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hi, does this uploader support resumable uploads?

Hi! Unfortunately not

Awesome upload. Love it. One question though….is there a way to check to see if the filename exists in the upload directory and if so, instruct the user to change the name or throw up an error? I’m using this with access from different people and without them browsing the upload directory first, there’s no way for them to know what has been named already.

Would be nice to prevent file overwriting by simply checking the directory for an existing name already.

Hi! What if I will add some random value for each uploaded file. Is this will be good solution for you?

That wouldn’t work for me (we’re linking uploaded files to a forum and readable urls are needed). What about implementing a check in the PHP….like so:

if(!file_exists($_FILES['upload']['tmp_name'].'/'.$FILES['upload']['name'])) { $upload_error = 'file is not set !'; return; //stop further code execution }else{ //do further validation }

Hi! Ok, I will add checking, is file with this name exist or not. It will be available in next update

Hello, Works great. Is it also possible to order the uploaded images?

Hi! Unfortunately there is no such option in my plugin.

Why is the file not being renamed to its original name? Is there a setting I missed for this? Uploaded files are left with the random name.

Hi! Do you use AJAX upload method?

No I haven’t tried that one yet. I adjusted the PHP to simply use the original file name and not create a temporary name. But I’ll check out the AJAX version.

Hi! Can you send me message to or just give me your email. I will send you instructions, how to change this .

Hi, can i integrate it with magento 2 form? thanks

Hi! Unfortunately not.

Hi, can I use this in a website contact form where the user uploads a file and the whole form is sent to the website admin as an email like a normal contact form is sent?

Hi! Yes, but you need to add (integrate) file uploading functions to your existing script.

Hi! I often get an error “File not received” What can cause this?

Hi! This error means, that $_FILE variable on your server is empty or you pass wrong index in $_FILE variable. Please check ajax_upload.php file on line 44

Hi Boris, nice plugin you’ve built. If I would like to count the words from the uploaded file (doc/pdf) how can I use ‘file_upload_end’ event to achieve it?

I think it will be better to do this on server side via PHP

Thanks for your messages. Can you give me some hints about how can I implement it inside your plugin?

If you use ajax upload you can get uploaded file path and pass this filepath to function, that can parse uploaded doc and calculate words. In ajax_upload.php yon can do this after line 52

Does it support https? If I install this uploader in one linux server (main server), Can I upload files to another linux server (second server)? if yes, Does files upload directly to second server? or first, files upload to main server then they are transfer to second server?

Hi! You need to upload files to first server and then transfer them to second because executing JS scripts from other sites can be unavailable in security reasons


jonofat Purchased

Do you have a jQuery version? I would prefer to use jQuery instead of vanilla javascript.

Hi! This is actually jQuery version. It works as an jQuery plugin.

hello boris, I congratulate you on a great complement, I would like to ask you a question, in the example AJAX mode Upload Form (layout: ‘thumbnails’) because when loading files that are not images it does not load the icon , only shown in white, you could help me where to correct that please, thank you

Hi! Thank you for your report, I will try to fix this bug in next update

Hi, I sent you an email through Support last week, please could you reply? I need to use more than one instance of the uploader on a page, to upload different things. I need 1 to upload images, 1 to upload video and 1 to upload documents. Please can you tell me how this can be done? I can’t make it work myself.

Hi! Please try to use $('#image_files’) selector instead of $('input[type="file"]#image_files’). And same for audio files.

Dear Boris,

Im trying to implement this addon to Wordpress and now when i’m trying to upload a file console gives me:

SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data

at drop_uploader.js:262:36 which is var response = JSON.parse(this.response); then i tried console.log(this.response); then it prints out the HTML of page not found.

My settings are at url: ‘ajax_upload.php’, delete_url: ‘ajax_delete.php’,

Also tried to put these files in theme folder and then ../ajax_upload.php That didint work and tried to put them in the root folder also in the js folder but none seem to work.

Could you help me out please.

Greetings, Jeffrey Lang

Sorry i fixed it.

in ajax_upload.php change $uploaddir = ’../../uploads/user-uploads’;

And in custom.js change: url: ’../wp-content/themes/themename/ajax_upload.php’, delete_url: ’../wp-content/themes/themename/ajax_delete.php’,


The uploader is working great! but i have one question can you set the max files uploaded.

Im not seeing this in the options or do i need to create this myself?

Thanks in advanced Jeffrey

Hi! To set a maximum amount of files you need to add data-count attribute to your input. See the documentation for details.


virteom Purchased

Hi I am trying to use the Ajax method but the entire browser keeps refreshing when I hit submit. Can you tell me how to get AJAX working so browser does not refresh? I would rather use the callback in JS to go to next step after upload.

Hi! Can you send me the link to your site via PM, I will check what can be wrong.

hello can use this one with woocommerce order , i mean i need just show on orders page to make the customers can upload receipt photos there , thanks

Hi! unfortunately, there is no such option in this plugin.

hello, just bought this plugin, how to send the uploaded files as an email…?

Hi! This is depends on your environment, where you use this script

I use it in regular html page where customer can upload their files to the server. I want it to make the uploaded file as a “link to download” it thn send the link to default email. is that possible?

Hi! There is no such function in my plugin, but you can add it by modifying existing PHP script.

Hello – how to remove/reset an image?

Hi! In AJAX mode you can delete the added image by click on the trash icon

Nice functionality but missing something. Same as the person who asked above me.

How do you remove / reset an image? Without using ajax.

As a user, what if I uploaded a wrong file or something or I changed my mind. (That the image field is nullable) so how can I reset the upload container.

Since I can’t wait, I decided to add a temporary functionality on the plugin js itself.

I added this line of code to have a delete button

// See [//Wrap file input field] $(v).after('<button type="button" class="clear-all button red">Clear All</button>') // Then I added a functionality to reset all data. Somewhere in plugin $(document).on("click", "#" + uploader_id + " ~ .clear-all", function() { v.value = ''; $('#' + uploader_id + ' .files li').delay(400).fadeOut("slow"); setTimeout(function() { $('#' + uploader_id + ' .files li').remove(); }, 1000); });

This is just a quick hack just to get the functionality done on my side. I don’t know if using ajax or multiple will still work or experience a file error on different extension / file size limit.

Hi! By default, you can delete uploaded files only in AJAX mode. In non-AJAX mode, there is used default file input element. And it can’t be changed via JavaScript because of secure restriction (Some browsers ignore this). That’s why there is no way to do file deletion in right way. If a user selected wrong files he can click on browse and select different files.

I am interested and would love to support you moving forward. Just a few questions since I could not find documentation.

I am guessing this does a standard form submit to my php file processor or do you send each file one at a time. I ask because in my php file I want to save files with names like image.1.jpg image.2.jpg image.3.jpg and so on. In other words would love to loop through the $FILES and manipulate names.


Hi! If you use Drop Uploader in default mode – behavior will be the same, as with default file input field – you will get an array of uploaded files in $FILES variable. If you use Drop Uploader in AJAX mode you will get several requests to the server, in each of them you will get a single file in $FILES variable.


jtorral Purchased

Yeap. That works. Just purchased it. Would be nice to see a progress indicator as we upload and the ability to removed files from the drop zone prior to submit.


Hi! Progress indicator and file delete button are available if you use Drop Uploader in AJAX mode