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hi, does this uploader support resumable uploads?

Hi! Unfortunately not

Awesome upload. Love it. One question though….is there a way to check to see if the filename exists in the upload directory and if so, instruct the user to change the name or throw up an error? I’m using this with access from different people and without them browsing the upload directory first, there’s no way for them to know what has been named already.

Would be nice to prevent file overwriting by simply checking the directory for an existing name already.

Hi! What if I will add some random value for each uploaded file. Is this will be good solution for you?

That wouldn’t work for me (we’re linking uploaded files to a forum and readable urls are needed). What about implementing a check in the PHP….like so:

if(!file_exists($_FILES['upload']['tmp_name'].'/'.$FILES['upload']['name'])) { $upload_error = 'file is not set !'; return; //stop further code execution }else{ //do further validation }

Hi! Ok, I will add checking, is file with this name exist or not. It will be available in next update


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Hello, Works great. Is it also possible to order the uploaded images?

Hi! Unfortunately there is no such option in my plugin.

Why is the file not being renamed to its original name? Is there a setting I missed for this? Uploaded files are left with the random name.

Hi! Do you use AJAX upload method?

No I haven’t tried that one yet. I adjusted the PHP to simply use the original file name and not create a temporary name. But I’ll check out the AJAX version.

Hi! Can you send me message to or just give me your email. I will send you instructions, how to change this .

Hi, can i integrate it with magento 2 form? thanks

Hi! Unfortunately not.

Hi, can I use this in a website contact form where the user uploads a file and the whole form is sent to the website admin as an email like a normal contact form is sent?

Hi! Yes, but you need to add (integrate) file uploading functions to your existing script.

Hi! I often get an error “File not received” What can cause this?

Hi! This error means, that $_FILE variable on your server is empty or you pass wrong index in $_FILE variable. Please check ajax_upload.php file on line 44

Hi Boris, nice plugin you’ve built. If I would like to count the words from the uploaded file (doc/pdf) how can I use ‘file_upload_end’ event to achieve it?

I think it will be better to do this on server side via PHP

Thanks for your messages. Can you give me some hints about how can I implement it inside your plugin?

If you use ajax upload you can get uploaded file path and pass this filepath to function, that can parse uploaded doc and calculate words. In ajax_upload.php yon can do this after line 52

Does it support https? If I install this uploader in one linux server (main server), Can I upload files to another linux server (second server)? if yes, Does files upload directly to second server? or first, files upload to main server then they are transfer to second server?

Hi! You need to upload files to first server and then transfer them to second because executing JS scripts from other sites can be unavailable in security reasons

Do you have a jQuery version? I would prefer to use jQuery instead of vanilla javascript.

Hi! This is actually jQuery version. It works as an jQuery plugin.

hello boris, I congratulate you on a great complement, I would like to ask you a question, in the example AJAX mode Upload Form (layout: ‘thumbnails’) because when loading files that are not images it does not load the icon , only shown in white, you could help me where to correct that please, thank you

Hi! Thank you for your report, I will try to fix this bug in next update

Hi, I sent you an email through Support last week, please could you reply? I need to use more than one instance of the uploader on a page, to upload different things. I need 1 to upload images, 1 to upload video and 1 to upload documents. Please can you tell me how this can be done? I can’t make it work myself.

Hi! Please try to use $('#image_files’) selector instead of $('input[type="file"]#image_files’). And same for audio files.