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Hi can i add tags that will not show up on the front end, but when a person does a search will pull the tag/keyword

HI taiger. Unfortunately there is no option to do that.

Hi, didn’t get it out of the description… Is it possible to choose a bunch of tags that only appear in posts from a speficic category? For ex.: my category is ‘sports’, and I wanna choose just the tags, that are available in the cat. ‘sports’? When the category I clicked is ‘sports’ in the post feed, just those tags should be shown.

Thanks Jochen

Hello Jochen.

There is no relation between categories and tags. If we click the category, it should go the category archive page. This plugin can displays current tags for current post.

Pre-Purchase Question

I’m using Directory+ Wordpress theme. Here is the link: http://themeforest.net/item/directory-portal-wordpress-theme/3840053

This theme is not support to tags on ’’Items’’ and i want to create tags all items which i created for seo options. Is it possible with your plugin ?


Hello. By default this plugin supports all taxonomies. You can contact me via my profile page, I will send you a copy to test it.


Pre-sale question:

Does your plugin work with tags of “Easy Digital Download” plugin ? Or it’s workin only for blog and posts purposes …


Hello, yes, it will work with any custom taxonomies.

Extended Tags—> I’m looking for something I can use to let my registered users set tags (crowd sourcing tags!). Does this allow that on the front end?

Hi SJoAnneF. This plugin can’t do that.

http://joxi.ru/eAOYVKwU43dRDm How to clean a frame?

Please provide a link to it so I can inspect the web element.


I was under the impression that it also would collect tags from pages. But it doesn’t. Is that right? Can it be fixed?

Best regards Roy

Hello Roy. Please send me private message, I will send you the update for the Page taxonomies.


I’m having trouble adding two custom taxonomies to a single widget.

Is that possible? If so, how could I go about doing this?

Hello. I am afraid I don’t understand the issue. Please make sure the term is not empty.

Hi, i experience language issue with the latest version 1.2.5 in wp 4.6.1, Greeks appears as question mark (?),

also, is it possible to hide tags with draft posts?

Thanks, Stathis

Hello. Sorry for the delay during the weekend here. Please send me private message, I will send you the update.

send it, thanks

Hi, I use this plugin in Chinese website , bit the Chinese characters always appears as question mark (?), Please tell me how to fix that. Thank you.

Hello, please send me private message via my profile page, I will send you the update.

Hi, I want to purchase this plugin to use the ‘custom script’ tags. Do I need special knowledge about css (or whatever) to make my tags look like this?

Sent you email reply, please check.

Hello Sir,

I purchased and upload your TAGS plugin.

Seems like it doesn’t work with Hebrew language (UTF8) – shows question-marks instead of letters and with no styling.

See screenshot please: https://s17.postimg.org/3q5sfiwwv/2016_11_08.png

I use Jarida theme, with updated WP.


Hello. Please send me private message, I will send you the update. Thanks

Hi, How do I send you a pm? when clicking on ‘contact author’ it just redirects me here…

Hello. There is a contact form in my profile page. http://codecanyon.net/user/zourbuth#contact

Purchased your plugin yesterday. Really liking it so far. I Was hoping it can sort tags by most recent posts added to them. This is one of the most logical feature. Do you think this can be added in your next update? Or maybe current plugin can be tweaked?

Second question is how do I change title on hover? Right now it says 1 topic, 5 topics, etc. If one only offers recepies on their site it would make sense to be able to change topic to recepie. So it would show 1 recepie, 5 recepies, etc.

Please let me know.


Hello daytrader007.

1. It is interesting idea. It will need more queries that can reduce the site performance. But I will think how to do it, perhaps it can be added for next update.

2. The “topic” comes from WordPress translation, perhaps you will need to change the translation file.

Hi, i need a plugin that shows all tags from a current category. Can your plugin do it?

Hello. Is that to show all tags from current post view?


I would very much like to use the no style version of the tag cloud where tags that are used more than other tags appear in larger font size.

I am using the Avada theme and added a tag cloud in the footer of http://utioyan.no, but the tags show up the same size, even though some of the tags are assigned to many more posts than others. The tag cloud is set up to use post_tag, Descending, Count, Flat, 30px/8px. I tried to add a widget at a different position on the page, but it would still display the same way. I also dragged the widget to inactive widgets and used a shortcode instead but got the same result.

I would also like to use the tag cloud widget on individual posts to show the tags belonging to a single post. Is that possible? I tried it and the widget extracted all of the tags, for all of the posts, and looked just like the tag cloud currently in the footer on the main page.

What am I missing?

I sent you email replay, please check.

Thanks. Now I am now able to use the widget on individual pages, and it looks great but the tag cloud in the footer still does not work despite setting the widget font sizes and the style to No Style. I tried modifying the settings, but no go. Any suggestions for what I could try next?

Hello. I got no email from your user Islemountain. Please try to resend.

OK. I sent it by regular mail instead through wordpress. Please let me know if you got it.

Hi again. We are going to rebuild the site using another theme called newspaper. I tried your plugin on the development site and it worked fine. The current site has a ton of other plugins and it can be just about anything that causes it not to work correctly, so please ignore my request for support. If I find a plugin conflict at a later stage I will let you know what caused the problem. Thank you.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question. Is it possibile to use images or icons as tag instead of text?

Please try to take a look at this plugin


It supports image or font awesome as thumbnail.

Hi, I was wondering whether I can use your plugin for images in page in front-end? I want my users upload their images with their own custom Tags in front end.

Thanks, Alex

Hello. It is not possible with this plugin.


oligo11 Purchased

Hi Zourbuth,

Today, I’ve updated X theme from an old version, and I also updated Extended Tags plugin. Nevertheless, it’s not working correctly anymore as you can see on the following page: http://www.element-terre.org/nos-sejours/sciences-de-la-vie-et-de-la-terre/ I just renew product support via Envato to get your help. Thank you for helping me.

Hello. Please contact me via my profile page, and if possible, please grant me access to the site.


oligo11 Purchased

Hi, there was some troubles with the site so I had to de-activate the plugins. It’s now fixed, except the Extended Tags bug which I contacted you for.


I gave you the credentials yesterday so if you could fix it up now, that would be fine. Thank you Oli

Sent you reply, please check.