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What is the best way to increase the height of the slider? I need it to be about 2 or 3x the default, because it is too skinny. Thanks in advance.

I am sending the purchase code now.

You’re in the wrong support, contact EventOn support, this is another plugin :)

Hello, we have a multi language site(English & Greek), when user isn’t logged in see only English Events, and when logged in see and second language events.

Have you any suggestions.

Best Regards

We have used 2 different shortcodes and plugin works correctly but only if the user is logged in , if use isn’t logged in, the events are not showing.

Also we have this problem only with masonry style. With slider style works.

It not seem a plugin or shortcode problem but an external problem, if you send me page link I check. Thanks


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Hello, we have a problem with the Time of the events that are showing only the first date in all the following days of the event. If we public the event with EventOn the dates are correct but on the EventOn Slider Card they are always showing the fist date.
Please see the following images

This is the Screenshot of the first date which is working
This is the Screenshot of a following date which is not working
Screenshot of the Set UP
Screenshot of EventOn Card showing the right Date and Time
Screenshot of EventOn Card showing the right Date and Time as we would like to appear in the Eventon Slider Card
Thank for your help.

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Salve Schiocco la data della scheda rimane sempre la stessa, cioè quella del primo giorno. Se va all’indirizzo e sceglie 11 gennaio e successivi vedrà che la data non cambia anche se crediamo di averle impostate bene.

È giusto che mostri 12 gennaio. In basso dovrebbe pure.

Ok ho capito il problema. Per favore invia gli access WP e FTP a e risolvo.


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Fatto grazie

Trying to make something like this: Is that possible with this plugin alone?

Try first to set only car_itemwidth

Doesn’t really work :( The carousel is inside a full width row and needs to expand so if I set a fixed width it will leave blank spaces in some resolutions. Is it possible I can share my username and password so you can take a look at the shortcode?

Hi, please send wp accesses to and I will check. Thank you

Just a quick tips. I’m using this shortcode to show future events but it’s only showing the current month and not the rest of the future events. I need to show the next 6 months events. What should I change on my shortcode ? [eventon_slider slider_type=’masonry’ lan=’L2’ orderby=’ASC’ map=’no’ details=’no’ date_out=’6’ date_in=’6’ showevent=’12’ date_range=’future’ id=’prochains’ open_type=’originalL’ filters=’no’ maso_rand=’no’] Thank you!

Very nice addon! I just wonder how and where to adjust the slider height? It’s fullwidth but the height is way too low for us.



I just cant figure out how to set an event width when using carousel slider.

I tried itemwidth=’50’ or car_itemwidth=’50’ but none of these two commands work.

Here is the (working) shortcode I use :

[eventon_slider slider_type=’carousel’  itemwidth=’50’ lan=’L1’ orderby=’ASC’ date_out=’1’ date_in=’1’ date_range=’future’ id=’homepageslider’ style=’b’]


You need to manage also

car_minitems : auto | 1..N and car_maxitems : auto | 1..N

This is due the width is automatically calculdated based on number of items and container width.

Thank you

Hello, there is a question: Russian is supported?

Hi, yes it support almost all languauges.


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Hi, I installed slider eventon installed one year ago on this site “” and it was working, but now the events don’t show on the slider. I checked the settings and the events but can’t find why

Hi, I see there is a Javascript error that broke the slider. If you send to the FTP accesses I will check. Thanks


Just purchased and installed, have eventon activated and working, your plugin is showing up in the myeventon menu area, but there is just a blank page, no settings at all when clicked. Is this something you can help me with? Using v2.6 of eventon



Hi, just checked with Latest EventON and Wordpress versions. Seem to work all good. I think is you PHP version, try to update or downgrade it. Also active wp debug on wp-config.php file to see if errros.



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thanks what is the required php version?

Make sure 5.5 < PHP < 7. Try also to disable all plugins, but first try to upload again the plugins.

I am interested in this slider however before committing to a purchase, I am using EventOn to the fullest extent running over 100 calendars. Can I create a slider using only specific calendars triggered by event types and featured events withing the event types?

Hi, yes you can show events only of selected event types and show “only featured” or “only not featured” events ;)