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Is it possible to apply a url to text?

hi i think need to do other column with name txt, so you have 1 column with url and other with name, or write the text in the same column and separate with one simbol and with the javascript go to read

I don’t understand how to remove the email and map icons – any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.

hi the column it s created from javascript so for remove need to go inside the file tableExcel.js and remove the part javascript where you find td fa-map-marker etc..

I don’t want my hidden columns being displayed. Is there a way to prevent them from showing?

hi in javascript when create the column you add the class and in css write the display none, or need to cancel part the code javascript when go to read the last column


For some reason I cannot get the page to show the proper pagination, sorting or search. Here is the page here:

Do I need to have every empty cell with a ”-” before the search can work?

Do I need to format the columns in the excel spreadsheet so that they show the sort function on the HTML page?

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi i try with your excel and work, try to replace the column step by step i try to do other test if i find why dont read good your excel

It seem to be the Excel file. If I use your file it works. But as soon as I change the name of the columns – it breaks it. You cant use rows and cells – you have to make a table in Excel.


- How can I make the default number of rows to show 100 instead of 10? - Numbers (prices with calculation in the original XLSX file) are shown like 1.00000 too much deimals, how can I limit decimals to two so it looks like in the html file 1.00 - how can I have a row with different colour inside the output table?


Hi 1) inside the file js you have the pagination number you need to change this and for the first page need to change also the size inside this code

.tablesorterPager({ // target the pager markup – see the HTML block below container: $pager, size: 10,

2) i dont understand this question becouse i read this number from the excel in where i have 2.60 or 1.00.

3) for have the row with different color go inside the css and find tr:nth-child(even) Regards

Can this be made into Wordpress plugin?

Hi i m not sure if this you can use in WP this work with javascript and produce the html code

Hello i am using the multiple tables . the percentage shows the numbers like this : 0.9135180520570949 though it should be 91.35 % and the amount i have shows like 18133.333333333336 and it should show like 18,133 i dont need the other numbers to be shown . here is the screenshot

Hi if you have a link online it s better i need to control what happening in the code when charge the number

No sorry , its on localhost


Does your script works on a Windows RT Surface tablet with no web server or Internet connection ?


not need the internet connection this script work also in local need only to give the good link where take the file“GET”, “file_excel/file1_singletable_pager.xlsx”, true);

for winadows RT i think you need to have a folder where put the file excel, but i m not sure i dont try

Hi, I’ve inserted the code in my html page, but i’ts not working fine …or I don’t know that’s happening. The sortable it’s dissapeared …


if you control in firebug or in the console chrome you see no read the library

Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined testimonial-slider.js:12 Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).after(...).cycle is not a function jquery-2-slider.js:6

Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).after(...).cycle is not a function tableExcel3.js:151

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘customPagerControls’ of undefined Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

Anyway the documentation is verry thin, it’s missing something, that’s way it’s working just in your /Directory. Should be something very easy normaly but I spent one day for understanding “your code”. So, at the end I configurated your table – mine didn’t worked , saved my page in your directory and every thing it’s fine . The table is visible just in DW or server, not in normal prevew. Your element it’s fantastic and I really apreciate your work . Just complete the documentation. All the best!

Good, i know later i try to do the new update with the better documentation Thanks!!

The documentation on this code is very minimal. I open up the HTML files and do not see an HTML table being displayed anywhere. Does this code even work anymore? I tried in IE, Chrome, etc. I do not see any table at all. I even changed the path to other .xlsx files and they do not display. How do I change your files so that it reads my Excel file? I see there is a line of code“GET”, “file_excel/RET_GOALS.xlsx”, true); so I changed it to pull my RET_GOALS which i put in the file_excel folder. It will not load anything

hi can you write my the link for see where is the problem?

Hello i just purchased you plug in. Can i install this into wordpress? 85d6e0aa-855d-489a-82c1-b535ef0beef7

Hi i think yes this is only html and js code so need only integrate, but not install because it s not the module


Hi i think yes this is only html and js code so need only integrate, but not install because it s not the module


Hello, will your script convert other spreadsheet formats like Google Sheets or OpenOffice Calc?

Hi no for now only xlsx

I may be a bit slow… but do you have a quick start guide/instructions? I looked through the documentation and I still don’t know where to start installing the files, where to go or how to begin. Help please.

Hi dont need to install, but need only to put in the server space and in the file js change the url for take the excell file

does it have tabs (multisheet in one excel file) support?

Hi for the google key go in this mode <script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

and for created follow this:

Hi, thanks for your reply, and want to repeat the other question, is there a way to display a specific tab of an excel file? Like just display Foglio1 or just display Foglio2 etc?

And I couldn’t figure out where are the css codes to define width of columns. The blue theme works fine. Short entries show in narrow column wide entries in wide column. But the one with search & filter option is not working good. Column withs are not referring width of the entries (contents)

So, how to adjust column withs in “index_table_single3.html” ?

Thanks for your support in advance All bests

Hi he column it s dynamic size, dont have a fix sixe, if you want call one type of sheet and not all, you need inside the function to_csv write the name of the sheet you want, example if you try in the multitable to remove this var csv = XLSX.utils.sheet_to_csv(workbook.Sheets[sheetName]);

and add this

var csv = XLSX.utils.sheet_to_csv(workbook.Sheets[‘Folgio3’]);

you have three table folgio3 so now create only one table with this data


Hi, Can I use EXCEL to HTML on a windows server (Server 2008 R2) using IIS 7 and a CMS written in classic ASP?

hi i think yes but i think you need to integrate


dosch13 Purchased

hi, I just bought your product. I think I haven’t understood well, I thought it was a kind of desktop application! I have no idea what so ever How to use it !! could you please help me. thank’s a lot

this is the application for read the file excel and transform in html page for show the data


dosch13 Purchased

yes but how to use it, I don’t get it !

example if you have one website with one page who want show the data from excel, put this file inside the domain and call from the page

I want to include in a HTML website an excel like frame for clients to automatically calculate by their own, the volume of items to be locally moved. We are an international moving company and have an excel file that help us to calculate the volume just by input of numbers of items. All other fields : type of items, specific volume per item and specific weight per item is already defined per each item. Can I use Your Item for this task? Thank You and kind regards, Vladi

Hi this app work in this mode, you put the file excel in the server and the app take your table inside the excel and transform in html, if you have one excel to show me it s better Regards

can you give me an email to send You the excel file. Thank You.

go in my profile bottom in the right you can write my and later i answer

hi can you please help me by sending me in example with excel file thank-you

Hi ok send me no problem!!

thanks i did

i send you back the email

Is there a way to print the whole html table from the website?... This is exactly what I need but I would need like a button to “print”

hi, try to follow this

i need the help write me back



clalit Purchased

Hi , I would like to purchase and need to know 2 things : 1 does excel file with almost 30,000 lines will works fast enough ? 2. How can i force links inside tables to open on a new tab . Thanks Yossi

Hi with 30 000 lines i need to try better if you write me an email and send me the example file with 30 000 row regards


clalit Purchased

Hi Dear , i have bought your script and it stuck with that amount of data :-( what is your email for sending ?

go in my profile, in the right find the box for write the message, after i write you back and you attach the file