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HI there… I have been digging thru code for hours… CSS and PHP.

What I am tring to accomplish is the always show the full image without being cut off at different screen sizes…

I have a test page going at

I set them back to the original, but I just got the Addon, and love the function and concept, But If I cant get it to show the entire slider image… I will have to redesign 250+ event images so they dont look like bad design an all cropped weird.

i want to use the Classic Slider and the carousel on our site… keep up the great work!!!

use this CSS:

body .event_img_s2 {
    height: 121px;
    background-position: 0 61px;
    background-size: 100% 60px;
body .eo_big .event_img {
    height: 462px;

Thank you!

Awesome…. With a boatload of media quires and the above CSS… i made it work. Thanks again for a great Plugin. :)

you can see it here in action… just resize the browser width when its loaded.

Perfect ;)

Hi I left a message a few days ago and never received an answer. Here’s my purchase code 066c49e5-bbb1-43ad-9655-c60884da1210 When I open up the event it comes up with our websites mobile view on the top and the bottom part gets cut off where the destination area is for the map. Go to this page open up an event and you’ll see what I mean. Also go to this link of the original eventon plugin and compare the view. Your plugin has a delay and isn’t clean opening like the original and also just has a problem. Please let me know if there is a fix for this. I cant use the plugin if there is not. Thank you for your attention to this

You can ask a refund and I will approve it. Thanks


first thank you for the really cool PlugIn. I would like to ask if there is a ready to use German language File for this PlugIn.

Have a great time, Patrick

I will try to translate everything and then contact you!

Unfortunately, I have no translation so far. I was hoping there would already be one. ;)

Oh ok, sorry for misunderstanding, no ready translation :(

No Problem! Thank you! I will contact you when im ready.

Undefined index: location_lat & Undefined index: location_lon

In my error log I see multiple of the following errors:

PHP Notice: Undefined index: location_lat in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/plugins/eventon-slider-addon/includes/functions.php on line 471 PHP Notice: Undefined index: location_lon in /home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/plugins/eventon-slider-addon/includes/functions.php on line 471

Please can you fix this.

Hi, open the file /home/mysite/public_html/wp-content/plugins/eventon-slider-addon/includes/functions.php and on row 471 replace:

$loc_txt = $loc_arr0->name . ’, ’ . $termMeta[‘location_address’] . ’|’ . $termMeta[‘location_lon’] . ’|’ . $termMeta[‘location_lat’];


$loc_txt = $loc_arr0->name . ’, ’ . $termMeta[‘location_address’];

Thank you!


Hello there,

I am running recurring events and don’t like the recurring events to show up on the slider. How can I disable the reaping events to only show the first instances?

I am awaiting a response.

Hi, I understand your point, but this not change the things, this feature is not available, this not mean that the plugin is not fully compatible, every extension or addon have different features.

This is not a feature! This is the very basic function that every EventOn have. I already purchased a different addon originally made by the eventON publisher to make it work. Your plugin is no use to me. if you still think I should be charged for something that I will never use, that’s really something! Have a great life ;-)


How do I make the “Mini Carousel Slider” on the bottom of this page:

I can’t see to find the shortcode options required to accomplish this.

Regards, Martin

Hmm, that’s the one I bought,if I go to that page and click on “Buy it” it opens this page:

If I click on support for this, I get here?

Am I missing something?

Oh ok, I see now, you linked to your plugin, I found the other plugin page now.


Hi, We loved your plugin.

Slider Types: “Classic Slider”, “Carousel”, “Mini Carousel” = WORKS. BUT the one we most loved is the masonry which is NOT working. We tried to disable ALL plugins except “eventon” and “myevent” to check compatibility, but still not working. We also tried to apply the original WordPress template. And still did not work. When the pages loads, it keeps Loading, loading, loading….with that small squares.

Can you help us, please? link

Ok, I will try hide and see the results and I get back to you by the weekend.


Hi, I am trying to hide the actual problem. one quick question, Is there a way to control the image size of the event that will open when the user press “Open”. The image is BIG! Is there way to FIT the image inside the actual box? All the best

Hi, if the images are all of same height you can change the size for all, but there is not a function that change the height based on the image. I was check but the events don’t work:

Hello.. the Advanced Feature “only featured events” does not work… also why is there no way to select an Event type when constructing a slider and only a dat ange?


voula Purchased

Hi, I will like to know how can I fix the target url of the event after I push the button to show the single event. Now I have ?l=L1&ri=0 at the end of the url. I don’t want that link I want a clean url. Thanks

A few weeks ago, we purchased EventOn and theEventOn Slider Addon. They are successfully installed on our website. The Slider, however, does not have the “classic and masonry” views that are shown on the codecanyon website. The installed Slider version says 1.0.4. Seems like we don’t have the latest version. Can you please assist? Many thanks, Leigh