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Hi. nice tool. Can you please try to display tables sorted by name (or creation / modification date) i have a db with more than 200 tables and it is not possible to use your tool because tables are in a mess. Thanks in advance. Also it will be nice if you can store connection string locally so that we don;t have to enter credentials every time we run your tool.

Thanks for your suggestions. These changes will be made as soon as possible. I will let you know when done.

thanks !!!!

A new version has been uploaded. It has the following features:
1. Tables sort order (go to options form before connecting)
2. Saving connection information
3. Automatically connecting to database on load
4. Custom methods names
Check the documentation for more details.

Included source code is incomplete. For example CSharpCodeGenerator is missing. Can you please check contents of the source code folder and add missing files? Thanks!

I checked the contents of the source code and everything is fine.
Can you unzip the downloaded file again?
1. Go to Source_Code folder.
2. Open DALGeneratorForEntityFramework folder.
3. Open DALGeneratorForEntityFramework.sln file (requires Visual Studio 2010).
Let me know If it doesn’t work. I will upload it again.

hello , I’m Use in VS2015 but I face problem in code AddObject is not member of DBSet DeleteObject is not member of DBSet ApplyCurrentValues is not member of DBSet


The current version has been created for EF 4.0. However, we are making changes to support EF 6.0 as soon as possible. I will let you know when done.

Thank you I’m waiting you :)

New version has been uploaded that supports Entity Framework 6 too.

could work for oracle?

if I buy the version with extended support could develop?

It works with SQL Server only.

could you create for oracle?

Yes, I can create the same for Oracle.
And it is already in my TODO list but waiting for the right time.


Is there a way to add Web API generator with DAL ?

Thank You Mansi

Yes, it can be added.


Is there a way to add Web API generator with DAL ?

Thank You Mansi

Yes, it can be added.

Thanks for the tool man, its just as good as it gets, must-have for any .NET developer

Thanks a lot for the encouraging comments.

Hi i buy your EF generator and it is not work well, as you see on images.It dont generate classes for table, it dont generate entitiy dbcontext class, only methods for add,delete,etc. This is not what i want and i throw 10$. Please if you cant fix this or cant send me app which work then refund to me via paypal 10$ at email Tnx



1. The class options are disabled because you have not selected/highlighted a table in the tree. Please check the video preview carefully. Also check the documentation.
2. It generates classes for each table for CRUD operations but you will need to add .edmx file manually as shown in the video preview. Adding .edmx file will not take more than a minute but creating classes for CRUD operations may take hours and days.
However, we have the following items that don’t need to add any file manually but it’s not using entity framework:
You can send refund request through your Envato account. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

I downloaded this generator its ok now, best regards

I have refunded this one (EF DAL Generator). But Envato will process it in 3-5 days.

Hello Can You Help me , I want call GetAll method with (sortColumn ,sortOrder ,pageNo,pageSize,totalRecordsCount) parameters directly without code behind


I Use ObjectDataSource

To use it will ObjectDataSource, you will need some modifications in the GetAll method. Like:
1. Use single parameter for sortColumn and sortOrder.
2. Use separate method for total records count.

Hello, Could please show me of it will use using I will buy it if you explain me.

Hi. Yes, it generates DAL for VB.Net as well as C#. Before connecting to the database, select the language (VB.Net or C#). Check the following video preview.
Also check the screen shots in the item description page.

One more thing, do I receive the source code once I buy it?.

Yes, you will get the source code. The download folder will have source code as well as the executable files.

Hello, I just purchased DAL. I need some help. After code generation I am getting an error.

String connectionString = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["DatabaseConnectionString"].ConnectionString;

Error CS0103 The name ‘ConfigurationManager’ does not exist in the current context Registration d:\users\user\documents\visual studio 2015\Projects\Registration\Registration\StateProvince.cs 27 Active

As I have mentioned in the documentation, you will need to add reference to the System.Configuration library.

Follow the following steps:
  1. From the Solution Explorer, right click on References.
  2. Click Add Reference from the menu.
  3. Select System.Configuration.
  4. Click OK button.
I just want to let you know that this question is relevant to the following item:

hello i am getting this error

i tried to install the program to the database server and i choose localhost but the result is the same. Is there any problem for the program ?

Which version of SQL Server do you have?

I am using MSSql Server 2012

Hi, Please send me an email through my profile page so that to resolve the issue.

Changelog of last update, please?

In the last update, I have made changes in the back end to support latest SQL Server versions like SQL Server 2014/2015.

Can it make classes for complex views?

At the moment, it does not support views.
You can create data access layer for CRUD operations on tables.

1. Can it make classes for complex views? 2. can we make web services using your tool.

At the moment, it does not support views and web services.
However, you can create a data access layer that can be used in web services or web/desktop apps.

Does it work fine with visual studio 2017 community edition? Do you have a sample app with code? Do you offer help with setup questions? I am interested in multiple products. Thank you

Thanks for your interest in our app.
Yes, it works fine with Visual Studio 2017 Community.
The download folder contains a sample app created in C# but we can provide a VB.Net sample as well.
The sample app is an ASP.Net Web Forms app.
Yes, I can help. Please contact me via my profile page here.

Does this has feature of “CRUD Master Detail Lookup”. Do youhave a sample application for master detail example(for example invoice, where master has unique invoice number and detail grid has invoice line items)?

It supports CRUD operations for each table but doesn’t support Master Details currently.