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IS this working again?

Hi BillieMead,

Unfortunately not yet. We’re working on it and it should be back on within approximately two weeks.


Hi CodeXstudios,

The script is back to work, let me know if you need any support setting it up.

Regards, Nuno

Hi, i have submit you 2 emails via

But you have not reply yet. Actually, we have setup the script on server everything start working but there is unzipping issue coming and i need your help to check where we are making some mistake …

1- Making BitBucket integration from Local system (Working 100%) 2- Commits going to Bitbucket – Working 100% 3- Deploying the changes to server using your script – Not Working… 4- SSH key Added working fine 5- Bitbucket start communicating with server and zip is start creating but issue is below…

30-10-2015 16:19:29 : No Payload 30-10-2015 16:19:29 : Unzip Failed 30-10-2015 16:22:15 : No Payload 30-10-2015 16:22:15 : Unzip Failed

This is our code settings … I think no issue in it as well.


Nir Appelton

I have sent you email as well. Reply me please… Waiting for you reply from 2 days …

Hi Nir,

Your first email came in 22h ago, and it’s not because you sent 5 emails that you’ll get your reply faster. I’ve just replied to you.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Regards, Nuno

Please check your emails from Contact support as well. In script there was link directly to your support. So, thanks for your reply … just sending you credentials from email …

Your script doesn’t work on cPanel.

Hi ankitp4,

We’re pretty sure it works and to be honest, your complaint is not very clear: Are you using Github or Bitbucket? Have you enabled logging? what does it say?

Please email for further support.

Regards, Nuno

Thanks for the helpful product!

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work under IIS when set to “Update”, deploy however works as expected. Any ideas on what I should change or try?

Thank you!

Hi! Unfortunately it only works with Linux, it’s stated in the description.

It works great, love the log.txt option too as that’s something we can pull into a dashboard.

The only thing I’d recommend is commenting the deploy.php as follows

1. Site username = call this “github or bitbucket username”, saying site could easily confuse the reader. 2. same goes for password 3. // directory to deploy repository, we’ve included a tool to know what is the exact

call this absolute path to deploy repository, and be sure to say “Must Include trailing slash”

that’s it, maybe also have a way to ignore directories in a future update, great script!

Thanks, will take your notes into consideration for a future release!

Hey, i have bought this script, set it up for bitbucket but i get a No payload on logs.

Hi, what type of hook are you using in Bitbucket? I’ll reply to your email now with some more info.

I’ve tried to contact you on your support link. NO RESPONSE. Is that too hard to check your email and responde?

Hi, we had some problems with emails not passing through, sorry, I’ll reply to it now!

Hey there — I see a comment from a few months ago saying that this item wasn’t working? I can’t get it to work myself — I get a unzip error.

Is this item actually functionally currently?

Hi ctsgraphics. The item is working! Are you using Bitbucket or Github?

Can i get some help with this? I cant get this to work on justhost and i followed everything in the instructions.

Hi, Are you using GitHub or Bitbucket? what do you have on the log? Thanks

I am using Github and the log does not show much just 18-06-2016 19:09:21 : Unzip Failed

It seems like GitHub recently changed the way the Hook is sent to the script, can you email us on so we can follow-up there? We’re working to solve the issue. Thanks

Due to profound changes in the way the Webhooks work both in GitHub and Bitbucket, the script stopped working.

A new improved script is on the process of being sent for review, please let us know if you have any problem with the current script.

Thanks for understanding.

Hey @NTKNetworks, I was wondering if your script also works with GitHub Private Repos and also if you have a solution for using this script with self-hosted private repos. The good thing about paid Github/DeployBot subscriptions is they come with private repos so work for professional clients is not public. It would be ideal if there was a solution for deployment with my own hosted repos. Thanks and let me know your thoughts.

Hi @kevinorin. Yes, it works with Github private repos – you just have to insert your username and password and the script should work. Give it a try and let me know if you need help setting it up. Regards

Thanks, what about a solution for deployment with my own hosted/private repos. Do you know of any tutorial method that would still work with your script? Or does your script work with GitLab?

Good question, I honestly don’t know but in fact it should. As long as a git repo has a hook that posts the payload to the script, it should be able to open it and deploy the code, but I can’t assure you it’s going to work.

hi , is this script contain api for push the project or codes to pull on github?

hi i have one more question… can this script create new Repository on github?

Hi khaloooody, No, the script doesn’t work that way because it operates at the end of the flow: You push code to the repository and then is a Hook setup in GitHub that sends the code to the script. The job of the script is to receive the code from GitHub, process it and move it to the selected folder. Regards