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good job :) i wish you all the best for your sales ;) !

Thanks )

Some quick questions:

1. Can you set max. size of file upload as well as file type? 2. Can you specify directory where file is saved to? 3. Can you specify the filename used to name the file on disk? 4. Is php script easy to modify so that you can write a filename to a mysql table so that the file can be retrieved via a database query?

Hello! About max file size – I will add this feature in next update. About other questions – you can easily set files uploader folder in PHP script, and also modify other params in PHP script. My plugin uses $_FILES variable on server side to process file uploading.

Hello! Max file size restriction now available in Drop Uploader


I have a question. In the item description , Compatible Browsers is IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Chrome. But Demo doesn’t work at Firefox and IE. IE can’t drag drop but BROWSE button works. On Firefox , both drag drop and BROWSE button doesn’t work.

ReferenceError: event is not defined -drop_uploader.js:60:17

Is this script really compatible with Firefox and IE?


Hi! Thanks for your report. Yes, there is some problems with Firefox and IE. I will try to find, how can I fix it or add some fallback for this browsers.

I ran the demo and didn’t see a progress bar for multiple files. It was a bit difficult to tell if the script was working until the page refreshed and the file list was displayed. Is there a progress bar option so the user will know that the files are being uploaded?

Hello! Now this option is not available in my plugin. But I’m going to add this in the futute

Thank you, that is great news.

waw, Thank U , I upgrade it to direct insert to sql database it’s just awesome


Exin Purchased

Hi I bought a regular lincense. I am building image hosting script in php that I plan to sell here on codecanyon. Can I buy extended lincense and use your Javascript File Uploader in my product. Codecanyon rules says that I have to get permission from you:

Exception 1: When you purchase an Extended License and get written permission from the original author to use in your stock item sold on Envato Market. Keep a copy of the email giving you permission.

So is it ok to buy extended lincese and sell my own script with your script included?

Hello! Please send me short description of your future plugin to borisolhor at gmail dot com

Can I use this Uploader plugin for my website?

Hello! My plugin is contain 2 main parts – JavaScript, that works with default file input form element, and backend PHP, that probably you will need to rewrite in So – if you can use JS on frontend in your project – this plugin will be helpful for you.

Nice plugin! It took me a while to implement the code in a WordPress environment (plugin) with WP Ajax calls and feedback, but it is working like a charm.

Any news on the Firefox and IE issue? I have currently solved it by determining the browser and adjust the functionality accordingly, but this is just a temporary fix.

If I can give some feature suggestions: - option to disable drop functionality - option to remove a file from the list before submit - option to automatically submit (single item upload) on selecting a file (drop or browse), by triggering a function

Hi! I bought it recently, so I already have the latest version (I checked however and it is the same version).

Hi, you just released an update. Can you tell me what has changed (new, update, bug fixes …)?

Hi! I added AJAX upload method, that compatible with FireFox and IE browser

Hi, I’m considering your script – it looks nice!

Is there a way to limit the number of files (like, max 3).

Also, is there a way to get an instant alert if the file is heavier then a specified size (like, right now on your demo, i can select a file bigger than allowed).


Hi! About max amount of files – I think I can add this in one of the next updates. About alert, when you select file, that too big (in file browser on your OS) – I’m not sure, that this is possible.

Hi! This is not working in Bootstrap modal.

Hi! Can you send me link, where do you tested it?

I don’t have a link. I’m working on localhost. The problem is when you drop the file the browser opens a new tab like you are opening a file with the browser.

Hi! What version do you use, and on what browser? And when do you purchased this plugin?

hi, is there a max file size I can upload ? and where would this script need to be hosted, does it need a special VPS or special cloud storage different from normal web hosting? thx

Hello! Yes, you can set filesize limit (see 6 upload box in demo). And you can install this in usual web hosting.

Hi is there a limit on how big a file can be? Example if someone wants to upload 400 megs?

Hi! Yes, you can set file size limit.

Hello, what is the max file size? I need to upload 1gb (average size per file) files

Hi! I think it may works with such files, but this also depends on your server settings.

Hi there, before i buy this scripts, may i know if i can restrict user can only upload 5 images? I tried “Multiple File Upload Form”, this is the most closest to what i want, but it allows user to upload unlimited numbers of files, can i just limit it to 5 files?

Hello! For now there is no such option, but I think I can add this in future.


Hi I get this error with jQuery 3.1.1

jQuery.Deferred exception: $(...).drop_uploader is not a function TypeError: $(...).drop_uploader is not a function

Is it a known error?

Thanks a lot.

Hi! I just test my plugin with jQuery 3.1.1 and seems like it works well. Can you send me link to your site, I will check it there.

Hi, my fault, tried again and it works like a charm even with the 3.1.1. Thank you!

Hi it works on mobiles devices?

Hi! When you use AJAX – script send several requests to server (one request per file). So you need save files separately.

thnks but how i do that, i tried to chenge the upload.php and ajax_upload but i can’t get the data for replacement for exampl file’ => $_FILES“postPhotos”[0],

Hi! If you working with AJAX, you need to modify ajax_upload.php. You can make var_dump($_FILES) to see, what data you receive via AJAX

Hello, the script is very nice but when I try to upload a photo from tablet android or iphone preview is turned 90° degrees. How can I fix? Thank you

Hi! As I understand – this happens only with photos with portrait orientation. I will fix this in next update.


maketour Purchased

1. Are there any ASP sample versions? 2. If not, what about the json_encode response sample code? {File: ABCD.gif “} ??

Hi! Unfortunately, there is no ASP version, or same samples for this plugin