Discussion on Duramenu | Responsive Bootstrap Menu

Discussion on Duramenu | Responsive Bootstrap Menu

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Very impressive. Good luck!

Thanks so much !

Very Nice Menu Design Item….........:)

Thank you (:

deseo saber si funciona sin Bootstrap deseo implementarlo en mi web

Sorry, it does not work without Bootstrap

Great job! I would like to use it for themeforest item,with extended licence of course? Thanks

Thanks! Of course you can use

Thanks! Of course you can use

Good job but tabbed menus are not working properly in responsive layout. If you fix that I want to buy.

Hello nim, this feature is being corrected in new version. Yet it will take a while for the new version to be released

tabbed mega does not work in mobile view

is there any backend or how is it to use, how to create a menue?

Hi there, unfortunately, there is no backend, editing is up to users

How do I remove the nav from sticking to the top when you scroll?

Hi there. Open js/dura-main.js and delete the lines below : // Scroll To Fixed Header

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales ;)

Thank you (:

Are there any updates planned for this menu? I haven’t seen anything for almost six months.

Hi there, actually there is an update. But, I coded it from the beginning and without Bootstrap (however it also works with Bootstrap). Below link you can see a screenshot of it. But of course there are some final things to do. At this point, i haven’t decided to make it as an update or as a new item. If it would be a new item, I plan to give free copies to ones who have purchased this menu.

Hello Athanas, could you give me your email adress please?

How do I remove ALL the shadow fx from from the drop-downs? Thx.

Could you also please try with your browser cache cleaned? Also, when you first downloaded the package, did you have the same problem? I mean, maybe a modification you have done might cause it

Nothing to do with cache. If you look at the code in the link I sent, you’ll see I removed the top two rows (all I needed was the bottom row).

In doing so, I must have removed the toggle class. I’m going through it again to test it. I’m halfway through, but it’s not easy sorting out the multiple nested divs etc. I’m working out which bits I can safely remove and still keep the proper toggle function.

Did you able to modify the rows so that toggle button works?

I want to use only this Menu on my ecommerce website as a vertical menu. If you I purchased this item then can you help me extract this code only ?

Unfortunately i dont offer such customization services

Hi, Any plans for bootstrap 4 support?

Hi there, unfortunately i don’t consider bootstrap 4 support in the near future

Hello, any way to customize the color of the entire nav bar?

Everything fine except non of the sub menus work in mobile browser like tabs and others.


JamiLin Purchased

Purchased DuraMenu 4-5 months ago (site is taking forever). I LOVE the functioning on Desktop! All the AWESOMENESS is not scaling to mobile (using 667×375 as predominate template). My webmaster says Menu is designed with “Bootstrap 3” and newer bootstraps are available. Is there someone that could upgrade “Duramenu” for me and/or provide guidance how to get ALL AWESOMENESS to scale on mobile? I am happy to pay for best solution.