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I just downloaded the script, however when trying to install I keep getting the “something went wrong”. My database host is just “localhost” and the username, pw and database I’m 100% sure of since I use them along the project… Any clues?

Hello Deadrune, you said you’ve download the script?! Which script, are you referring to as you didn’t purchase this script? Best regards.

Hi, quick question before buying.

How come you didn’t implement managing events by just clicking on the date, or the event itself in case of updates and deletion instead of having buttons on the top.

The way to create, update and delete events is not practical at all. Any updates coming soon were you will apply a better user experience overall?

Thanks, Abalopez.

Hi Abalopez,

First of all thank you for your interest on our plugin. We provide only the code, and this was an easy way for users to test the plugin. Although it is built like this, if you have the knowledge skills, you can set it up as you want. But this is just the coding script. the functions are there. You only need to apply them the way you intend. Relative to this plugin we want to release for the future the script, but with an admin panel.

Best regards :)

Thanks for the prompt response.

If that was the case and I had time, I will built the calendar myself. Why not create a full modern calendar and have better profits, thats what users are looking for not just a half calendar.

Any dates for the new release?

Thanks a lot. Abalopez.

Hi Abalopez,

Thank you for your comments. We will take that in count, and try to make a nice script for the future . Relative to the release, and right now we are working on some other project, so we don’t really have an estimate time for its release.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

when i try to create a Type, i recibe this massagge : Warning: mysqli_error() expects exactly 1 parameter, 0 given in /home/cantueventos/public_html/calendario/index.php on line 505 Can’t insert into database:

Hi Fortega62.

First of all thank you for your purchase on our script. Relative to that issue, have you managed to install the database and stablish the database connection correctly? Just check if you’ve made those steps. If you still have issues on that, just post your question on our support so we can try to help you.

Best regards.


kiusuz Purchased

Hi, and congratulations for the great script. I’m doing some customization: I remove “Link” as required field (I don’t need always to put a link). How can I hide “View link” button if Link field is empty?

Thanks in advance and sorry for my english, Luca

Hi kiusuz,

Thank you so much for our script purchase. Relative to your question, just register our support forum (http://support.ezcode.pt/) so we can help through there please. some changes need to be made on the code, so we’ll probably will need for you to send us your server credentials.

Best regards.


kiusuz Purchased

Ok, I registered on your support forum and post my question…for the ftp credential I must send it by mail?

Hi kiusuz, you can send it by email, or you can send it through our support, and then we’ll delete them from the post. Best regards.

i have just instaled the system, and when i want ti get new type or event i recived this massagge : Warning: mysqli_error() expects exactly 1 parameter, 0 given in /home/cantueventos/public_html/calendario/index.php on line 514 Can’t insert into database:

i check my database conetions and are ok !!

what can i do ???

Hi Fortega62, don’t send us the credentials here because other people can see them in the comments. We advise you to change the credentials and then send them back to us into our own email.

Best regards.

i cant find your email, plese send it to me ???

We can’t send it to you through here because we don’t want spam on our email. Sorry for that. But you have the email on the end of the Event calendar documentation. Email us with the credentials please. Best regards.

Hi is there a way to limit access and set user permissions somehow for the event management? Thanks

Hi burbanstudios,

First of all we want to thank you for the preference on our script. Relative to your question, user permissions can be set if you use the script on some backoffice and admin panel, and there you can add the permissions you want, but this requires code knowledge for that. We provide the code script as it is with all the required functions. The preview lets everyone to have access to the script for tests purposes, but this is a script that you can integrate in your own admin panel. If you still have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through here, or through our support forum here: http://support.ezcode.pt/

Best regards, and have a great weekend ;)

Hi there, is it possible to get access to the backend query for calendar display? I want to add a where clause so that users will only see there own entries? If I can link your table to my users table I can then run Where c.Users = ’” . userValue(null, “username”) . ”’

Sorry for the inconvenience but that’s not possible.

Best regards.

Hello i need some like this in codeigniter. Do you have?

Hi nunoluis.

Sorry but no. We don’t implement our works under any current MVC. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your interest in our work!

Best regards.


ahmenty Purchased

Hello, The Live Preview is not working anymore

Hi ahmenty. We’ve fixed it. You can check it out now. Best regards.

Is there a way to change the beginning day to Sunday as opposed to Monday?

I see on the live preview that the week begins on Sunday. However, the purchased version begins on Monday.

Hi mcollettutk. Thank you for your purchase. You can have a look at our support at the following link: http://support.ezcode.pt/forums/topic/change-start-day-to-sunday/ Let us know if it helped you. Best regards.

Is it possible to make changes to the plugin? Disable functions and edit the files? Or the files are encrypted?

Hello josecarlosjayme. Functions can be disabled and no code is encripted. You have the ability to modify it by yourself, and use it as you wish! Best regards and thank you for the interest in our script! :)


Would want to integrate this on our webportal for capturing events such as loan installments, Insurance premium amounts etc. Have some questions below. 1) Can we add recurring events like an installment every month for 12 months ? 2) Can we filter events of only the user who has logged in ? 3) Is the full source code available to modify even the database queries.

Thanks for your time to reply. Regards. Apurva.

Hi Apurva. Thank you for the interest on our work.

Relative to your questions:

1) FullCalendar doesn’t support recurring events. Well, it supports, but just for week Events. For this you would need to register new Events for each new month for the time you want it to be displayed.

2) This script is built for general use, so there’s no user id will be stored within, but if you have good code knwoledge you migh be able to add new more sql tables and apply the user id to the event id with primary and foreign keys.

3) Yes, we provide the full code and the functions for you to change, and manage, and also the sql database in the zip file.

Thank you once more for the interest, and we hope we’ve helped you with your questions ;)

Best regards.

Can this be set to 12 hour time instead of 24?

Like AM PM? USA?

Hello graydian.

First of all thank you for your purchase. Relative to your question we’ll need to see if it is possible. If we can manage this we’ll let you know.

Best regards.

Have you got any plans to update to Bootstrap 4 or is it something I could tackle myself?

Hi teddyedward,

First of all, thank you for your purchase of our script. We’ll probably work on that at this same week, and see i we can release it till the end of the week.

Best regards.

Notice that under IE8 and IE9 are not supported.

hi, is this compatible with the full calendar scheduler addon?

Hello simplex1.

We haven’t tested this feature yet, so we cannot give you a precise information at this point, but we’ll test for compatibility, and see if it also works with this addon.

Best regards.

Looking at the code, we would need to create a new script only for the addon scheduler, that would work a bit different from the calendar.

How do I format the time to be in a different format than 24 hour?

Hello jacwebdesign. Where do you want to set it? Please post your question on our support forum (http://support.ezcode.pt/) so we can provide you help from there. Best regards ;)