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Perfeito, estou ansioso aguardando atualizações como notificações push. Outra coisa… o “Find Place” não funciona corretamente no meu celular.

This error in my android studio.

Error:Could not find com.android.support:appcompat-v7:24.2.1. Required by: google_maps:app:unspecified

Please install the Android Support Repository from the Android SDK Manager. Open Android SDK Manager

how to solve?

Update your android SDK

Thanks :)

Ok, obrigado.

Is there anyway to add places apart from the Google included ones

There’s no way to add places manually, all places come from google map.

Thanks :)

Hello! There is an administrative panel?

Hi, this app has no admin panel.

Thanks :)

If no admin panel, how to manage the data? Add / Edit place

All the data come from google maps api, this app only consumer so cannot edit or add.

mantap nih, eh btw mas bisa custom gak? makasih. semoga sukses sales nya

Tergantung mas customnya seperti apa, kalau sedikit2 palingan saya bantu arahin aja, kalau banyak kayaknya belum bisa mas.

Makasih banyak :)

fantastic work, very nice ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thanks Sir :)

hi i have a problem with traduction can you help me look your gmail i sent a message about my problem

Hi I can’t see any maps in the app

I think the app doesn’t have the access to the maps.

I have api key, and its implemented correctly as described in the docs.


i got it. but still i have a problem. When I click on any around me’s categories, e.g restaurants, a toast message shows :this api project is not aouthorized to use this api. please ensure this api is activated…”

and also i cant click on any place

But map displayed? try to follow this tutorials. Then don’t forget to replace google-services.json

Hi, excellente as usual, is there a way to limit map element to just a country or city? thank you

Or did I have to create a personal google map?

Thanks, I think theres no way to limit map

Hi, when you search nearby hospitals it errors. Please fix it

Hi, its working in my device

Really beautiful :)

Thank You :)

geolocated? it’s detect location of device

yes when your device gps is enable this app detect device location

Hi 1) can we change places name and detail languages?! e.g : show me places name and detail for Arabic language.

2) what is you connection library? Volley, retrofit or … ?

1. Yes you can change the place name, I don’t understand what you mean detail languages, please explain more.

2. we use retrofit for connection

can i use this app as Traffic App Solution/Platform that road users can use to help each other beat traffic by informing them about the traffic conditions, thereby providing others with information with which they can use to make smarter decisions about routes to take.

HI, the route displayed ceme from google, we don’t know is that route is with traffic or not.

Can I sign up for the places I want to appear in the app? How does the inclusion of new places with notice of the establishment work?

Hi, all the places data provide by google map api.

Hi @dream_space, doe it use contentProvider or firebase real time database?

Hi, this app load data directly from google map api.


Hi, interesting app, is it possible that there are many users who can add products to the database? Thanks

sorry this question if for markeet app!! :)

Hello, its native android java project for android studio or Eclipse? Thanks.

Hi, yes its native for android studio


Hello, download the demo of your app, before you make my purchase, but it is not displayed in find place field, and directions, download the app on 2 phones, a HTC and LG, with the same result.


Oh okay, I will check it again

I found solution for this, I will fix at next update


Ventje Purchased

Hello, i try the app from Play Store. But I cannot fill Find Place and after sometimes the app force closed. I am afraid this will happen also if I buy the library

wah kalau itu susah gan, soalnya kita ambil data dari google buat favorit itu


Ventje Purchased

oh, tidak usah. saya udah bisa. Saya ada rencana mau beli yg the ctty juga. Tapi nanti dulu, mau memahami yang explore dulu.

Oke gan siapp