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Our Slider suddenly just stopped showing the months in masonry layout as well as the date sorting option is now missing. We’ve disabled all plugins and the problem wasn’t corrected; no recent changes were made to CSS.

See URL:

Please advise.


I’ve had to remove the lan=’L1’ in my shortcode, although NO changes have been made to the eventON language fields. Does that mean that if any language changes are made to eventON L1/L2, every single field has to be manually entered into eventON to display properly in the SliderAddon, despite overwriting with default values?

Let me revise, we had one change to ‘OPEN EVENT’ to ‘BUY EVENT’ that was done over a month ago, that didn’t cause the SliderAddon to not display properly. Since removing the lan=’L1’ that field has gone back to the default ‘OPEN EVENT’. Not sure what caused this issue to appear now?

Please advise.

FWIW, that aforementioned L1 change was to the ‘EventON Slider Addon’ settings LT1, not within EventOn itself.


I have no php background at all, but my wp website’s frontpage is a custom page (php), not a post or page static page.

I referred to your comment thread, you mentioned

go to wp-content\plugins\eventon-slider-addon\includes\type-classicslider.php (or slider type you want) and find code:

Mine should be type-carousel.php and I tried to find the code it is shown as below

jQuery("#<?php echo $id; ?> .flexslider_event").flexslider({
    controlNav: true, 
    directionNav: false,
    controlsContainer: "#<?php echo $id; ?> #nav-box-s2",  
    animation: "slide", 
    slideshow: <?php if ($eo_index < 3) echo "false"; else echo "true"; ?>,
    itemWidth: <?php echo $car_itemwidth; ?>,
    itemMargin: <?php echo $car_itemmargin; ?>, 
    minItems: <?php if($car_minitems  'auto') { echo "getGridSize('" . $id . "','" . $car_itemwidth . "')"; } else echo $car_minitems; ?>,
    maxItems: <?php if($car_maxitems  'auto') { echo "getGridSize('" . $id . "','" . $car_itemwidth . "')"; } else echo $car_maxitems; ?>,              
    move: <?php echo $car_move; ?>,
    start: function (slider) {
        showSlider('<?php echo $id; ?>');
        hideNavigationArrow('#<?php echo $id; ?>');
    before: function (slider) {
        jQuery('.box_overlaybox').css('display', 'none');

I tried and added it to the index.php file of my theme folder, but it didn’t work. Do you have a more detail step by step explanation?

Thank you.

Try also to remove echo

Thank you for help me. It worked.

Really appreciated. Have a pleasant day.

Good, thanks!

why the slider can’t show the google map? How to fix it?

I already insert the Google API Key on EventOn settings page, but still show up.

Give me page link and I check

Thanks, I’ll send your email!

Buenos dias He comprado el plugin EvenON Slider Addon y lo he instalado (He probado instalarlo desde el panel de administrador y desde el sistema de archivos filezila. Se instala correctamente y lo activo. Lo que pasa es que no me aparece en el menu de administrador la pestaña para poder manejar el plugin y crear los sliders. Muchas gracias por su atención

Hi, you must install also EventOn plugin.


Dipsy29 Purchased

Hi the team. First, many thanks for your great plugin. I’ve just one question. In the back office, it’s possible to select a date range for a masonry page. Is it possible to add the same search on the front-office (in the top search bar, for exemple)? Thanks for your help.

Hi, currently is not possible directly, but you can add multiple shortcodes for various date ranges and insert them into a tab for example


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Hi. I have installed a micro carousel on a listing page, which has it’s own Google map. Everything appears to work well when the page loads, however when the listing Google map is resized, it doesn’t refresh the view. If I remove the mini carousel, it works again. Is there a known issue with adding this to a page with an existing Google map? Or is there a work-around?

Hi please send the site link so I can check. Thank you!


paulb-cc Purchased

No problem, I’m developing locally at the moment. I’ll upload a copy later and email you a link if that’s ok.


paulb-cc Purchased

Email sent.

Hello , could you help please . We added masonry slider type , is it possible to hide current date as far it is make unclear for visitors the meaning of this date . It also be good to add `from` before the date . here is link Thank you !

The date on top , because it is past date , the dates (end and start) that are below a picture are fine

Use this CSS:

.eo_card_main_date { display: none !important; }

Great ! Thank you so much for support !

Pre-sales question. The masonry grid looks great but I notice that the thumbnails are simply the large image but reduce, presumably by css. So the file size is quite large. In the example on the site the dimensions of the large version are up to 4043px wide with a files size of 944KB. This causes a slow loading time and on some mobiles it’s just not practical because it slows things down so much. So my questions are: 1) Can an alternative thumbnail be added? 2) If not, can the image be disabled for mobiles? Thanks.

Hi, we disabled auto-compressing due some user want the full resolution, but you are right, the correct way is to compress the image, please send this message to and I will send the update plugin with image compression. Thank you!

Greetings thePixor, It appears that the plugin has ceased to function, only rendering the three loading bars in infinite loop. Here is a page that demonstrates what has happened:

Why would the plugin cease to function in this way?

Hi, can you send FTP accesses to I will check and try to fix.

Hi ThePixor, we’ve deactivated some script minification and cache plugins and the plugin is functioning effectively again! Thanks for following this thread!

Great news! thank you for update me


VPREATR Purchased

Ok. Here’s an interesting question. We use EventOn/EventOn Tickets for our ticket/event solution, we use EventOn Slider Addon (Masonry) for a our primary event selection page; however when our site is indexed by any search engine, the EventON eventcard link is listed, therefore when someone clicks on an event from a search index, it will load the basic EventON eventcard; is there anyway to have that link first open our EventON Slider Addon page, then open the event card? Why? well, a single eventcard doesn’t show all of our available events, the EventON Slider Addon (masonry) page does, so if someone simply clicks on an indexed link, they may not immediately realize they have to choose another option to view ALL the available events.

Making any sense? Presently if someone clicks on the event link (or permalink) as indexed from any major search engine, it shows the eventcard, not only does it not show our slider addon (Masonry), but it doesn’t follow any of the CSS (i.e. colors/width) passed through the EventON Slider Addon lightbox setting.

Sounds as if both EventON and EventON Slider Addon would have to be modified to basically have the ‘Eventcard’ check if it’s being called by the permalink direct and if so, instead of loading just the eventcard, proceed to call the EventON Slider Addon page, then pass through the eventcard, followed by opening the eventcard through the slider addon?

Basically, if I see an eventcard event link in a search engine, clicking on it would take me to the Eventon Slider Addon page, in our case, a page that uses masonry, then it opens the corresponding eventcard.

Any chance my ramblings are making sense, please let me know.


Hi, I’m have some difficult to understand but I agree with you, unfortunately currently this feature is not available.


I just purchased your plugin but cant see the admin button after i installed. Any idea?Thanks

Hi, you must install also EventOn

I have your slider up on the front page under the slider you can see its trying to load. Its not working. I have gone through a lot of the docs to see what might be wrong. I think its a theme conflict, and probably fixable but I dont know how.

Hi please send wp accesses to and I will check. Thank you!

Accesses not work can you check?

Hi, the plugin is so great. But: whatever I do, it doesn’t work, when I post a masonry. When I post as page with the shortcut within, only the moving three bars are coming … what can I do.

Hi, please send to the wp accesses and the purchase link and we will check. Thank you!

Hi, I purchased the addon, however it is not showing me the Event images in the slider. The following is the short code which i am using:

[eventon_slider slider_type=’slider’ lan=’L1’ orderby=’ASC’ map=’no’ details=’no’ date_out=’1’ date_in=’1’ date_range=’future’ id=’slider_2’ open_type=’dropdown’ link=’events_list’ style=’b’ style_2=’b’ ]

Could you please point me what is missing?

Hi please send me page link and wp accessess to and I check. Thanks


VPREATR Purchased

Hi ThePixor, We’re using EventON Slider Addon and we’re having an event come near and I wanted to start testing the Slider Addon behavior when the event ended; as a test I set an event as ‘sold out’, although the Slider Addon (Masonry or Carousel) did not show any reference to a sold out status, so I switched off sold out and selected ‘Event Completed’, again, nothing was displayed differently in the slider addon. Lastly, I selected ‘Cancel Event’ and the only difference is that the slider addon changed the colors surrounding colors to a black/brown striped layout.

That all said, will the Slider Addon show when an event is sold out and/or completed? The reason I ask, is that we’re going allow EventON reviews and so we’ll continue to show the events, although with no reference that the event is sold out and/or completed, it’s going to get confusing to customers. Presently we have the sliders set to show all events, although I’ve tried variations with ‘past’ as well, although no change in behavior was presented.

FWIW, EventON’s standard calendar and eventcard did show a status change (i.e. sold out/cancelled/completed); so it appears that function is working. EVO Tickets has recently been updated, could that pose an issue?

Thank you.


exmx Purchased

Hello i update your plugins and i have a error on my slider.. urgent please.. thanks a lot in home page on right error message

Warning: Missing argument 2 for get_term(), called in /home/clients/95639d9e23476d44c3983ee141ddffed/web/wp-content/plugins/eventon-slider-addon/includes/functions.php on line 456 and defined in /home/clients/95639d9e23476d44c3983ee141ddffed/web/wp-includes/taxonomy.php on line 1349

Hello, I’m currently using the Carousel. Is there a way to display both the Event Name and Event Location? Currently it is showing only the Event Location. If there is no option to change this from the admin panel, I might be able to edit the PHP file with some directions. Can you help please. Thanks!

Hi, I think you can use the custom fields:

Hello, I asked you a question last week about the slider who is not working.. can you check and tell me what happened ? tahnks a lot cheers

Hi, you support period is expired. Please renew it to get the support. Thank you!


exmx Purchased

Ok in this case i prefer download the slider from the addons of Eventon.. !! and i desactivate your plugins