff or read the tutorial on how this plugin works.

Also, what if I didn’t want to show use a color, how do you allow transparent colors? I tried adding transparent and it keeps defaulting to white, how come?

As far as the Video tutorial, that’s sad excuse because your newer version has alot more features than what you last recorded.

Please address all these. Thank you for your time. :)


Mbx Purchased

A couple of suggestions,

1. A nice rollup feature instead of just closing it, in case the user wants to retrieve the bar without having to refresh to get to it. Once it’s rolled up, they’ll see a down arrow, when it’s at it’s default state (expanded), there’ll be a Roll Up button on the far right bottom corner beneath the bar but attached to it. Does this make sense?

2. ability to add shortcodes into this for like a countdown timer function or any other theme based feature.

3. The ability to add custom width of container of content on the left side, without having to modify the core files.

4. A color picker besides the predefined colors you have available, would be a nice and should be a must.

These are it for now.


Mbx Purchased

Can you add the option to change when you go to the desired location that it doesn’t always say /?theme=theme-name but rather when i want to show a plugin in that list, like /?plugin=plugin-name. Does this make sense?


Mbx Purchased

or item so that it represents both?

Mbx, Yes we will consider this option in our next release.


Mbx Purchased

Awesome, made 2 other suggestions/features that would make it that much more powerful

Hi, Can I use the plug in for multi purposes in the site? For example – first time for themes showcase with the slug of “demos” and then the second time for features showcase with the slug of “features”

Hi, No we don’t have this feature but we can add it later on. Thank for the suggestion.

Regards, Sam

Thanks. I think it will be a good feature. Another thing you can consider to add is a filter option. That way the user can filter only the types of demos he would like to see on the dropdown menu. Can be helpful when you start to pack a lot of demos.

OK i have sent your suggestions to developers.


Prooyo Purchased

sorry i have to ask refund for your plugin, already 11 days since i ask support from you and you never get back to me, it seems only work in this condition, wordpress and the demos must use same protocol.


Mbx Purchased

I’m liking this plugin thus far, just have a few suggestions/features you could implement that would make this plugin that much more wonderful.

1. For multi-sites, a way to clone configuration and settings from one site to another. currently, have to recreate everything from the start. so an import/export feature would be ideal.

2.option to add the bar at the bottom of the site.


Mbx Purchased

I found some flaw with this plugin

1. When you network enable the plugin, it doesn’t work on any of the subsites it’s activated on and the primary site as well.

2. When I disable network activate, it works, however, if you navigate to a theme you choose, then hit the close button, it goes to that site’s url which is fine but there’s no way to go back to the home site where the bar resides, so a way around this is to have an option when the user hits close, it minimizes (rolls up) the bar and has a small icon where you can click on it it expand it back, roll down.

These are not flaws, we are not offering these options. As i stated we can consider these options in next release.


Mbx Purchased

Apologize, didn’t mean it in a negative way, just room for improvement. I will love to see this Plugin Trend to the top charts with such implementation and user support.

Mbx, yes i really appreciate the suggestions i have already noted them and send it to the dev team.


Mbx Purchased

I plan on adding 50+ sites. How can this plugin accommodate for such a large quantity of site links? UX Wise, I know the user will be able to scroll, but that’s such a large number of sites. Do you have any solution for such a large scale?

is this PHP 7.0 compatible ?

I ask because it no longer appears to be working.

Hi there please can you fix your plugin about http & https protocol issues

Its not a plugin issue. Browses don’t allow to load non secure content into secure environment.


I bought your plugin a while ago and am now ready to use it. However, will the plugin work on a multi-site using subdirectories? I am only using subdirectories.

If not, will this be implemented anytime soon?



Never mind. It works :-D.

OK thank you :)

This was amazingly EASY to implement! My only question is that the page that I put it on is blank until I use the dropdown.

How do I choose the page it shows up on WITH a ‘default’ page showing up under it? Thank you in advance!

no luck could you please double check the email ID? support@designingmedia.com?


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LOL, I was sending to .net for some reason. I just resent to the right one

Yes received this time. Our developer will contact you shortly.