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May i know this reaction plugin can use in any kind of theme or any kind of post?

Hi there,

At the moment we have 3 styles. You can check at demo site of this plugin. If you want another design of reactions. Suggest us via email.


If I want new design for this reaction how should I do? How can I change those reaction icon?


You can do this with replacing images in folder \dw-reactions-pro\assets\img.

Please keep name and format ( png ) of plugin’s images if you don’t want to edit code files

If you like this plugin, please purchase this for us

are the reactions compatible with comments?

Hi oweibor,

At the moment, our plugin does not compatible with comments. However, it’s a great idea, we will discuss it and update this option in the next version.

Thank you… That would be great… especially if there is an option to enable and disable it from the options panel. I’ve used the free version since the first day it arrived the repo … Another presale question…

1. Is there a way to insert the number of likes and reactions + plus their icons on the home page except meta data area? I tried to do this manually with the free version.. but the outcome wasn’t very good.

2. Is there gonna be room for custom reaction icons upload like reaction style.

Hi, I have star ratings at the end of every blog post and I’ll like to add reactions directly underneath star ratings. Now, reaction buttons are spaces below star ratings. Can you please tell me how can I accomplish this desire? Post example:


For more detailed instructions, please contact us via or create a question at

Thank you

Hi, i’m looking for a plugin like yours. My pre-sales question is: Is it possible to add an after action. Let me explain. If a users does a reaction i would like he could for example share that post (facebook, twitter, whatsapp..) or if not integrated allow to call a share plugin. Thanks


For more detailed instructions, please contact us via or create a question at

I already did tratas you can see in my previous post

Hi there,

Please accept our apologies in getting back to you. We have replied to your email. Please check your email inbox.

Should you need any further assistance, please get back to us. We’ll be happy to help.

This plugin seems not working great with cache, does it work with wp-admin calls?

Please accept my apology for the delay in getting back to you. in your case, you can let me know detail about this question.

Does this work with buddypress groups and activity feed? if yes, then is it possible to only enable it on buddypress groups and activity feed, but not on posts or comments

At the moment, the plugin does not compatible with the buddypress

hello, got an issue, i have to upload the single.php evedy day, wo the code from the plugin gets eareased very day automatically, so the users cant be vote, why?


For more detailed instructions, please contact us via or create a question at

comment was a mistake.sorry

Does this allow to link all articles that were tagged by users for each reaction as a menu item. So for instance, able to create a link to all articles that were chosen for scary stories or hilarious stories…etc.

At the moment, the plugin does not support to do that.

Any ETA on this working with buddypress? we’ll but it once it does.

At the moment, the plugin does not compatible with the buddypress

Yes, If you have any issue or question, you can let me know, I will help you resolve it.

in demo i dont see example of sorting post based on reactions can u show a sample?

also is there a short code i can embed in

will it show posts with polls that has same reaction embeded in them?

At the moment, the plugin does not support to sorting post based on reactions. Also, very hard to surely about the plugin compatible with the our plugin has shortcode to embed in a page or php file.

Hello DW,

Can you add this Feature. When User click any Reaction, right after they Click the Reaction, load the Facebook Share Window, so user can also Share that Article on the Facebook Wall. This can bring a lot more Traffic to our website. Plus this Feature can make more sales for you I’m sure.

Thank for your feedback, we will check and discuss about this issue.

I am having an issue with the plugin. The plugin is showing emojis twice (both styles) and I want it show only one style. You can see the issue in the link below:

Please accept my apology for the delay in getting back to you. I think I helped you resolve this issue in the question on our DesignWall forum.

Nice plugin, but limited user.
1) Is it work with buddypress ? .
2) Is it show have pop-up stats count and user list who reaction same fb?.
3) Is it allow to add more or change icon defaul in your plugin?.

Do you have custom job? I want to custom with option 1+2 (option 1 have free plugin work correct as yours, i can show you. Maybe just simple because it function pop-up correct like yours). If you do, please give me price in to my private message. Thanks

Please contact me via email: we will discuss about it.

Hi thank you. I found the plugin all of what i need now

Seems like no updates are made recently.

At the moment, we are holding the plugin and have not issue or new feature to update the plugin. We will discuss about this plugin to make an updated plan in the future Also, the plugin does not compatible with the Mycred plugin.

Hi I’m currently experiencing bad issues with the free version of Reaction , it’s not displaying at all so I wanted to know if someone could help solve this issue quick ? Thank you


is it possible to change the icons of the reactions or to limit the number of icons/reactions shown?