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There is a problem regarding for touch screens, links are not working.

i know there are no links at demos,

<li> <img src=”images/1.png”> <a href=”#”>  <span><h3>Photography </h3> <p>Things about photography</p> </span></a></li>

even i use real-links they are dead too. im sending web site’s adress via mail.

Yap, I have already fixed them, requesting update right now.

Hi, your example page doesn’t work on Safari on Mac.

Ooh, I’ll check it out, thanks.

Hi, I have a problem with the library: the error is that the Object does not support property or method ‘addEventListener ‘

already working just change the library by jquery.hammer.js. thanks anyway

Hello, I am having a problem with the images not displaying on both iPhone and iPad (latest ios 7.1.1)... my site is Thanks Kim

I’ll fix it on the safari browser in the next update.

Any progress on this issue?

Not yet, have to wind up a couple of projects first :D

Hi. I have trouble using the slide in iframes. Then clicking on a link it opens in the same window/frame regardless if I use _top _blank or something else. For example if I use _blank it opens in iframe and a new window. :-/

Can I solve this easy?

If you are using iFrames then any kind of link would only work inside the iFrame, that is how iFrame works.

Hi, your code doesn’t work on Safari on Mac and iphone.

Yes, I know that, I’ll add support in the next update.


Just wondering if this have smooth scroll option? let me know,

Thanks, RS

No its doesnt have a smooth scroll built into it.

Nice, bookmarked.