Discussion on Encoder PLUGIN for PHP Encoder & Obfuscator

Discussion on Encoder PLUGIN for PHP Encoder & Obfuscator

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Does this work with code snippets? Something like (start encode) (stop encode)? So that you can pick multiple parts of a file.

Danke für Ihre Anfrage: Wenn Sie keine kompletten Dateien, sondern nur bestimmte Teilbereiche oder Funktionen verschlüsseln wollen brauchen Sie zusätzlich das Encoder Plugin. Damit ist das möglich! Ahoi.

Hi I just purchased this – are there any instructions? How do I use it?

Oh… do I also need the PHP Encoder & Obfuscator script too?

I’m sorry. Yes you need it. This is only a Plugin!

Hello, I bought a package of plugins to encode php code, I use it for my modules for PrestaShop , now I ran into a problem

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare read() (previously declared in /data/web/virtuals/128438/virtual/www/domains/ : eval()’d code:1) in /data/web/virtuals/128438/virtual/www/domains/ : eval()’d code on line 1 [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/data/web/virtuals/128438/virtual/www/domains/ : eval()’d code: Cannot redeclare read() (previously declared in /data/web/virtuals/128438/virtual/www/domains/ : eval()’d code:1)

The first module uses the functions contained in the file include_once(‘modules/add_gopay_new/functions.php’);

The second module uses the functions contained in the file include_once(‘modules/add_faktura/functions.php’);

On my hosting I have no problem with Fatal error: Cannot redeclare read(), but on another hosting appearing in the above error.

Please Do you have any solutions to this problem ?

Best Regards Miloslav

Sorry for my English , I use Google Translator

Hello and thank you for buying our script.

We will be very happy to help you if you will be so kind to use the codecanyon PM system to ask for support. It is available from our profile page. Thank you so much! We’re waiting for your email, if you run in Problems! Cheers!

I solved the previous question , you can delete it as irrelevant

Great, Cheers!

Hmm… If “PHP Encoder & Obfuscator” works in some part, this plugin doesn’t:

Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function rndStr() in /Users/kduma/Projects/Vendor-Code/Worker/codecanyon-12925043-php-encoder-obfuscator/Files/main/plugins/c_encoder.php:66
Stack trace:
#0 /Users/kduma/Projects/Vendor-Code/Worker/codecanyon-12925043-php-encoder-obfuscator/Files/main/plugins/c_encoder.php(23): encoder('eNpLK81LLsnMz1P...', 'Use Dynamic Enc...')
#1 /Users/kduma/Projects/Vendor-Code/Worker/codecanyon-12925043-php-encoder-obfuscator/Files/main/bin/lib.php(296): c_encoder_plugin_worker('function hello(...', 'Use Dynamic Enc...')
#2 /Users/kduma/Projects/Vendor-Code/Worker/codecanyon-12925043-php-encoder-obfuscator/Files/main/bin/encoder.php(371): hook('plugin_worker', 'function hello(...', Array)
#3 /Users/kduma/Projects/Vendor-Code/Worker/codecanyon-12925043-php-encoder-obfuscator/Files/main/index.php(118): include_once('/Users/kduma/Pr...')
#4 {main}
  thrown in /Users/kduma/Projects/Vendor-Code/Worker/codecanyon-12925043-php-encoder-obfuscator/Files/main/plugins/c_encoder.php on line 66

Hello, i have received your email and replied to it.

Can you help me?

I will be happy to help you out if you could provide me more information about what you are trying to do and where you got stuck. Please use the envato PM system available on my profile page to email me. Thank you.

plugin easy to break encryption :/

not recommended!

Yes, PHP Encoder & Obfuscator is the best.

I would like to have a way to encrypt bulletproof, only part of the script.

The Encoder plugin is not recommended.

well, sorry – even ionCube is not 100% save :/

Will set it on my Roadmap List

Thank you for considering my opinion.

We know that nothing is 100% safe, but it also can not be very easy to break.

Congratulations on the work, I await the news.

Hi, If I want to obfuscate php only files and php with HTML and javascript files too,what should I buy? This plugin will do or do I need anything else?

And what’s the difference with PHP compiler plugin of yours?

For pure PHP Encoding you need the Main Script “PHP Encoder & Obfuscator”

All PLUGINS only work as a add-on with the main script

if you want to hide HTML Code from e.g. google you can use the “Hide my HTML” script from my portfolio

Take a Look:

Hi How are you doing?

I am interested in your plugin and i have some questions.

- Does your code

Hides images url? Hides script codes Hides script files

Thank you ever so much.

Nice to hear from you,

first of all, it only works with the PHP Encoder Main Script. Its a Plugin, so it don’t work stand alone

also it obfuscate PHP code not HTML code – hope that makes things clearer.

have a nice week