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!!! This component is designed ONLY for AlphaUserPoint components. !!!

Works with all Joomla 3x versions.

Give to your users something fun to play with, and then give them points.

1. Installation and Uninstallation: As a regular Joomla component.

2. Configuration

At the menu: Component >> Scratch Card >> Option (Options is in the top right corner)

  • Assign how many games per day (in my case I let 10 free games, then user can buy more games with the available points)
  • Assign Max Points Per Win (In my case I put 2 points, but you can have as many as you like)
  • Assign Cost Per Game (You can define this in CARD PLANS)
  • Choose the Share to facebook function. If a user scratches 0 points, then the button play again appears. If a user scratches 1+ points, then the button play again appears + the Share to facebook to double this winning.

1 configuration

At the menu:

Component >> Scratch Card You will see the - Card plays Here you will see who played the Scracth Card game, the date, and how much he won (if 1, was a winning game, if 0 was a loosing game)

- Card plans If user is out of free games, he can choose a plan. It will work only if he have enough points in his treasure chest. Add as many card plans you like.

- Card orders You can see who bought extra games, the date purchased, and the plan he choosed.

3. AlphaUserPoints :: Rules Activate the rules >> - Scratch Card Add - Scratch Facebook Share When a user shares to facebook, the link from facebook, becomes his referral link. So anyone who register from his refferal link, makes the user to get some points that you can assign in AlphaUserPoint rules. You can customise some of the texts right there.

4. Remove points when user has not logged in for a 24 hours. Activate this rule, and every 24 hours users loose * points.

4 inactivity points lost You need to set the cronjob for this. Upload the file cron_user_loggedout.php to your server/path. 0 0 * * * wget http://YOURSITE/YOUR-PATH/cron_user_loggedout.php 4 cron job

5. Others At menu: AlphaUserPoint > Users >[select a user] then click Details (on Activity column), you will see there all his activity.

5 others5 others2

5 others35 others4

6. Demo Front end demo is available at user: demo pass: demo

Backend demo is available only if you request it

7. Language. Can be translated in any language via language file.

8. Terms and conditions For terms and conditions, we apply the same rule as any other of our tools, but the demo can be different. Read documentation for demo. The tool works, and it has been tested on multiple sites. But for issues, we offer free support only to those who bought it. The demo site: is a live site and a productive one.

9. Contact & support.