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Nice script. Glad to find developers not using jQuery! Wish you good sales!

This script doesn’t have any dependencies. Feel free to use everywhere. And also it’s very easy to convert js parts to jquery if you want.


This is a very, very nice script. This is one of the best I’ve seen around for ages, and will be super, super useful. Kinda makes you wonder why such a valuable tool isn’t put into the default php, very nice idea. Also at $3 (which seems a little low), it’s a bargain!

The project we are working on at the moment uses JSON throughout (for its API ) so this will be a super useful resource to us. Consider me sold!

Good job, here’s to some successful sales.

Having trouble getting this to work with Kohana:

ErrorException [ Warning ]: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #1 is not an array

There is only one way to get this error message, and that is sending second parameter is not array type variable. Maybe like this (as a boolean): explore($myvar, TRUE );

You should send your options as array. Instead, there shouldn’t be any problems. But i put a control in the code, it will be fixed with next update.

That’s cool. I managed to fix it by removing the globals and making a few smaller changes. If you’d like me too I can always send you the finished code so you can see what I did :)

Finally got this working on Kohana framework after many hours of editing but it works.

Thanks once again for a great product.

what an awesome little script you got there! it’s surely one of the best I’ve seen on codecanyon. not to mention that this indeed is my favourite script. I’m still amazed for this awesome script being sold only for $3 :S. never the less, mfyz, I wish you a great sale on this script. Everyone else, if you’re a developer, know that this is a must have script! :)

Thanks for his motivating comment :) Cheers

I agree with Musaid. When I got this working I found that it potentially replaces my need for var_dump and looks a lot prettier.

I can’t believe this was only priced at $3, kinda feel like you’re getting ripped off so I may just buy another license :P

Good luck! Nice work

This is amazing. After a few tweaks, I’m loving it. Also, can’t believe this is only $3!

Great product. A lifesaver.

Cheers :)

Would you mind making a version for node.js?

This was a code I use in my commercial projects that i wrote it one time, unfortunately I don’t look into writing for other languages for now. Maybe in the future.


Is there an alternative for file (for explore_json_url) ?

My host does not accept the use of the function. :(