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I am trying to use this on my multilingual site, but I am seeing an error on the page. Here is my Japanese flipbook, the pages are not turning even when I remove my styles from the page.

The error I am seeing says: jquery.js?ver=1.11.1:2 Uncaught Error: JQMIGRATE: Invalid selector string (XSS)



I installed the plugin Version mqTranslate and book works perfectly.

Did you try to set up one page in 2 different languages? I did a reinstall, added my English Title, then added my Japanese title and the page broke on the live site again. Prior to that, the page was displaying correctly.

So I did and it works for me. The reason is not my plugin.

Formatted the “left side descriptor page” with text formatted with H3, p, ul,li, and ol tags. But when shown in flipbook. The ul is missing bullets and when using ol it defaults to letters (i.e. a-x). What is needed to get bullets appear and use numbers 1-n). At times ol does not work at all.


Did you buy this product? Send a private message and show the license purchase.

Yes I bought the product. I have sent by private the information and the two problems that exist.


I use WordPress 4.1. Does this plugin work with this version of Wordpress wihout any issues.

Thanks Nevein


Yes. Plugin works with WordPress 4.1.

Thanks for the information.


I would like to know if I can change the size or format pages. I mean now they are portrait, can i use in landscapes/horizontal?



Yes of course. You can change the size of the pages.

what fonts can i use? can i use a google font?


You can use google fonts. You need to embed the google fonts in theme. Then google font will also be available in FlipBook. You must type the correct name in the tab “Typography”



I have created new book, and assigned 3 pages to the book. what is the short code?, and how can i embedded the book into page.



Have you read the documentation? Look at this:
” C) How do add a Flipbook in my theme? ”

If it’s still a problem – send me a private message and give me the data for WordPress (host, user, password)

Hi my friend, it is very nice your theme. But can I transform my posts in a magazine too? Like to let my client to do it himself with his posts, can I? Can I make a magazine from just one category too? Tks a lot!!!


You can not transform posts to pages flipbook. But creating flipbook is easy (just as simple as creating posts)

Thanks for a lovely plugin. I however have a problem with the translate tab. When I try to save the changes I get the following error: Forbidden

You don’t have permission to access /info/wp-admin/edit-tags.php on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Where am I going wrong?

I did buy the plugin.


You asked the same question by email. I answered you by email.

Yes, thank you so much for your fast reply regarding this. I changed the permission for the edit-tags.php and it is working like a charm. Great plugin. You can see it in action here http://klerksdorponline.com/info/#15-october-2015-edition-1/FrontPage

I am very happy. Do not forget to give me 5 stars :)

Hi there,

Great job on the plugin. It’s really useful.

I’ve installed the plugin on my website. But when I activate this plugin, it disables the wp-admin bar in the website. And as soon as I deactivate the plugin, wp-admin bar start showing up on the website.

Let me know how to resolve this issue.

Regards, Aden.


Send me a private message.



I cannot upload the turn.js as instructed as I get a message: “turn.js” has failed to upload. Sorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.”

Please advise. Thanks,


this is run on a local machine with XAMPP.

ok, I have been able to get this work on my hosting.

congratulates …

Content on a double page is duplicated and WYSIWYG Editor question

I created a Double Page and inserted text in the WYSIWYG Editor. when looking at the page I see a duplication of the content i.e. the page on the right have the same content as the page on the left… How can I resolve this.

also, I tried to install page builder plugins however the Editor on the flipbook page does not show the options to use them. is there a way to integrate these page builders plugins into the flipbook page editor? this will make it so much easier to edit a page.

I also tried the using ultimate short codes and bootstrap column structure with no success…

any thoughts on how I can do a strong WYSIWYG Editor will be great.



one more thing, how can I position 2 columns on the page?


Double page only works for photos. For text html double page is not working.

I see, any chance this will change this in the future?



Hello. we are paperback publishers for authors, i have already tried and failed with one flipbook wordpress plugin, they are issuing a refund as i type..

the problem i had was the book/pdf i was trying to use was 270 pages and the conversion could only handle about 120 before failing, also i didnt like that all created jpg images ended up in the media folder clogging everything up….

Heres what i would like to be able to do…

1.upload any pdf file,page count range from 10 pages to 600 pages if possible. 2.have images held in their own location (if images are generated) 3.some pdf files may contain large images

your thoughts on your solutions would be great.

In short i want to be able to supply clients with a page on our site that lets them proof read their book, then have a form belw that they can enter changes they require and submit a report to us…

the form shouldnt be an issue as we use the formidable plugin..

kind Regards Carl


1. This flipbook does not support PDF but these Flipbook support:
There is no limit pages pdf file. You can send me a pdf file before you buy – then check it out.
2. Pictures are stored in the media folder.
3. There are no limits but you can send me a pdf manual before buying. Send me a private message.

How do I Change the plugin’s default editor to the theme’s default editor?


You asked the same question by email. I responded to an email.

Yes. Thanks for the quick response :)

Hi there,

How do I add a link to the image uploaded in “Image for the page” as I just want only background image without anything on top of it?


Sorry … you can not add links to pages.

Hi there,

I would assume that there would be some way of doing it? If you could propose how we can resolve this problem, it would be great.


This requires custom coding. Send me a private message if you need custom coding.

Hi there,

There seems to be a conflict with WP Super Cache (or at least with some of the WP Super Cache settings). Any suggestions here?

Sorry my mistake. WP Super Cache working. I think it was just slow to load.


Jaredam Purchased

With the Exclusive Flipbook plugin for wordpress: why does the option sometimes disappear from the layout drop down? Is there anyway to get it back?


You mean template FlipBook? If you changed the theme – then you need to deactivate and activate the plugin again.

Hi there,

How do I migrate my existing flipbooks to new website?


WordPress has a built-in import / export (Tools menu)