Discussion on Drag N' Drop Form-builder

Discussion on Drag N' Drop Form-builder

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I tell you, I update to Ef6 with asp mvc 5 but lost the preview for drag and drop, can you help me?

yes sure, send me an email through the author page with some detailed error messages so I can see what’s going on.

please explain me this part: function bindEditables() { // bind editable-labels $(’.editable’).editable(updateEditableField, { onblur: ‘submit’, cssclass: ‘ignore’, maxlength: 450,


the editable labels attach handlers to the labels you see on the form that change from text to input field when you click on them. that jquery function controls what happens when the field loses focus—it calls the “updateEditableField” function which let’s the form know that a change has been made.

In the case of editable labels, the update is made to the database behind the scenes in realtime.

I write you you never answer

My apologies, answered your previous question.

hello, how much to you for create five starts, five emoticons smiles, o Estrellas ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ o Emoji o Imágenes / GIFs for radio buttons


Hello there, usually better to communicate about side-projects via email, but I’m afraid I don’t have the bandwidth at the moment to undertake such a project. I can reach out to you once I free up, but to be honest, I can’t place a timeline on my availability.

  • Its way too old with barely any support!
  • since its the same tech, Can you please update to asp core 7

    Is this for Wordpress or any site?

    Hi I purchased the wrong form builder. I need the PHP version. UGH. Do I have to repurchase ?or can you change it?

    Or can you refund after I repurchase. HELP

    refunds are customer initiated only, on envato last time I checked. You request it, I accept it then you receive it some days later.

    Can you please Updates to ASP Core 6?

    Ok. Unfortunately, however, I cannot provide a timeline for this change at the moment.

    Seems very nice work… Good Luck

    I want to create an exam registration, result entry and report printing. Is it possible with this tool? data must be in database for future reference, the block of main result pass or fail must with background color. pass should be in green background color where the fail in red background.

    Pls reply urgently

    Pass or fail highliting is not supported, other than that the results do go into a database.

    is it will support Simultaneous with 3-5 people for registration or for result entries?

    It should.

    Hi Sir,

    can this application integration to/as webpart on sharepoint 2016?

    Hi, unfortunately I don’t have enough experience with sharepoint to say either way.All I can say definitively is that the widget has not been tested with Sharepoint.

    Hi. Is there a way to position the questions side by side such as with two columns?


    That feature is not supported in this version.

    Can you help me add a table builder to the theme?

    Hi, I can help you with instructions of how to add a control of your own to the form builder. Please send me an email from the author page.

    Hello , do yoiu have anyplan to create the core version for the Support for Drag N’ Drop Form-builder,´if no how much with it cost to create one for me

    Pardon the late response. There is no active plan to support .Net Core at the moment unfortunately. I’m a bit tied up with projects at the moment but can let you know once I free up if you send me your contact info. Just to manage your expectations, I won’t be free until late in the summer.

    Hi I need to have some updates/custom coding, can you email me your contact info.

    Email me from the author or product page.

    is it support RTL and Arabic Language ?

    it does not.


    Does this save fields and form configuration data into database? Does this supports RTL direction? Does this supports bootstrap responsive feature? How can I use it in Angular or any client-side framework?

    i have 2 questions: 1-do u have it in core? 2-all the the source of the control exist or it will be like encapsulated dll special form builder?

    I don’t have it dotnet core at the moment, but all source code is included. Nothing is obfuscated.

    I need this version in .net with two more components:

    -image that can be shown in the form view submission -datepicker

    can you add this for us and how much we should pay for this?

    Usually I’m okay with this but unfortunately I’m a little backed up with other projects at the moment. Send me an email if you want to discuss timelines and costs.


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