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I purchased this plugin on April 4, 2017 and asked a question in the forum at on April 21, 2017.

It has been 4 days but the author has not cared to answer my support question. The author is not providing support at all. Just creating a forum where buyers can throw their important support questions in a dump and wait if some other user writes an answer, is not support.

I’m highly disappointed.

Also, we are planning to update the plugin, If you have any idea about the feature or bug of the plugin. Please let me know, we will discuss about it.

Hi DW Author,

 It’s been about six months since I posted this comment. I’m glad that eventually I was able to get your attention; although my support has expired during this long wait.

 Before I give you a few suggestions, please let me acknowledge that DW Reactions is a great beginning but you can attract thousands of new customers and also charge a higher price if you look at this plugin from Web Admin’s and Web Visitor’s perspective.

 Please note that I appreciate your response and I’m spending my time writing these suggestions to reciprocate your courtesy. These suggestions are not a demand; these are just an honest and friendly feedback from a real user; rather a power user. You can see your plugin in use at


1. Displaying posts by reaction type: a. It will tremendously enhance its usefulness if the plugin adds a “dropdown filter” on the “All Posts” page just like the one added by “Author Filters plugin by Clarion Technologies”. b. Admin should be able to select a reaction type from the dropdown and display all posts that received that particular reaction, preferably “within a certain date range”. Posts should be sorted in descending order; the highest reaction count on the top.

2. Automate the following optional actions for each reaction type separately: a. Send an email to the author when the count of that particular reaction type equals a certain number. b. Send an email to the author when the count of that particular reaction type exceeds a certain number. c. Change the status of the post from “Published” to “Pending Review” when the count of a particular reaction type exceeds a certain number.


1. Display a dropdown on the Archive Page that enables the visitors to filter the posts by each reaction type; the highest count of that reaction being on the top. 2. Ability of admin to display that dropdown on any custom archive page using a shortcode or a PHP script in the relevant file.


Khalid Mian

Yes, we will discuss about your requests.

Does the PRO version store the data of the user who performed the reaction on the POST, in addition to the date of the day?

At the moment, the plugin does not support this issue.

Does this plugin also have the schema as well? For SEO

At the moment, the plugin does not support this issue.

Is it possible to open a share window with options to share in social networks after react to a post?

At the moment, the plugin does not support this issue.

I am currently using the free version and I am running into 2 Big issue.

Actually, I am having a page in which multiple posts are listed and i want to show these reactions to all of them on that page.

I used the shortcode on each post listed on that page but whenever I give reaction to one post it will automatically give that reaction to all the post on that page.

Secondly, I am also using an autoloader, so whenever the page auto load after 10 posts the reaction button appears but stops working.

Please accept my apology for the delay in getting back to you. We have some issue with us system. If you still face their issue, you can contact with me via

Also, we are planning to update the plugin, If you have any idea about the feature or bug of the plugin. Please let me know, we will discuss about it.

Hello, i need to translate the plugin, what is the name to give to .mo and .po files?

ps: a suggestion for the next update 1) view, in the stats page, the username next to each vote 2) delete a vote

We have updated the plugin, we are waiting for the Codecanyon review. Afer 2 or 3 days, you can download the latest version from your account.

still not working and the new update has not news…

We have fixed some bug in the plugin an now it working fine, Please send me your email, I will update the plugin for you, we have updated the new package in the today.


Is there a PHP variable to display only the most voted smiley?

At the moment, the plugin does not support a PHP variable to display only the most voted smiley. We are checking and updating the plugin, we will discuss about this issue.

To translate the plugin:

You can use the Poedit. Open Poedit and go to File > New catalog from POT file and select the POT in your plugin languages folder. A catalog properties box will pop up asking for information about what you are translating. Enter the language you want to translate here. After you hit “OK,” you’ll be asked what you want to name your translation file. The name is important and there’s a particular format you will need to follow. For example, if you’re translating English for the UK, the file should be named en_EN.po. Check out the GNU ‘gettext’ utilities to find your language and country codes.

Thanks for your reply but for the translation I know well Poedit and it does not work, I was forced to translate the PHP file.

We are checking and fixing this issue, we will update this issue in the latest version.


sonaike Purchased

Hello I received a mail for an update to this plugin today after updating it still shows version 1.2.0 of the previous version and what’s new in the latest version, there is no changelog

Thank for your interesting in our plugin. We have updated a new version with some fixed issue in the Today, you can waiting after 2 or 3 days to download the latest version. Also, we are updating the changelog for the plugin now:

- Fix: Translate issue

- Update new version
- New: Allow change the icon


I’d like to ask you if there’s an option to replace the emoticons with our own custom ones.

Please let me know. Thanks!

Yes, we have created an option to help you change the icon from the setting of the plugin.

Can I use custom pictures as the icons?

Yes, we have created an option to help you change the icon from the setting of the plugin.

Can you update plugin to support latest Wordpress version

Yes, the plugin works fine with the latest version of WP. We have checked it.

Shortcode placement ignored, reactions sticking above posts.

I have unselected all the automatic placements in the settings page, but when I place the shortcode [reactions] into my post (I am using the divi theme), it pushes the reactions div to display above the post that the shortcode is inserted into.

I need to have it displayed exactly on the page where I put the shortcode and not to decided it’s placement on its own. If there is some code I can insert into my functions.php file to help change this or something I am missing, please help me out.

We have got your email, We will check and answer your question now.

Hey DW, we bought this plugin for our bbpress forum. The goal was, to give the users the ability to like special replies. But when a user wants to like one special reply in a topic and klicks f.e. the WOW, this emoticon is displayed at ALL the replies in the topic and not only under the specific reply. I hope you understand what I mean? Whatever configuration I use in the settings, I cant find a solution for that problem. What shall I do to display the reaction ONLY under the SPECIFIC reply?

Please send me username & password of your site via email:, we will check and help you resolve it.

How do I add a new reaction to the set? Thank you.

At the moment, the plugin does not support to add a new reaction as you mentioned here. However, you can change the image for the reaction that you want to have.

That’s unfortunate. Please add it on a future update. Thank you.

I made my registration in your own support system, but when trying to post a subject on the agenda was not possible, so I’m writing here. I would like to make a suggestion, “DW Reactions Pro – WordPress Plugin” to add AMP (Accelerated Pages) support in this plugin. since most sites use the AMP feature.

Thank for your suggestion, I sent and notified to our technical team about your suggestion, we will check and discuss about it.


downdl Purchased

I like your plugins, please make it compatible with buddypress!

Yes, the plugin compatible with BuddyPress to show the question and answer in the profile. In your case, you can let me know detail about this issue via email: and send me your site URL for further checking.


downdl Purchased

I sent you an email at the address you mentioned, but I did not receive any answer

Please send me your site url for further checking