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Hi, I try to copy url demo from themeforest for showing in my site. But it nothing to show. But I copy from another real site. It is working. What is problem? Thanks,

Please make sure you are not opening HTTPS URL into HTTP environment.

hey 1. is it rtl supported? 2. is it possible to change the names of the buttons? 3. is it possible to add a pixel to the bar so i can target the client? thanks

It is RTL supported but there’s only first design demo data available. Yes you can change content on Buttons since we are using Wp Bakery Builder.

1. How can I change the width of the responsive previews? The phone is extremely small width and not up to 2018 at all. 2. How can I use the previews as seen in the demo? They do not show.

Hello, Before purchase, 2 questions :

I sell my themes on my own online store.

1 – Can we put any link on the same server / domain to display different demos, or each theme must be in a specific directory.

2 – Can the button purchase return to any Woocommerce page or just an Envato affiliate link?

Thanks for your answers.

Best Regards

1- You can use any absolute URL to navigate using fBar 2- You can set any URL for purchase button.

Thank you !

Your welcome!

May i set the custom Name and URL for the similar type of item? Example: Fbar WordPress Plugin, Fbar PHP Script. So i want to keep same name Fbar but the url should be different ( Fbar-WP ) ( Fbar -PHP)

Is that possible with your plugin? Please open ticket on support for help.


MyISAM tables are what we use and the plugin is currently working just fine with MySQL 5.5


Will your product still work If we switch our server from MySQL 5.5 to MariaDB 10.2 ?

While still using MyISAM tables ?

We have never tested fBar on this environment so i can’t tell you exactly.

Hi, is this plugin multi-site compatible?

Could you please explain the question? You can add any URL for demo site it will work.

Sorry, I have a multi-site installation located in a sub directory with over 10 website templates in the multi-site for clients to view/purchase. I would like to display all website templates in the F-Bar using the multi-site.

Example: Multi-site – – demos holds the multi-site.

I then have urls like this. – I then have urls like this. – I then have urls like this. – I then have urls like this. –

I would like to install Fbar in the multi-site directory called demos then display all other sites/templates via the Fbar in that “demos” installation.

Is this possible? Could you please put this question into support so our team can communicate with you?


I have Mayosis theme installed with easy digital downloads installed (Front End Submission).

Now, I want to install this demo bar when a buyer clicks on the live demo of the seller in my marketplace, will it work? This is basically for themes. If yes, how? I am not a programmer and I dont have any experience.

Hi, Please ask this question from support team.

Hello! Ever since I bought this plugin, I had little to no time for configuring it to work with my site. I just started to set it up and I’m a bit confused about a section in your documentation, which I cut a pasted below.

-How do I display my main front end theme and show the bar so that I can then add the demo sites based on the below documentation?

-Please elaborate further on how to set up the “theme demo folder” based on your “Url” instructions below. I need more information on how to point the URL to the destination folder that contains the theme. However, I’m not clear on how to set up the theme demo folder.

-Please elaborate further on creating the “demo bar slug” based on your instructions below. I’m sure it’s probably WP 101, but a bit more detail would be most helpful.

-Any chance that you might have video tutorials for the documentation?

Thanks so much for addressing these questions.

First click Add Site Button

ID: Add your theme name here for example ThemeName, Bistro, Envato, U-Design etc.. Url: Add your theme demo folder url for example Preview: Add your theme preview image goes here. Type: Add your theme type goes here for example WordPress, HTML5, PHP etc. Download URL: You can add your demo bar slug here (this will be show all your works like: demos, themes, works etc.).

Could you please tell your ticket number?

Hey, sir. Apologies. I see that member of your staff responded inside Envato. I didn’t know I had to log back in to find ticket status. I will respond to the ticket accordingly. Thanks for your prompt response.

Hello. I tried to download the latest version 1.5.4 of FBar but the downloaded file contains an oldest version (1.5). Could you update it to the latest release please? Thanks in advance.

Please check it now.


Can I disable HTTP, so the preview page can preview only on HTTPS? Also, I can redirect www. to only non-www?

EX: – 301 to – 301 to

Regards, Alex

Alex, There’s no choice of disabling http/https, it will take automatically the protocol you have enabled on domain.

Fbar only loads the URL that you put into sites list there’s no choice of redirector.

Does plugin support sites running SSL/HTTPS?

Yes it does! but if you are on https you can only load https demo, it won’t load http demo URL’s

it is compatible with the latest wordpress version regards Sandro

I have not received a reply. I assume you do not have the functions I requested in this question regards Sandro

Please open ticket at out support

mine is a pre-purchase question I don’t have codes for this plugin


ayron Purchased

Works well with php 7.1. But it gives error and displays the following message in versions 7.2 and 7.3 of php Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /public/wp-content/plugins/fbar/views/layout/default.php on line 145 plugins/fbar/views/layout/default.php on line 145 Can you check it out? Thank

Please open ticket at out support

Hello, i already purchased this plugin.

This plugin is not working correctly. I already checking in the mobile (iphone)

1) The preview bar is freezing frequentl in the mobile. 2) When i check some demo site in this plugin, if i change the page in the demo site, desktop screen is appearing and its losting its resposive. check in the mobile:

3) Many demos like this not loading in this plugin on mobile . for example this one >>

So i want my money back please. I dont think these problem can fix asap. But i need to finish this site immediatly. So pelase send back my money.



HBWSL Purchased

Hi Designingmedia,

I am using fbar plugin on my site but responsiveness is not working properly and it is breaking in mobile view. And when I am checking my site directly without your plugin it is working perfectly fine.

link with your fbar plugin- link without the plugin-

Please check responsiveness for both links. The same thing is happening with other themes too.

Please check the issue and help me out ASAP.

Thank You Please open ticket here so our team can assist you.

HBWSL Purchased

Hi, I had opened a ticket 3 days ago but i have not got any reply yet. Will you please check


Not even your redirection working on Google Chrome now (due redirect blocking), are you aware of this issue?


I bought the plugin as Wordpress version last week and have to find out that it doesn’t work with PHP version 7.2 or 7.3 and you have to change the path to the folder wp-content in the file fbar.php if it has been renamed.

Is there already a solution here, since a post concerning the PHP version was already written 4 months ago by another user.

Hi there!

I have a main site where I showcase all the demoes. All my demo sites are made as sub domains.

I would like the user to click on a link on the main site and then it opens a specific demo from one of the sub domain demoes.

Do I set up your plugin on the subdomain demo or on the main site?

Look forward to hear from you

The preview page is blank in Chrome until the “Remove frame” button is clicked. Chrome made some changes recently and redirects that worked in the past are now blocked.