Discussion on Event Calendar - PHP/MYSQL Plugin

Discussion on Event Calendar - PHP/MYSQL Plugin

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Awesome calendar plugin / app! Easy to make changes and implement in my projects. I wish I had found this sooner.

Wow, thank you so much for your kind words yordiwyckmans , and also for the rate on our script. We are very thankful for your gesture, and we hope our script helps you with your projects.

Best regards.

Is possible to show just business days? like mon-fri?

Hello, we’ll have to search for that option. We know that it is possible to disable a few days, but hiding them might not be possible. We’ll let you know as soon as we get an answer for that.

Best regards.


Gavo34 Purchased

I sent an email & didn’t get a reply, so posted on your support forum & no reply there either :(

Hello Gavo34.

Sorry for the late reply, but we’ve took a few vacation days. We’ll contact you through your email.

Best regards


Everything works perfectly but the Week and Daily view. The Month view give me the rights events, i can drag them etc but when i switch to Weekly or Daily view, it doesn’t work. Any idea to fix it ?

Hello aurelienfevrier08,

First of all, thank you for your purchase of our script. About that question, just send us an email to and we’ll help you from there.

Best regards.

Hello, is this able to be implemented into a SaaS system so that individual users can manage their own calendar? Or is it one calendar for a site that manages only one set of events?

Hello Aardvark77,

Currently this works as a stand alone script. But with a few customizations you might be able to add this for single users. Currently we are no giving any kind of customization, but you can find customization works on Envato Studio. You’ll find very talented developers who can help you with your own customization works.

Best regards.

ok so it could be used on aper account level for our site to give individual users their own individual calendar to manage and display on their profile?

Well, as we’ve said previously, it’s not suited for that purpose. You are only able to provide information in a general way, and not individual way. Best regards.

Hi, I would like to buy this Event Calendar and I am searching for someone that could make customization and other adds on project php code. Is there anyone that will do that? Thank you.

Hello LeonardoDaVinci1452,

You can find somedeveloper on Envato Studio, or you can search for someone ond envato Market Forums. there are lots of great professionals there that can help you with your customizations. About easy questions and fixes we do support the item, but as for customization work we are currently unavaillable for that.

Best regards and once again, thank you so much for your interest on our script.

As of 24h time, is it possible to set it? I mean to get 19:10 instead of 7:10p ? thank you!

Has to be coded, but is a simple conde on functions file.

How to set 24h time?

Just a simple code on the functions file.

Best regards.

And as of color choosing, is it possible to have preferred colors already set, for color choosing?

The color attribution is only possible when adding an event. For setting that option, it would be needed to make some changes to the code, and add this to the type instead of the event. For now that option isn’t possible, but we plan to make this for a future script update.

Best regards.

Hi, I would by the project today too, if you please solve this few problems that I have found on actual demo site: 1 – When I clic on an event it open a form “EVENT DETAILS” but when i click on theevent link to see / edit it, it gives an Error: 404 Not Found (port 80) and i cannot see the event details

2 – In event calendar “day” view, if you have an event for say 3 hors and you resize the event in a smaller size, say for one ore, the jquery popup is not staying at the right place and it shows two or three times or more.. Thank you. Or do you have a new demo site with updated code?

1 – When I clic on an event it open a form “EVENT DETAILS” .. I got it! Just put a valid link..

Yes. It only works with valid urls :) About your second question, could you send us some kind of print of that issue? We are unable to understand what you mean.. Best regards.

One more question: is it possible to have shorter time range for appointements, say 15 minutes or 10 minutes? Thank you

We have to test if this is possible. We can tell you as soon as possible.

Best regards.

Hello, pre-sale question: do you make also some customization work? Of course paying for ut :)

Hello LeonardoDaVinci1452,

Thank you for your interest in our script, but currently we are not accepting any customization works. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards.

I purchased the calendar plugin by ezcode. OMG. It’s fantastic. There were a few bugs at first but once I was able to get ahold of their customer service, they were really helpful and very quick to fix the issue. I love it now! Worth far more than $20.

Thank you so much for your rate lorikhetherington :)

We are very appreciated, with your gesture. This really means the world to us! Keep on the good work, and once more thank you for your support on our work :)

Best regards.

Great calendar…I loved the demo because it worked perfectly! However, when I purchased and uploaded to my server, it is not working properly. Weeks and days filters are malfunctioning along with a few other things. Please contact me and let me know how I can receive support. Thanks.

Hello lorikhetherington,

First of all, thank you so much for your purchase of our script. We can help you with that, but right now that won’t be possible.

You can contact us through our email at and send us your website link, and also your FTP access credentials. By the way, make sure you’ve installed the database correctly, and have a look if you are setting the right connection to the server.

If you still have any issue, tomorrow we’ll have a look at it and see what is happening.

Best regards.

Hello, I have a few questions before buying: 1. How is it possible to integrate the calendar into other sites – is iframe supported (I prefer this option)? 2. How is the entry of dates / events handled – is the admin allowed to add them, or the user as well? I prefer administrator. 3. Is it possible to use HTML code when entering an event, unless there is an editor? Respectively, is it possible to integrate an editor in the “Description” section somehow, for example CKEditor? Thank you for the answers

Hello joostyle1975,

Thank you for your interest in our script. About your questions:

1. It’s possible to integrate our script in other sites, but you need to know a bit of PHP language so you can make the changes.

2. The creation of events is managed by the buttons and the functions related to them. Again, if you want to use this only for you , as admin can add the events, and the customers to see only the events and don’t have possibilities to edit them, you need to know a bit of programming language.

3. Although it is possible to add html code, we don’t think this should be used, because it might affect the database.

We have available anothe script that has the event calendar integrated with a Admin panel. If you are interested you can check it here:

If you still have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards.

Thank you for your reply. At the beginning I have to point out that I am not very proficient in programming :( , that’s why I was asking about the possibility of using iframe embedding and also adding admin actions. I’m comfortable with this script, although I probably won’t be able to use it at the moment. Anyway, thank you for answering my questions.

No problem. But have a look at the other script that might be having the same functionalities and could help you , just by the fact that already has a built in admin panel, which can help you.

Best regards.

Day View is bugging out. Sometimes is opening sometimes not. Even when its opening its not showing any events. Can you help pls ?

Hello MuhamedKura.

Send us an email to and we’ll have a look on your installation. Send us your Website link, and describe us a bit more about that issue.

Best regards.

can you also add room booking on it and we buy your product.

Hello bronzemoontr.

Thank you for your interest in our script. About your question, we don’t want to change the scopr of this script. Might be a solution, for a future script based on this one. As we don’t have plenty of time right now, you could buy our script, and ask for some customization on envato studio. There are many talented developers there, who could help you out customizing our script for you.

Best regards.

ok thanks maybe you creat new product for hotels too

We cannot promise you that right now. This is a thing we have in mind, but we don’t have too much spare time right now to get involved on a creation of a new script.

Best regards.

Do you have the ability to solarize the calendar? We need this product with solar calendar.

Thank you for the information berayanted.

We’ll have to test before we can give you an afirmative reply. If we can sort this out, we’ll let you know, and maybe release this as an update.

Best regards.

This is a structure tailored to the needs of your Muslim customers. We thank you.

We are still trying to figure out a way to implement that.

Best regards.


I try to get the default Day view:

document.addEventListener(‘DOMContentLoaded’, function() { var calendarEl = document.getElementById(‘events’); var events = new FullCalendar.Calendar(calendarEl, { initialView: ‘timeGridDay’ }); $(’#events’).fullCalendar({ lang: ‘nl’, defaultDate: ’”.date(“Y-m-d”).”’, editable: true, eventLimit: true, selectable: true, plugins: [‘interaction’, ‘dayGrid’], displayEventTime: false, scrollTime: 0, height: ‘auto’, header: { left: ‘prev,next, today’, center: ‘title’, right: ‘agendaDay,agendaWeek,month,listDay’ }, initialView: ‘timeGridDay’, })

As you can see, I have initialView: ‘timeGridDay’ on 2 places but none is working.

How to get the initial view on the Day view?

Hello arie0512.

Can you send us your website link so we can have a look at it? If you want you can send us your FTP access so we can try to fix that for you. You can mail us at

Best regards.

Can this be integrated into IMAbuildeRZ v3? Do you have a tutorial on how to integrate this or a guide where to place the files and a code to integrate

Hello jerante.

We have the steps for the integration on our documentation. It’s quite easy if you know a bit of PHP and SQL programing. you can find in our online documentation here:

Best regards.

Hola 1. I have problems adding events from weeks to days. CONSOLE.LOG : Uncaught TypeError: TOOLTIP: Option “title” provided type “undefined” but expected type “(string|element|function)”.

2. it does not show the events created in dia, and in samanas it only shows some events.

help, or be necessary in management for these events.


Hello jemd1027,

First of all, thank you for your purchase of our script. Relative to that issue, just send us an email to with your website link and FTP credentials, so we can see if we can fix taht for you.

Best regards.


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