Reviews for Flutter Treva Shop Ecommerce UI KIT in flutter 3.0 e-commerce store apps

Reviews for Flutter Treva Shop Ecommerce UI KIT in flutter 3.0 e-commerce store apps

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for Bugs

not able to run, and sent email to owner, never responded

Author response

Hello there,

Thank you for buying our application,

we have finish white box testing and black-box testing on this application by our professional dev team to make a perfect application and minimize bugs on this application.

and our team of programmers always follow the direction of the SOP by doing architectural clean code by Robert Cecil Martin.

please use flutter version 2.x we highly recommend it.

we always reply mail, we recommend to email again


for Code Quality

Code Quality is Amazing!

for the first time i bought UI KIT flutter, and you serve full documentation clearly

code quality is amazing with comments so i can understand every line of codes


for Design Quality

this UI KIT have excellent design, goodjob!

- Good documentation
The code built in with comment documentation

- Good UI and UX
With beatiful design you have strong user experience too

- Feature for e-commerce is excellent
Nice feature for e-commerce!


for Feature Availability

It's was my first time to buy flutter UI kit, i search in other seller but found this one offers several unique feature that i required,

First i like the ui, the ui is clean and responsive to android or ios platform

Second, for newbie like me the code is easy to understand with full documentation

Third, multiple language, wow this the first flutter ui kit for multiple language i have buy in codecanyon

And for the last, the animation is smooth it's good for user experience.

Love it, i hope you keep update on this ui kit.

for Code Quality

Code quality is as bad as you can imagine. Think twice before you purchase this.

1- You will be greeted with scripts that are way too long. Too many copy pasted code. The author could have extract the widgets and seperate them into files which can be reused. Instead the author just copy pasting it all over the place.

2- Its a nightmare configure. Values like font family, font size (alot more than that) were literally hardcoded. There was no configuration file available . With this much copy pasting, its HARD to change lets say a product card's text that might be in multiple screens

3. Bad naming convention. Whats with the lowerCamelCase class names? Dart's linter is throwing warning message about it everywhere and the Author couldnt even bothered to reconfigure it.

4. One liner code comments that are useless. The scripts are filled with either comments that makes no sense or unecessary comments like "set animation controller to initstate", and the code itself is literally self explanatory.

If I could give a -5 start I would. This template seems like an amateur trying to charge a premium. Avoid this.

for Code Quality

Real Low Code quality, full with repetitions. hard to read and add backend


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