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Very helpfull script for envato authors. goodjob :)

Thank you ScriptSeries. Although there are a lot of other script like this selling on CodeCanyon, this PHP script might be really helpfull for authors integration on their platforms. Thank you once more for your support ;)

I tried the demo, using a purchase code from an item i bought on here which I still have a month of support left and it said “INVALID PURCHASE CODE.”

Hi chaos83. The script uses our own Envato Api Token. So you can only try with our own purchase code. This purchase code was requested to one of our customers. For you to use the script, you need to register yourself on the Envato API and request your own token. After you have this, and after you buy the script, you only need to paste your requested token on the token variable, and afterwards you can check purchase codes from your customers. IMPORTANT: This is a script for authors, and not for customers! If you have any more doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be pleased to help you ;) Best regards.

The thought I was looking at, is I help run a web host and this would be a great script to make sure clients are using legit scripts, can this be done?

Hi chaos83. With this script, that option isn’t possible, because this script uses the Envato API, and it was built only to wotk with this platform. Relative to your question, what you are trying to do is something like Envato does with product sales, right?! For example creating a serial to a product, so that when a buyer or a user purchase the product, he would get that serial, and only if a user had that serial, then only that user could use the script. Well, if this is the case it would involve a lot of work, because it would need to be made by scratch. (Well, maybe there is some automated script that already do that job, but we haven’t found any…). It needed to use database connections for storing those licences/serials, and saving client information. If there’s anything more we can help you, just let us know ;) Best regards.

Wonderful Job! Congratulations :)

Hi PreScriptZ :) Thank you for your support! ;)

Shine on! Looking to purchase from you.

Hi digitalcenturysf! Thank you so much ;) I hope this script can be what you are looking for :)

good work, fantastic ! big sales to you :)

Thanks EricProchnow ;) We love the Support area, and that’s why we bring our efforts to bring authors nice and simple inegration tools for their day use! Best regards! :)

Great script, will be purchasing very soon!

Thank you Condor5! We hope this script matches your needs :) Best regards.


Congratulations !

Is this script save purchase codes in database ?

Is there are any warning for authors if there are duplicate purchase codes ?

Although I’m not an author but I want to buy this script for educational purpose… if above options are available…


Thanks for reply !

When your update approved by CodeCanyon please notify me via this comment section.

No problem, and thank you so much for your visit. Best regards.

Hello DomainN. The new version of Shield has been released! You can have a look at it on the following link: Best regards.


I have a product in the ninth that I know the o Purchase Code by the client after it sees only that from the area DOWNLOADS !

Is there a way I create the market codes for my clients ?


Hi wpcache.

Purchase Codes are created randomly by Themeforest and CodeCanyon, and applied to each item individualy. There is no way for authors to create their own purchase codes. But you could present your idea to Themeforest and see if that option would be available.

Best regards and thank you for your visit to our profile!

Nice and very helpful script. but i have two questions
  1. Are there other features other than verification?
  2. What i have to do to use it as API to check the purchase code from my script admin panel or install page?

Good luck with sales :)

Hi EadHassan,

First of all, we want to thnak you for your p+urchase and for the interest on our script. Relative to your questions: 1. No there aren’t other features on this script, but what features would you like to see?! 2. Relative to this, this is only a script. You only need to paste it into your own Admin Panel. Then you need to create a Envato API, and paste the token you’ll receive. After this you can start requesting the purchase codes to your customers for verification.

Best regards.

Thank you for your replay.
the features i asking for like (account statements, my sales count, etc)

Best regards.

Well, relative to that, we think that we should have to create a new script with those features, because EPCV is only for purchasing verifying, but we’ll see this for the future :)

Best regards. :)

Hi, Can we interrogate different products, brands or service numbers?

Hi ekonetya, first of all thank you for your visit on our product. Relative to your question, what are you referring to? EPCV, only permits authors to check for purchase codes of their purchased products, and displays information about the support end date, name of the customer who purchased the product. EPCV only works with Envato API, so it won’t work for other products.

Best regards.

I have a PHP script..but please guide me every thing how to implement this in my script…after buyer validate code successfully then only they can use my script right?

Hi Rameindia, relative to our script this only has the ability to retrieve customer purchase information. It doesn’t have that feature. sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards.

I’m a little confused by the Envato API “secrets” and such. 1. May I integrate this script into a for-sale WordPress plugin (GPL’d) to to a purchase check? 2. Assuming so, do I have to expose any data that I should not (like private API key)?

Basically, I’m wondering if I can use this in a GPL’d plugin. If any of my secret data is required to validate the purchase code then I wouldn’t be able to use it since the code is open source. Thank you.

Hi hendridm.

First of all we want to thank you for your interest in our script. Relative to your questions:

1. For resale as a part of this item, you will need both an extended license and our permission, so if you purchase the extended license, just send us an email, so we can reply you, so that you have a proof in which we let you use it for your personal / resale plugin. You can read more here:

2. Relative to this question, the API will probably need to be used on the plugin and the way that this script is built, your API KEY is stored into one variable, and as this is a PHP plugin, the code will be hidden, unless that you provide access to the code, to your users/customers. If this isn’t the case you can use it without any problem. But API only works for registered authors, and with purchase codes that are generated when there is an item sale.

Relative to your project, are you providing some free plugin/theme, and upon purchasing the whole installation on Themeforest, you grant access to the full project?! Is this the case?!

Best regards.

Hallo friends.. I am interesting on this script

I have test the demo but it is not what i expected What i need is

1.When some one buy our product, our buyer have a license key And use this number to verify it before they use it So our buyer need to input this license key

2.After they submit our server get the callback and verification them

3.After verification, our server send response automaticly to them

4.our server must verify -buyer name -license key -purchase date -domain name -license type ( reguler or extended license)

5.our server save this on database and can do the UPDATE,and DELETE

I am want to sell item on code canyon so i need this script that meet my requirement

Hello Superslash1.

Thank you for your interest in our product. Right now this is the script we are selling. What you want is a bit more complex system, which would involve many time spent, which we don’t have right now. If you have code knowledge, you can try to integrate it into your system. We have our own system where we check purchase codes, and add them to database. Maybe you could have a look at it, and then you could try to addapt the other points on your requests, like the customer inputing their code. Have a look at Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards.

Hi, I have a woocomerce shop sell physical products. Each product has a barcode on it. I want our customers to use this software to check the authenticity of the products that sold by us .Can the purchasers just enter the product barcode and product details and order will display verification check. Very much appreciate your reply. Thanks

Hello danau.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but unfortunately this solution only works for Envato products, because it uses Envato API.

Best regards.

Thanks for your reply. Could you be able to develop a customize solution to check product codes not on Envato. The requirements are: 1. Script to auto generate 20000 randomly product code or more 2. The codes are stored in the database 3. Customer then go a URL, input the code and system verify and display the result I am interest to know if you can provide this service and how much it cost as well as estimate timeframe. Many thanks

Hello danau.

Thank you so much for your interest in our work, but for now we are unable to work on a feature like that, due to the ammount of work we are currently having. But try to find someone over Envato Studio, and see if they can help you with that work. You’ll find there lots of talented developers who can help you with that! Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards.


HasTech Purchased

We were getting an error message, Issue is fixed after updating the php version.

Hi HasTech.

Nice that you’ve fixed that issue.

Best regards.

Demo is not working, invalid purchase code

This is an expired purchase code from one of our customers. But with the correct token for the API you’ll be able to check information about the purchase code from your customers too. The information provided indicates the support time , when it was bought, and client profile name. The red color indicates an expired license.

Best regards.