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Serve your customers better by knowing what’s in stock. Easily create labels on the spot to track inventory.

The project is written in 2015 as front end , SQL Server Compact database as back end with crystal report

Key Feature

  • Customer, Supplier and Employee information with photo
  • Category wise item information
  • Item wise vat
  • Auto barcode generate and Manual barcode assign
  • Barcode export and Print Preview
  • Stock, Out of stock and Re-order management
  • Bad Stock Management
  • Sales Management
  • Point of Sales using barcode reader
  • Sales Return
  • Date wise sales graph
  • Collection and Due Management
  • Chart of accounts
  • Income Voucher
  • Expense voucher
  • Cash Transfer
  • User Management
  • User Permission Point to Point
  • Data Import from Excel(.xls, .xlsx) file
  • Data Backup
  • Reset Database
  • Financial Summary


  • Customer, Supplier and Employee information
  • Item and Stock Information
  • Date and Category wise Bad stock
  • Date and Category wise Sales Return
  • Date, Customer, User wise wise sales, profit, VAT, Disc. Statement
  • Transaction statement (Cash/ Card/ Due)
  • Item Wise Sales Information
  • Chart of accounts
  • Transaction Report
  • Statement of Cash & Bank
  • Ledger Book

Suitable for

Small and medium-sized Retail, Restaurant , Nursery, Clothing, Pizzeria, Salon, Market, Chinese, Cafe, Liquor, Tobacco business.

Software Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or later
  • Microsoft.NET Framework 4.6

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+ 22 July, 2022
  FIX: Sales Due screen decimal Place
  UPDATE: Dashboard GUI update
  UPDATE: Permission
  UPDATE: User Log
  NEW: Username Password remember me
  NEW: Financial Summary

+ 24 February, 2020
  UPDATE: .NET 4 to .NET 4.6
  UPDATE: Report Dataset
  UPDATE: Reports
  FIX: Reset Database - HeadOfAccounts
  FIX: Decimal Places - Sales Return
  FIX: Decimal Places - Collection
  FIX: Decimal Places - Sales Chart
  NEW: Import Item from MS Excel File

+  03 March, 2019
  NEW: Chart of Accounts
  NEW: Income Voucher
  NEW: Expenses Voucher
  NEW: Cash Transfer
  NEW: Report - Chart of Accounts
  NEW: Report – Transaction Report
  NEW: Report – Cash & bank Account 
  NEW: Report – Ledger Book
  NEW: Reload all item button- POS
  FIX: Decimal Places - POS 
  FIX: Decimal Places - PAYMENT
  FIX: Search Customer on POS Screen
  UPDATE: Data combo functionality
  UPDATE: Auto resize item image on POS
  UPDATE: Documentation (Encounter problems)

+ 17 June, 18
  NEW: Data Backup
  NEW: Reset Database
  NEW: Include Payment and Change Amount on POS receipt.
  NEW: Include Payment and Change Amount on Invoice.

+ 20 Oct, 17
  NEW: Item Wise Sales Information
  NEW: User permission for item wise sales report
  NEW: Include business slogan parameter on POS receipt.

+ 28 May, 17
  FIX: Barcode Label Sales Price
  FIX: Unit sales price from POS 
  FIX: Unit sales price from First Sale 
  New: Date wise sales chart

+ Initial release:   18 January,  17
  V                     :

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