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Hello, It is possible to show that the fields for a row edit are displayed in a modal window such as those offered by the bootstrap framework. Thank you

Hi, it is not possible, you can create your custom cell editors that could appear in a bootstrap modal for example, but only on a individual basis. Cheers

Is there any way of adding an Add button outside of the table? I can only see the add button appear in the controls column when I have 1+ record. If I have 0 records, there’s no way to add a new row. Had a look at the examples but can’t see any example. Thank you

Hi, most of the online demos feature a plus button adding a new row, eg: http://edittable.free.fr/demo1.php

Hi Max!

I have a question regarding the selectable values in cell_editors. When adding a new line, the dropdown option will only show the existing values of the current list. if a value is not present, it won’t show.

I fixed that for an column which is boolean by adding : custom_slc_options: [‘true’,’false’]

That makes the trick as boolean only has 2 possible options, but my question is : how to handle a column that have entries which can have dynamic values from a DB table. For example, I want to be able to select a name from a DB table. how can I set this up, so the list of names takes the name from the DB table, and not only the one that are already present in the current list? otherwise, when adding a name on the DB table, I will never have to ability to select it on the current list..

I don’t know if I’m clear enought… let me know if you need more information. Thanks in advance! Loïc.

Hi Loïc,

My advice is to use your server to query the DB to get the `dynamic` list of values and then inject them into the client-side. You would then use custom_slc_options to populate the inline drop-down cell editor as you are doing for the boolean.

The implementation of your server-side logic to query the DB is outside the scope of this plugin, I remind this is a pure javascript solution with no server-side dependency. You are completely free to implement your way to pass the DB values to the client, as long the result is a javascript array. If you are using PHP , I can point you to stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4885737/pass-a-php-array-to-a-javascript-function