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Hello, I bought your addon a few days ago and I have your slider on the front page, however it doesn’t work. A symbol appears as if the slider is loading, but it never shows anything. I don’t know if there is a problem with the template or the wordpress version. Thank you.

Hi, please send wp accesses to and I will check. Thank you!

Email sent.

looking forward to giving it a shot we have a festival web with 400 events in a period of 2 to 3 months this should be able to handle the load we cant afford to have any issues in between the event time

currently we have done all customization sliders views in the house :) but looks like ur plugin can make it easy just want to be 100% sure its able to work with traffic and don’t hang up

i dont see the date filter how i can get that ?

and i don’t want it to load on custom page i want it to load on a popup window

Please send the purchase code to Thank you!

Where can I set the text of the scrollContentT button “carousel_descButton”?

I not sure it’s exactly that record, try also the top records.

It was the text of the “more” field that´s being used for the button. But thanks a lot for your help! Great plugin! ★★★★★

Ok good. Thank you for the rating!

Hi there,

i have a problem with the location not showing. Every new Event has the same problem where as older repeating events still show the location. I checked the settings and the look identical to me. Could you take a look?

Kind regards Atahualpa Seyffert

Hello, please send wp accesses to and I will fix. Thank you!


i have a problem with this addon. Actually receive this message:

“You have included the Google Maps API multiple times on this page.”

My theme also have Google Maps API active so i have disabled it from eventon plugin, but i can’t disable for your plugin.

Is there a workaround?

Thanks in advance. Andrea

no answers for me?

Hi, sorry for later. Can you use the account of the purchase or send to the purchase code? Thank you!

Hi, I bought your plugin a few days ago and it really looks wonderful. However, for now it doesn’t work quite well. When I try to open the original Lightbox, it keeps loading (I can only see the admin bar). I used a carousel in the sidebar of my blog. What went wrong? It worked with the regular lightbox of your plugin, but I really need the original one, because of the RSVP addon. You can view the specific site here:

Hi, your events page not work properly, check that your event open correctly on his pages, For example I can not open this event.

Try to reset the permalink.

Thx for the advice, it seems there’s a problem wit writing acces to reset my permalinks. I’l first fix this problem and ask more rights to my provider. I”ll contact you later if the problem hasn’t solved itself.

OK, fixed the problem with permalinks and now the link to the original lightbox works again! Thx a lot for noticing this problem. Now i have another issue to solve: I’m trying to show only 1 event at the time into the sidebar, just like your demo ( But instead all containers are shown vertically into sidebar. Link to my website: What am I doing wrong?


This addon includes styles such as this, which cause problems on a large number of sites which will use a common class such as “clear” in their themes and other plugins. Your addon will overwrite that style with “margin:0 !important”, which because of the ”!important”, will also overwrite any other styles.

These styles need to be namespaced or otherwise renamed.

.clear { clear: both; margin: 0 !Important; padding: 0 !important; }

I will update thank you for the alert


I am trying unsuccessfully to show the organizer in the carousel mode.

how can i do it? I have tried all fields i have seen in the docu.

My shortcode is:

[eventon_slider slider_type=’carousel’ lan=’L1’ orderby=’ASC’ date_out=’1’ date_in=’1’ showevent=’18’ date_range=’future’ id=’carrousel_home’ link=’' ef=’all’ cover=’organizer’ mcar_row=’organizer’]



Please send to the wp accesses AND page link. I will check. Thanks

auto update not working…


tascla Purchased

Hi there, Great addon, but unfortunately the webpages where I put one or more sliders don’t seam to load on mobile phones. Is it normal? Is there anything I can do? Thanks Best regards, Claudia


tascla Purchased

Hi, thanks for the quick response. Actually, there’s just one slider per page. Do you mean a unique ID for a page or on the the whole website? Anyway, here’s an example. Thanks

I mean the sliders IDs. must be a different ID for each slider. I check the page but load good, there are not differences between mobile and desktop. Only problem is that the side load extremely slowly on mobile. I don’t know why but is not related to the plugin.

Hi my purchase code is: d4769a2b-63e1-44b5-99e6-2e8ca56245f8

I am using the Avada theme and I have noticed that when the calendar filter is activated it puts the calendar behind the displayed events. Basically you cant see the calendar. Also, is there a way to only display events in selected categories when using the masonry option? Thank you :^>

Hi for cats check For the issue do you have a link to show me? Thanks

Your shortcode generator does not allow you to add categories. If you have a private email address I will send you the user name and password so you can have a look

Ok send this message to Thank you

Hi, try to set up the slider addon. But the page is not loading:

I use this shortcode: [eventon_slider slider_type=’minicarousel’ lan=’L2’ orderby=’ASC’ date_out=’3’ date_in=’3’ date_range=’future’ id=’slider_1’ open_type=’card’ style_2=’b’]

Calender itself is working fine: http://mbsr-tü

Can you help?


Can you send me wp accesses to I will try to fix.


Hello I am the one that left the last review. I did not realize that you are a different person than the one that created eventon. He was rude and even though I paid for the plugin he was talking as if I had gotten it for free. Thats what made me to review his plugin and since i had bought this one which had the same name, i just reviewed this as well. You can remove this review, did not direct it towards you. Apologies.


My support subscription has expired. However, I send you this message because you may be able to help me anyway. When you put the shortcode of a slider, the content underneath disappears. I have tried everything. Create new silders from scratch, disable the plugin, delete it, download it from the Envato page, etc.

Is there a known solution to this problem? Thank you very much.

P.S. Surely I will change my product rating if we solve this :)

Hi, ok this can be good. Can you send by email the page link that have problems and wp accesses? Thank you


I not received the page link and wp accesses. Can you send me?


Hello, I’m looking at the tile demo page ( and have a question about how the time and location behave on mobile.

It looks like this info gets cut off depending on how much fits on the device (screenshot: Is this accurate or is it different for the purchased version? If so, is there a way to hide the time and location on mobile?

Thank you.


I’m not the author of the plugin you are referring to. You must contact EventOn author.

Hi, I have EventOn and Slider installed, however I have Slide Numbers appearing on my slider?

I would like them to be grey circles as on your DEMO page?

please see the bottom of my homepage:

Managed to sort it by playing around with my Theme .CSS and also the Slider .CSS files.

Ok great

Hello I am interested in your Plugin. Is it possible to publish two different pages: - the first with upcoming events - the second with past events Is it also possible to privatize events? thank you for your information

Yes is possible everything except “privatize events”. I not sure to understand what this mean. A possible solution is to assign a category dedicated for private events and create a page only for these private events, this page is private under password.