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the tags return issue when exists the symbol &,

please, look at the screenshot: http://clip2net.com/s/3IlDiRp


Hi. Does the site have another Tags plugin that interfere the results?


there is a lot of plugins installed, but not a tags plugin,

the default one has no issue with the symbol &,


ok so I would to add a tag called post codes to my word press post I’am using the avada theme does your plugin do this and will the tag be shown on display

I added functions in child theme to allow tags in pages. Then I create certain tags per each page. Is there a way to show only those tags that go with the individual pages? And also make it so those tags don’t link when clicked on?

I have added the widget shortcode in the page – and it’s showing ALL tags available. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to have a unique shortcode per each set of tags per page.

Where would I put it? I just want it applied to the tags.

Thank you for the push in the right direction. I was able to do it with CSS – Here’s what I used (note I had to apply it to the specific class of tags I had chosen:

.extended-tags-r-red a { pointer-events: none!important; }

Great, nice approach. :)

How difficult would it be to connect this to a mysql table instead of using WordPress tags? Is this a customization I could pay you for?

Hello saigtoney. Please contact me via my contact form at my profile page for custom works.

Hi I have purchase the tags widget and it seem that Arabic Language is not supported because we see only interrogations mark instead of words. Can we do something to fix this major problem Thanks

Hello. Please send me private message, I have an update for it and will send you back.

Hi, is there a way to translate months ?! Thanks

Hello! :-) Is this plugin WPMU, (multisite) compatible? Will it work for both if single sub-sites activated and/or if network activated?

Also I see that the software hasn’t been updated since 1.2.5 – 24 August 2016? That is quite some time…. Is there a planned update to to the newest version of WordPress 4.7.5?



Please send me private message via my profile page, I will send the test plugin to try if it works.

Hi, I purchased the widget yesterday but it seems Greek Language is not supported either because we also see only interrogations mark instead of words. Is there a fix or something? We have translations through wpml plug-in. Thank you in advance.

Sent you email replay, please check.

I would very much like to use the no style version of the tag cloud where tags that are used more than other tags appear in larger font size. But they show all the same size. I am using the Avada theme

Hello. Sorry for the delays here.

I’ve checked the site and there is no font size applied to the tags. Have you set smallest and biggest size for it?

Yes I have. Largest & Smallest The text size of the tag with the highest and smallest count value 28 and 12 (px) It works fine on another site. There is probably something to do with Avada theme…

You can try to switch to other theme and see if it works. Or ask the theme author to disable the tags filter/hook modifications.

Is there any way to get the shortcode to display tags from a specific taxonomy only?

Hello, I am afraid don’t understand it. Could you explain it a bit?

Can I link tags to a specific taxonomy, so if I clicked a tag, it would display the tags in that taxonomy only?

I am sorry, but I still don’t understand it. By WordPress default, if we click a term(i.e tag) we will be redirected to the term/tag archive page. If you meant to link to other custom taxonomy term, you will need other plugin/hack to do so.

Dear friends! I have bought your plagin – but no Cyrillic letters their. I need to use for Russian language. Any help possible?

Hello, please contact me using http://codecanyon.net/user/zourbuth#contact and we can continue discussing via email. Thank You.

I have custom taxonomy and would like to ask if it can show them like in accordion style..

Hello. Unfortunately there is no accrodion styling for this plugin.

Is there a way to remove the links, use a shortcode or add this to a page full width? Randomize the size of the items without having tags?

I’m looking to make this a word wall of our designers.


Unfortunately there is no option to remove the link, we will need to do hard-coded to remove it. There is a widget shortcode for each widget.


How do i change the colour to match our website need it to be



i know that but i want to change the colour to match my website?

It is not possible currently, or you can edit the PhotoShop file and create a new style that matches your needs.

ok thanks i will see if i can find the photoshop file

Hi, I have just bought your plugin as it looks like exactly what I need. Basically, I am trying to show tags at the bottom of pages on this site for one of my clients and I can’t seem to get it to display, can you help.

Sure, please contact me via contact form at my profile page to reply by email.

Hi, polish chars appears as question mark => plugin not supports polish language, help me please, thanks

Hello, please contact me via my profile page, I’ll sent you updated to test.

Hi Zourbuth,

I purchased your plugin and installed it on Be Theme.

But unfortunately it doesn’t work.

At the “Customs” tab of the widget it says:

Note: Drag this widget to the “Inactive Widgets” at the bottom of this page if you want to use this as a shortcode to your content or PHP function in your template with the codes above. Shortcode: [extended-tags id=”i“] Function: <?php extended_tags(i); ?>

Instead of [extended-tags id=”1”] , [extended-tags id=”2”] etc it says “i” and when I use this shortcode or at the sidebar widget area it shows all the Tags regardless of the selections on the widget option tabs.

Please help….

Edit: Characters show up different here I will try with spaces between the characters

Shortcode: [extended-tags id=”_ _ i _ _“] (This is what I see at your widgets “Customs” tab…)

Hello, you will need to save the widget after dragging. The __i__ is added by WordPress after saving the widget.

Hi, I have a couple of questions:

1.Can you explain what the options are for parent/child tags? Tags by default don’t have this behaviour, why are these options displayed in the widget? Should I use another plugin to create parent/child tags?

2. I would like to create my own buttons and apply specific css. How should I use the custom css box? Do i add css there or just the class name? I tried the css box with an other style item and didn’t get it to work…

3. How do I (text-align) center the buttons? Now the float: left is keeping erverything to the left, but I would like the buttons to be centered.



1. Yes, by default WordPress tags does not have hierarchical structure. I believe there is no option to make it parent/child. It could be better to set another custom taxonomy to support it or use WordPress category.

2. You can add custom styling to it including the <style type="text/css">/* your styles here */</style>.

3. If the button is inside the widget, the widget has a specific ID for JavaScript or CSS selector. Perhaps current theme or other plugins override it, so it is better to use the #ID selector.