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h4su Purchased

Hi, Documentation is very thin, how do i get started? html files doesnt not show any tables..

hi you need to open in localhost, need to use one editor or put in the server and fix the url for open the excel file“GET”, “file_excel/file1_singletable_pager.xlsx”, true);


Hello ! First of all, thanks for this “app” its clever :) I have it installed here : and custom a bit the css. unfortunately, when I try to modify your original table (file1_singletable_pager.xlsx) in Excel (just changing a name, for a test) then upload it… it doesn’t work at all (no table showing). I’m using Excel… on a mac. If i re-upload your original file (without having opened-it at all on my computer), it works. I try exporting in .xlsx from other apps and using online convertors but with no success (it shows 10 rows in safari, nothing in Firefox, etc) I guess the problem is that your app is “windows excel” only ? Which version do you use ? Thanks a lot for the support,

Re ! I also found a bug (I presume) : when I enter in an excel table a href=”” target= ”_blank”  the result shown in html is broken with ”\” at the beginning of the URL and at the end, like this : a href=”\\" target=” \_blank\ Could you solve this, delete the added ”\” ? Thanks a lot !

Hi can you send me the email with the file excel


Hello ThemeOxygen,

I really like your application, anyway I am not clear whether it can properly convert excel cells containing a link.

With this I mean a cell in which I can see the text “Link” (shown as an underlined blue link) that links to, for example,

I have performed a few tests and, after the link is converted, the corresponding html table cell shows the correct text, but there is no link.

Is this feature available?

Grazie, Alessandro

Ciao, write me one email from envato i answer and you attach one example excel and in details what you need the box for send the message you find in my profile i think Grazie

Done! Let me know in case of any problem with my message. Thanks!


I just purchased your Excel to Html.

I uploaded it to my godaddy account and I can see your pages just fine, but how do I use it with my excel file?

Thank you.

Hi or you save you file with the same name i save so : test_multiTable.xlsx inside folder file_excel, or you go inside /tableExcelMulti.js need to change the file name you find in the top.