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Five stars of excellence for this well designed plugin! :)

This library DOES NOT support IE8 as it says it does. I can confirm that several pieces of the code are breaking in IE8. I assume this would be the same or worse in IE7

That’s a bug then,

We handle bug reports via email exclusively – Please email us according to the guide here – and we’ll have a look,

Can you please bump this up via email, I’ll have a look shortly and will get back to you in case if in need of any specifics

hi por! I tracked down the issue – I think. Looks like IE8 is bugging out on the Array.forEach() loops – I added this code to the beginning of the script after doc ready to fix it:

if (!Array.prototype.forEach) { Array.prototype.forEach = function (fn, scope) { for (var i = 0, len = this.length; i < len; ++i) { || this, this[i], i, this); } } }


Just letting you know the fix for this issue is already applied and will be included in an official > 1.7.7 releases ;-)

1. This is supposed to be responsive. In my experience, if you have for instance, six items to slide and they all show on the screen when you arrive on a page, your navigation still appears. This includes a square for pagination which they will not recognize as such and all of this is over top of content. This confuses a visitor into thinking it should slide for more items when in fact, there aren’t more items to slide.

2. If the above 6 items all show on the page as described on arrival, then I re-size the browser, less items will show in a responsive way, correctly. Unfortunately, at this time scrolling will not work to view the other items. Scrolling will only work when you re-size the browser if all items did not show when arriving to a page.

3. When sliding to the last item and not looping, the next button still functions for me / doesn’t hide or grey out. This will make a visitor try it several times while wondering if they are missing more content.

For these reasons, IMO this slider has a very low usability and could easily cause a loss of sales with product sliders.

Scratch the loss of sales. That was referring to a #4 that I removed and now I can’t edit. I hope these things are easy to fix. This item would be very useful to me. :/

re 2. Hmm, slider buttons should work correctly in this case, it was tested against it, can you check if you get any console errors?

These are all valid points, thanks for bringing them up to my attention, they will be taken care of shortly.

thats great news. I will respond about number two in the kind email you sent me.

demo not working

Fixed, thanks!

Is this compatible with Shopify? Can I add it as codes into the .liquid files or as a file in the Admin?