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Discussion on Easy Audio Player

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Support https stream link from IceCast (web radio) ? Or no?


Yes but I have a more modern player I think you will like best

Tibi – FWD.

thanks, the other player is also good, but I need the simplest player. without displaying artwork, without displaying the current song. Just a play/pause button.

Sap can do that, please scroll down on this example you can use it just with a play button, this will also work with EAP.

Tibi – FWD.

This item is looking very suitable for the project like you can see line array vs regular speakers comparison I would like to use it in this category.

Sure it can be used …

Take care. Tibi – FWD.

to play a file mp3 on Google drive what should we do?

Get the .mp3 path not the page path URL the actual mp3 URL, and add it as the source of the player.

Take care. Tibi – FWD.

I have already tried this. I tried the mp3 link, the direct link manipulated once I found the file id. Don’t have a guide explaining how to do it? It seems more logical to me because this thing is not contained in any of your documents. If you write that it is possible to do this, you must also explain how to do it.

Here is a video explaining how to get it

Take care. Tibi – FWD.

Hello, 1. I need 8 to 10 players on one same page, and each of them with a different mp3 file. Do I need to pay for each of them or with only one payment will do?

2. And no “download the mp3 file” option available yet?



Only one licwnse.

Rhe sexond question yes

Take care. Tibi – FWD.

Hi,can support play multitracks audio (same time about 16 tracks) can ?


Yes it is possible by adding multiple instances in the same page.

Take care. Tibi – FWD.

thank you ,I want to try in react native can working ?

It should work, this is a Javascript app.

Take care. Tibi – FWD.

I would like to know if you have a button to download the music?


I am sorry no.

Take care. Tibi – FWD.

Hi, I purchased the product a few months ago. I have noticed that although the “final” script/use works on a Windows PC platform browser website, it does not appear to work on an Apple/iPad platform.

As an example, I have extracted the files to a folder on the server and simply attempted to access one of the included sample files directly on all platforms with absolutely no modifications….

It does work on an Android platform and I am yet test it on an iOS iPhone platform, but it does not work on an iOS iPad platform with 14.x OS…... Pressing the “PLAY” button does not do anything…. I am using it to stream a Radio station link (your sample files does not work unaltered) and have tried using it with and without the “type = MP3” appended to the end…but it does not work in any event….I will try other links but just wanted to know if you knew of any issues with iOS

Any ideas?


EDIT*... I have confirmed that the files will play on Chrome on the iPad but not in Safari or Firefox….

I am sorry, very bad… COVID.

Take care. Tibi – FWD.

Hi, At the begining of September 2020, I posted the above query in using your script or rather not being able to use your script on the Apple iOS platform.

the script was updated on 28 September 2020 and the issue of the scrpt not able to work on any iOS platform still applies.

We have determind that it is not our server, not any particular device we are using but the script itself.

Can you give any indication as to you looking into this and fixing it? At present we are not using your script on the iOS platforms for this reason.


I apologize but I am dying aftwr COVID complications… I can’t work anymore.

Thank you for underatanding. Tibi – FWD.

Seems HEX color changes for buttons are not running(?). The following code on FWDEAPUtils declaration has no effect on button color. ...

... useHEXColorsForSkin:”yes”, normalHEXButtonsColor:”#FF0000”, normalHEXButtonsColor2:”#00FF00”, ...

I am sorry, I am in hospital with COVID, bad shape.

Take care. Tibi – FWD.

hello, my player says “source file not found”. followed all instructions.


Please write to me at and send me a link with your page. I will get back to you tomorrow when I get to office asap.

Best regards.Tibi – FWD.

Hi, I want to ask if this will work on my website which is using cargocollective platform, thanks.


Yes it should work.

Best regards.Tibi – FWD.

Hi there,

i’m looking for a “non-wordpress-exclusive” html5 player replacement, and i’m not able to use a player which requires a fixed ID (document.getElementById) since my ID’s differ dynamically and depends what and where a user makes an upload (via recording voice and sent as chat message for example) so the only chance to apply a player UI to <audio> would be only via classes in my case.

Looked now for a good week straight on stackoverflow but i had to pass since there are either just player replacements for static content or full libraries including video and with all the extra frills which would be a littlebit over the top for my needs.

How is it with the Easy Audio Player?

Thank you in advance


EAP requires a div in which it is added and this div has to have an id, the audio path is passed directly in the player settings so ti can be dynamic if you want.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hi, I have a problem with the autoplay service, please read the message I sent via the codecanyon.


Unfortunately is not possible anymore to autplay an audio file because of the autoplay policy, basically the audio file can only start playing if the user has clicked inside the page, there is not way or fix arround this, it is the way browsers works now.

If you like I could write a small script that starts the audio when the users clicks somewhere in the page but it would feel wired, let me know.

Take care. Tibi – FWD. Can you write a script for it to press play after autoplay doesn’t work?

If you click the page before the player starts paying it is playing, this is why sometimes it dose not work, this is because of the autoplay policy implemented in the browser.

What I can do is to write a script so that when an user is clicking anywhere on the page the player will start playing.

Please write to me at .

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hello Friend can you add this to my html website? not cms.. im new to coding and would appreciate your support!


Sure, please buy an extended license and we have a deal.

Best regards.Tibi – FWD.

Actualy it will be Ultimate Radio Player.. can you lead me step by step..? is it alot of code involved? Thanks its looking real good!

Sure I can help you with that!

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

does this player use xml playlists?


No this player is playing a single audio source.

If you want XML playlist plase check Royal Audio Player .

Best regards.Tibi – FWD

Hi Guys, I’m looking for a player that can play multiple tracks together at the same time, and play/pause at the same time, and can mute/unmute some tracks if required. Is it possible to sync 2 tracks together? Happy to pay for the customisation – please let me know the price.


I think this can be done but is not an easy job and it will not going to be cheep, remember this is javascript it runs in the browser is not and APP.

Please write me at and give me more detials.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hi there!

We are looking for a player that we can use within oxygen, that accepts ACF fields as the url. We use repeaters and the same template is used for different pages. So this is important to make it work.

Is this possible with this plugin?

And if not, what needs to be done in order to make this work?

Thanks in advance! Tom

Yes it is possible but ACC is not a good format, it is not supported on all browsers, compression is very bad. You should use mp3 format!

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hi Tibi!

Thanks for answering.

I meant AFC, Advanced Custom Fields. The input would be like this: the_field(“podcast_snippet”). It returns the url.

Best regards, Tom

If tou can get the audio URL it will work, the audio URL is added in the player shortcode.

Best regards.Tibi – FWD.

Version 2.1 Release Date 21.06.2020

  • Added support for encrypted audio / mp3 path, for example the source path content/audio/fwd-audio.mp3 will be encrypted to encrypt:70de891f83b42a958770b738fd3b66f2 this way it will be impossible to steal it by crawling the page source, video tutorial here

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hi, I just purchased easy player, however I noticed after reading the comments that royal audio player is better suited to my needs. Can you offer a refund so I can buy royal audio player instead. Thanks


I am sorry but I do not offer refunds for mistake purchases, please be more careful.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Version 2.0 Release Date 02.06.2020

  • Added audio spectrum visualizer with 4 presets and customizable color theme.
  • Added new engine for playing SoundCloud and HLS / m3u8 / HTTp Live Streaming.
  • Added HEX / CSS color support, the buttons colors and color theme can be modified with simple CSS by passing a hexadecimal color(ex: #FF0000) and even more, we have done it in a cool way that all graphics will retain the texture and at the same time apply the chosen color.
  • Lazy scrolling / loading, the posibility to initialize EAP on scroll when the product is visible in the page, this way for example if the player is in a section of a page that is not visible it will not be initialized, instead the EAP will be initialized only when the user is scrolling to the section in which EAP is added.
  • Added keyboard support, UP & DOWN ARROWS: volume up or volume down, M:mute / unmute, SPACE: play / pause.
  • Added scrubbers tooltips.
  • Optimized the enitre code.
  • Improved overall design and fix various bugs.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Hello dev,

I purchase Mega Audio Players BUNDLE and its was deleted from your portfolio can you kindly give me back those files? because i purchase them with license and evidence.



The bundle is no longer on sale, it was a limited edition.

Regards. Tibi – FWD.


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