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demo link does not work

fixed, try now!

Lookin great! Good luck :)

Nice game. It’s done with Construct 2 ? is the capx included ?

No Costruct. All our games are made in pure HTML5/js and Createjs library.

not work in iphone and ipad

Hi, we noticed that there was an issue with codecanyon iframe that didn’t occur before. We’re fixing this.

Please try now.

The resolution 1024×768 looks good on the PC, but on mobile the game looks very small. It’s so small that you can not play, for example in a Samsumg Galaxy S5.

How can better adapt the size of the game without losing proportion?

The game is good, but the problem of proportion mobile experience is bad.

The game scales proportionally from the original size (1024×768) so if you use a device with a very wide screen, the game could appear smaller. The only way is to recreate the game again with a different resolution.

The control of movement is very difficult. Can you change it to the virtual control pad? it must be better.

Hi! We’ll take into account your suggestion for an eventual update of the game :) Customer’s feedback are always welcome :)

Hi, Could I update the PSD graphics to have this be on a beach and could I change the ducks to tennisballs and could I change the quack sound when ball is hit? Thank you for your help

Hi! You can change the both graphics and sounds replacing them in the sprites and sounds folders. The new files must have the same name, size (only for image) and format. Since the duck is animated, you must replace all the sprites. If you need PDSs files, you can find them on Graphic River

Hi guys, I have a question, Can I change all images that the game show? and Can I control the movment of the ducks?

Hi, you can change the images replacing all the files in the sprites folder with new ones of the same size and format. All ducks have a fixed entry and exit point and a trajectory, if you want we can customize the game to change them. If you are interested, write us at to get a quotation