Discussion on External Variations WooCommerce Plugin

Discussion on External Variations WooCommerce Plugin

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deepkr Purchased

Hi there,

My affiliate link is:

And whenever I click on the Add to Cart button the becomes like this:;oid=12&affid=342

What might be the issue? Please help.

I have some variable products but the button is not showing up. Do you have an idea why?

Hi, has this been updated yet to allow a combination of internal and external products in the variations for a single product? (i.e., order a fine art print – order comes to me, order a poster – send to external link)

Hi there, thanks for your question! Our plugin hasn’t been updated with that feature yet.



libabom Purchased

Will there be support for WP All Import?

Hi there, thanks for your question!

For now, we’re not planning to make our plugin compatible with WP All Import plugin.

Kind regards

Hi I will be offering products that have both size & colour variations. Is it possible to have a colour box dropdown and then the size dropdown box beneath it possible then to link to external urls?

Hi there, thanks for your question!

Sure, the plugin works variation based. So you can combine multiple attributes to create a variation and then link it to external URLs.

“Blue color + Medium size” and “Blue color + Large size” can go to different URLs.

Hi, does your plugin offer the chance to hide the external variation’s price on the product page?

Hi there, our plugin hasn’t got an option for that. But you can do it if your theme support this.

Are you considering it for any next update?

I have problem with the change from “Display: none” to “Display: Block” is very slow (like 2-4 seconds).

<button type=”submit” class=”single_add_to_cart_button button alt” style=”display: block;”>Text</button>

I looked at it, at it seems to be the (_fnSearch = function fnSearch(), there is slow. How can I fix this? :)

Hi there, that’s the way how the plugin works.

Yes, but i look at the demo, where it’s a lot faster. It can take 10-15 seconds to get the button to show.


We purchase this on 06/22, but after testing, we found this was not what we needed. We have deactivated it. Can you refund me? Thanks!

Purchase code: 205832eb-01a0-4fef-ab36-f9d116b15066.

Derek Yang

Hi Derek, you can ask for a refund from here:

Kind regards


adimouk Purchased

Hi, I’ve recently noticed that the external variations open up in a new tab/window rather than in the same target. Are you able to advise on how to change this behaviour?

You’re very welcome! Yes, it will get overwritten on plugin updates.


adimouk Purchased

Would it therefore be possible to get a more permanent solution in that case? Like a toggle in the settings or something along these lines?

Thanks for your feedback!

Hi I just purchased External Variations. While variations show, I am getting the default purchase buttons, not the Buy on button I was expecting. I have Woocommerce 6.1.2 installed.

Just replied your email.

Hello, Recently purchased your plugin and am having an issue with the url I am entering in the backend is not the URL that is being redirected to.

The URL I am entering in the backend for the product is

The URL that I get redirected to when I click the button on the frontend goes to;mid=2417&u1=user-596-pin-283747-puser-null&

It seems that the plugin is parsing certain characters in a way that is messing up my links.

Hi there, thanks for your message. What’s your site address please?


Lars_M Purchased

Button does not show when selecting a variation

Hi there, hope you’re doing well.

We’d like to help you with this but unfortunately your support package has expired on 21/10/2021. Please go to your Downloads section on CodeCanyon and renew it. Once you do this, please let us know and we’ll be in touch. Thanks for your understanding!

Kind regards.

Hi was the feature added that would allow 1 variation to be external, whilst keeping other variations internal? I see this has been asked a few times and this is a feature I am looking for.

Thank Gavin.

Hi Gavin, thanks for asking! But nope, we haven’t added that feature yet.

Kind regards

I have set it all up according the manual but I have two buttons now: How to fix?

Hi there, could you please send an email to including your WP login address, username and password to let us have a closer look at it?

I’m working on price comparison website and importing from Google sheets so, my query is which product type do I use variable type or external type when importing.

Downloads from Elements do not include support service. Please buy our item via CodeCanyon to get 6 or 12 months of support.

I extract products data and it’s variables into Google sheets for my price comparison website and I’m using integromat to connect Google sheets to woocommerce so, my query is your plugin works with Google sheets or not? And its black Friday you have any discount.

Hi there, for now, our plugin hasn’t got a compatibility with Google sheets.


I’ve just bought your plugin. When i am uploading the .zip file in WP i am getting back ‘The software cannot be installed. There ar no valid plugins found’. Plugin installation failed.



I see it is only for one product at a time. I got +10.000 products with weekly updates so this is not the right plugin for me :( I assumed with importing you also have this option ‘Product URL’ for varaible products but this plugin doesn’t give that option :( Can you refund the money. Thanks

Many thanks

Can I use this to make only 1 variation external, while keeping others non-external? I want to have one variation point to a digital file while others to be physical products

Hi :) Thanks for your question.

For now, no, you can not combine external and internal products. If you check “Enable External Button”, all variations will be external.

But this feature is something that we’ll consider for next updates.

Have a nice day.

Hi, is it possible to have variable product with both external and standard internal variations?

What I mean is, after I check the box in Woocommerce Inventory – ‘Enable External Button’, now all variations will be external?

If I don’t fill out the ‘External Product URL’, this variation will remain standard internal?

Can I combine in one variable product different types of variations (external and internal)?

Hi there, thanks for your question.

For now, no, you can not combine external and internal products. As you said, if you check “Enable External Button”, all variations will be external.

But thanks for the idea! We’ll consider this in next updates.

Kind regards

I was hoping this feature is included. In this case please really consider adding this option. As far as I know, there’s no WP plugin with this feature. I’m sure there are more Woocommerce users waiting for it.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Why Plugin isn’t working I just downloaded it from Elements envato, When I click on button Buy it just loads and nothing happens

Hi there, sorry for late reply!

What’s your site address please? We can investigate the issue and fix it if there’s a bug.


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