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clean and professional.. good luck for sales

Thanks digitalcenturysf :)

Thank you PreScriptZ ;)

Thank you ScriptSeries ;)

It’s a shame, such a good idea is stuck with only calendar view, did not include listing the events and photo beside.

What framework is this built on?

And how can I test the Admin and user Panels?


Hi webmercials.

Relative to the plugin, it is built by following PSR2 Coding Standards. No PHP Framework has been used for this project. But the code is well documented, and functions are defined over one file. By “Admin Panel” we relate this to the interaction it provides to the user, like adding, and removing content. This is a stand-alone tool, which is meant to give the developer a easy way to implement it on their projects. About the idea of the listing of the events, it exists, under the “delete” button. As this tool wasn’t conceived with a backend admin panel, it is well prepared for the existing ones. It’s a plugin built with bootstrap, that manages all the capabilities of that framework. Also about the the previous idea, of setting an Event listing, you only need to take the function out of the modal which is built on and set it into a table and adding the image to it. Thank you for pointing out some ideas. We can try to implement that for a future plugin update. If you have further questions, you can contact us anytime!

Best regards ;)

very nice work :)

Thanks EricProchnow ;)

Thanks CodeRevolution ;)

Great looking script I have a question before purchase. I am using it for a local business so I don’t want the public to be able to have the option to add, edit, or delete events. Is that possible? Thanks for prompt response.

Hi jhermanco. The script is made for implementing under a cms, or wherever you want. It already contains the database into an sql file which you can integrate in your own project. If you already have a backoffice for that work, you’ll only need to add the sql into your database and use the events grind on your project. This requires a bit of coding knowledge, but isn’t that hard. Any more questions and don’t hesitate to contact us. Best regards.

GoodLuck for sales!! i like it.

Thank you so much st1s! We are trying our best to provide great quality plugins to every developer! Best regards and thanks for the support :)

Does this calendar allow sync/import from Google Calendar?

Hi johnjohn. Thank you for visiting our plugin. For now it isn’t possible, but we’ll try to implement this for a future plugin update. Best regards.

Hello, does this need to communicate to an external server to work? I built a calendar display that communicated to my sql server and displayed the results on a php web page using Apache, but I did not realize that the widget uses Google API and needs to communicate to a Google server—am looking for a “stand alone” widget. Many thanks!

Hi hankrausch. For now the Google API isn’t working with FullCalendar and not with this plugin. This plugin works from an online MYSQL server. You can simply use the database and set it up on your SQL server, and manage to place the code into your project. This is a stand alone widget that doesn’t uses Google API to run on! :D Best regards.

Hi, thanks for your script, i found an error in your demo as well if you click on a daily event in the details it shows the date like this “2017-01-31 to Invalid date” is there any way to fix it? Many thanks

Hi thanks for your answer there is another error if you see the demo if for example you have an event over two days example 8th until 9th the date state 2017-02-08 to 2017-02-10 which is not correct :( Many thanks for your help i’m looking forward to hearing from you if you find a fix to the problem ;) I’ve modded your plugin a little bit for my purpose but I think you have done a great job ;)

Hi karibusana. Thank you so much for your support on our work :) Yeah, and relative to that issue concerned to the spaces from the calendar table it seems that this is due to the fact that FullCalendar and Moment.js have a quite lack of concern on this, and it is really anoying for our users and costumers. For what we’ve found from their documentation, it seems that about the endTime:

“The exclusive date/time an event ends. Optional. A Moment-ish input, like an ISO8601 string. Throughout the API this will become a real Moment object. It is the moment immediately after the event has ended. For example, if the last full day of an event is Thursday, the exclusive end of the event will be 00:00:00 on Friday!”

So the only way you’ll have to set these dates for now, and untill there comes a new full calendar or moment.js update, you will need to add always one day ahead, in order to have it with the correct days. If you plan to use only one day, as an event we can manage to change the code so it displays only that event day. Also there is other workaround this issue, that we can manage to fix it for you, that consists in creating a 2 days event, and with a few code tweaks it will display the correct date for the 1 day event. What wsaying with this, and as you’ve tested previously, when you create a 2 days event it will only set 1 space on the calendar, and this what we can work around.

And once more, and has we’ve said previously this issue can’t be solved unless a new bug fix comes out from them. Until then this is the only way to get thhhhh gin working fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience on this, and we hope you can understand the reasons. If You still need our help, don’t hesitate and contact us :) By the way, you can use our support forum here http://support.ezcode.pt/. The way we help you we can be solving some other customer issues :) Thank you for your understanding.

Hello karibusana. As we’ve sent you by email, we’ve found the fix for that issue. We have sent the new plugin for review, so we are now wayting for its release. Best regards, and if you’re pleased with our work, don’t forget to rate our work! This means the world to us :D

Looks Very NICE!! Do you have plans to adding at least “SIMPLE” Event Registration / Booking?

Hi gluegl. Thank you so much with your visit to our plugin. Well, we don’t think we’ll make that update for now on this plugin, but we will try to release a new plugin with those features you are asking. Do you have any other plugin that you know that has those events registrations so we can have a look?

I just bought the calendar and installed it, I am curious to know if it is possible to select a time as well as a date?

Hello tlunsford,

First of all thank you for buying our plugin. Relative to your question, this isn’t on the scope of this script, but the functionality might be added. For that, you’ll need to create a new variable for the date and add it to the SQL DB. Then you’ll need to set it on the script variable also for the time to be called on the javascript request to DB.

Best regards.

How easy is to integrate it on my php web app? Can I see the documentation first?

Hello maurolopes. You can check the documentation on our support forum here: http://support.ezcode.pt/knowledgebase_category/event-calendar-phpmysql-plugin/ Best regards.

Please can you help me to select the spanish local language (file “es.js” from “fullcalendar.js”)

Hi Elimia,

We’ve sent you the script on the previous email. Haven’t you received it yet?

Best regards.

No, I don’t received it

But we’ve sent you a few minutes ago. Do you have any other email where we can send you the zip file? Send it to our email, and we’ll send it back again. Also, where are you using the script? Localhost, or Webserver? Could you send us the link to it. We can keep this conversation on our Forum if you don’t mind. Best regards.

Could you please support me for the version 2.3 to download. The script is 2.2 on envatomarket which I downloaded.

Hi eminantalya. First of all, let us thank you for buying our theme. We truly appreciate it. We’ve replied you on our support forum. Just send us your email there and we’ll send you the correct file version. We’ve already send the new version into CodeCanyon for approval, but we can send it to you ASAP! Best regards and sorry for the inconvenience.