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Highly considering purchasing this plugin. Couple questions: Are the skins customizable? I’m looking to achieve a flat look with specific colours. Also, can I put posts inside the steps which already are using other plugins?

Skins are images, so you need to edit graphics if you would like to customize them. Inside steps you can put text, html code or shortcodes, so you should be able to put posts there.

Hi, great plugin. Do you plan to update it soon to be responsive?? if so, what is the expected time frame?

Hi, thank you!
No, I don’t have plans to make it responsive in the near future.

I just updated my support and tried to access your support but it says I still need to pay again- – i am having HUGE problems with the panel http://kidsmagicworld.com.au/thankyou/?page_id=6542 in FF it works right in IE and chrome only the first 2 panels work and the 3rd and forth do not I am in desperate need to get this working ASAP

I can see that you’ve already created a topic. Thank you, we’ll answer soon.

Hey, the demo, the previous button doesnt work. I am using chrome.

it works on firefox though. Can you fix the chrome? I need this plugin.

I’ll check this and provide a fix in next week. Thank you!

I’m about to purchase, but before I do, can this be used in conjunction with woocommerce and is it capable of creating a step by step registration process for a new multisite user?

Plugin provides only multistep interface. You can of course use it for any purpose but every custom functionality need to be coded. User registration isn’t build in feature.

Hi there,

I have a sytling suggestion…

You finished Step 4 and you are going back to step 2 the step graphic/ color doesn’t change back. Here you can find a picture: https://postimg.org/image/qkxowaqv9/

Step 2 and 3 are still orange when you are moving back to Step 2 and not change back to grey.


There is an option called ‘mark visited’ which you can disable in configuration if you would like to change that behaviour. Yes, plugin is not responsive, right now I’m not planning an update for it.

Thanks for your quick answer.

Too bad but I need this function (responsive), because it’s necessary in these times. Maybe, if you consider an update please inform me ;)... I will buy the plugin right away.

And amybe add contact form 7 compatibility like:


I think you will get much more sales…

Best regards!

Thank you for your suggestions!
Right now I don’t have specific plans about updates for this plugin, maybe in the future I’ll release brand new multi step plugin. Please follow me on Twitter to be notified about our new products and updates: https://twitter.com/QuanticaLabs

hello can i use sms verification for example after first step before directing it to next step?

Plugin doesn’t provide such a functionality but if you have coding skills you can integrate it on your own.

Can this plugin work with Woocommerce to allow customers to create the following steps: select a package, select delivery day, select products, enter customer details: address, and payment info, order complete.

It require some custom coding and you will need to use available plugin events. You’ll need someone with coding skills to do that.

is there an admin demo i can check out before buying? unless you honor a refund, i have been stuck with to many bad plugins from this marketplace that are buggy and do not meet all specification.

In addition, for each step, can you place a url for advancement to each step, so one step can be a post a, next step post b, next step, post c, etc. ?

Please confirm on demo for admin and for steps and whole process.

Thank you

We’re not providing the access to admin demo. You can check the screen from admin area here: https://codecanyon.net/item/dynamic-step-process-panels-for-wordpress/screenshots/125748?index=3 (it’s old but options are the same in the current version).

You are defining the step content in the textarea, you can put the shortcode there if you would like to display for example specific post content.


Is there a way to make further steps conditional to a button/checkbox in a previous step?

For example, a 10-steps building process where you have to choose between two options in step 1 and steps 2-10 change depending on your choice.

Can this be done?


Yes it’s possible but you’ll need to prepare js code for onOpen event where you’ll check your conditions.

Hi, in the example no work validate email, where i can to look tutorial of validate code

i need a validate form but i don’t now how

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

Hi, where can I see the 16 different styles?

You can check on live preview pages:
We’re not showing all the color combinations but most of them.

Ok, thanks.

But it’s possible make something like this? http://crearts.es/img/example.png

Exactly the same styles are not available. Plugin is including only arrow style steps/tabs.

when creating a web form within the step panels- is it possible to have them fill out a complete form n the 1st step and then when they click submit- it takes them to step 2? and if so which wordpress contact forms do you know this works with?

Please check example 4 from this live demo page: http://dynamicstepprocesspanelswp.quanticalabs.com/?page_id=52 It’s possible but require some custom js code. The plugin provides step by step interface but if you would like to add some form validation etc. you’ll need to add this on your own.

Hello, I do not speak English, I use google translate, it’s used to search for a product step by step and at the end I say buy it, something like:   (Http://www.discountfilterstore.com/FridgeFilterFinder/?filter_finder_brand=Amana&source=CategoryPageBanner)

Our plugin is providing step by step interface but if you would like to have some additional actions like selecting products etc. you’ll need to add them on your own.

Hello, I do not speak English, I use google translate, it’s used to search for a product step by step and at the end I say buy it, something like:   (Http://www.discountfilterstore.com/FridgeFilterFinder/?filter_finder_brand=Amana&source=CategoryPageBanner)

I have replied on your previous comment.


edshoe Purchased

This plugin is NOT responsive. Guess I should have read the comments before buying as they indicate that there are no firm future plans to make it responsive. Into the garbage it goes.

Was this plugin ever updated to be responsive? I bought this years ago because it was just so nice and Envato was just raising prices at the time so I grabbed it and never used it. I now have a need for it but I need it responsive. So, that’s all I need to know before looking for a similar responsive one. Thanks so much

EDIT I just noticed edshoe’s comment above mine

Guess I’ll just use tabs and accordions instead that are already in the theme this time.
Really would love to see this responsive. It’s beautiful.
I also own the non wordpress version. Perhaps that may work better?
I could always create my tutorial in HTML and link it on the WP.
mmmmmm thinkin

Yes – the plugin isn’t responsive. We will consider to replace graphics with css styles in the future and make both versions responsive. With current version you can consider to prepare different versions of the same panels for each mobile view and show/hide them depends on screen resolution from css.


javagee Purchased

I tried to put a HTML List tag in the content but when i view it the list tag never take effect. Please advise. Thanks.

Support for all our items is conducted through our Support Forum. Please register an account and search the forum or create a new topic, we’ll answer as soon as possible. Thank you!

there is not language file in folder ,i want change laguage file .

You will need to make translation in source plugin file – dynamic_step_process_panels.php. Unfortunately plugin doesn’t include language files.

For most settings you need to be coded. This is very bad :(

We are sorry for your inconveniences but the functionalities which you were asking about like RTL mode and translation has not been advertised as included with the plugin.