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My Purchase codes is a305347a-634c-4d85-b0a9-da099ce7a05a

please tell me how can i stop automatic save record. and please tell me if i remove autogenerate id from form table then what i shoud change,,,


Hi there, go to your the scripts/form-builder folder and open fbuilder.forms.js, then you can comment out line 634 which says “bindAutoSave()”.

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I want to know one more thing is can we create form in two columns. and can we get scroll bar in form section because we have to create form of 25 fields then its became its create problem for me to drag and drop. form.

I want to know one more thing can we create form in two columns. or can we get scroll bar in form section because we have to create form of 25 fields then its create problem for me to drag and drop. form.

hello Please tell me how can i create form in two columns.. Regards..

Again, I need your email, or I need you to email me for a sample of the PHP implementation. Two-column forms are not supported out of the box for the .Net version.

my email id is and i dont want PHP . but please tell me how can i create form if more then 25 control form have. because for creating 25 control form create problem to drag and drop..

hello i am waiting for you response..


i want to do some change in this. would you help me for bind dropdownlist box with database.for example we have 3 tables Country,State,city then we drag and drop drop downlistbox then we select this listbox to bind with Country, this to state ,this to city any more . Therefore would you tell me where we have to change. if you need further more clarification Please Tell me...

yes, i have started development.if you want by email please tell me your email id and also tell me answer of above question.

Hello Zeeside ,

Please Share your emailid with me.

Visit my author profile page and send me a message from there. You can also try from the product page. i can’t share my email with you in this thread.

Hi there – we are trying to upgrade your project to Entity Framework 6, but we’re running into a million issues. Please could you provide information on how this can be accomplished, or if you maybe have done this in the past? It is so crucial to out project to integrate this with EF6.

I don’t offer support for EF6 specifically, but if you want to share your errors with me I’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot? Go to the author page and send me an email with a screenshot or text of the errors you are getting.

Hi, I’m interested in your drag’n’drop form builder for .net. Does the licence include the source code? Do I have full usage of the code? Can I modify it? Thanks

Yep. Modifications are okay, except they may or may not make upgrading a little more complex for you when new versions are released.

Hello i have posted question for addtional field setting. So please tell me where field setting decided. And Please share email id or contact no with me for more information.

What was your question? As recently mentioned on our previous thread, send me a message from the author or product page to further this discussion.

Dear Sir,

Can i integrate drag n drop module in my own project to work as part of my project.

are you providing he source code and db script?

yes you can. all source code is available with purchase.


i want to do some change in this. would you help me for bind dropdownlist box with database.for example we have 3 tables Country,State,city then we drag and drop drop downlistbox then we select this listbox to bind with Country, this to state ,this to city any more . Therefore would you tell me where we have to change. if you need further more clarification Please Tell me…

That is a complex change. This forum is for quick question and answer and cannot be used to give you full details of how to implement such a feature. I have told you a number of times already to use the author page to send an email. This will be the last time.

Here is a link to the author page if you need it. In the lower right hand corner you can send me a message.

Hello, I am interested in the Form Builder for MVC .NET.

I need to provide the flexibility of building Forms on the Fly, whereby editors would create forms (Free input, Select, etc.) and be able to submit the form to SQL Server.

This shall be part of a bigger application, its like a module on top of the application.

Can this framework allow me to build such forms and submit to Database?

Moreover, the system has the concept of “PersonOfConcern”. Every POC has an ID.

So, basically, I will be creating forms on the fly, like additional data about this POC or surveys to be applied on that POC. Hence, at the end of the day, I want to be able to know what surveys (Forms) were created for POC #10.

Also, would I be able to integrate this framework in my own MVC 5 application?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Bilal

In my own structure, I have a FormTemplate table & FormTemplateField table for instance. When a new Form definition or template is created, a new record is added to the first Table. Then, for each field, I will create a row in the FormTemplateField table. The second row is something like:

FieldInputType (Free Input, List of Values, Calendar, etc.) FieldDataType (Number, String, Date, etc.) Required (True/False) etc.

When the user submits a form template a new record is created in FormInstance table and FormInstanceDetail table (almost same columns as FormTemplateField but with the Value column).

This way, I can allow users later on to edit the form instance.

So, what I need is just the UI, whereby when the user creates a new form template, to know what fields were used, etc. and then store them in my own db.

Does this control provide an API or is just hard coded to store results in DB?


If you are doing a new deployment I recommend using the tables that come with the form builder and extending them. Re-directing the data that is stored in it’s tables into your own table will take some work.

You could try extending your tables so have the same structure that the formbuilder has, then updating the EntityFramework to use your tables instead, but this will have to be your own customization.

I understand.

Do you think I can make use of the UI only?

Can you please share a screenshot or describe how the table structure works? For example, I create a “Contact Us” form with the following fields: Name, Email, Message. How is the data stored? If I delete a field from the form, will the past values be lost? Thanks.

Hi, if you email me from the author page I can send you more details about the schema. There is a table that holds the entries submitted to a form. It has a foreign key to the field it belongs to. When a field gets deleted so does the entry.


Before buying the Drag N’ Drop Form-builder I want to validate the restrictions of the “Extended License” so I would like to answer the following questions: 1- Can I create and publish more than one form? 2 – Can the forms be published in different Web applications? 3- What does “This license is a single application” license and not a “multi-use” license mean, which means that you can’t use the Item to create more than one unique End Product.”?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, in response to your question, you can create more than one form with the form builder. The forms can be embedded via iFrame into different web applications, or if you have knowledge of .Net MVC development, into your application’s views.

The licenses on Envato are really out of the Author’s control, and sometimes even comprehension. My understanding of it is the regular license allows you to use the control in one application. So if you are building a self contained invoicing application for instance, you can use the formbuilder for that instance. If you wanted to build a separate application, let’s call it a Survey or Poll application, you would need to purchase another license. Here is a link that provides further insights.


Before saving a record, can you validate a field or condition against a database?


That functionality is currently not supported.

Hi, I need to create my own controls for drag & drop with further features after drop is this possible and how much is the price

thank you ))


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I just purchased your product and there are a number of views missing from your download namely the MVC 5 project.

which views are missing? there are a couple of views outside the core functionality of the form that were added to demonstrate the integration aspect of the tool. No views in the forms views folder should be missing.


marklt Purchased

I see, Visual Studio was warning me about the missing files. Thank you for your quick response.

Hello, I recently purchased the Drag N’ Drop Form-builder, however, when I open the solution it appears there are many files missing. For example, when I try to open any of the views in the Account or Home directories I get an error stating: “The item ‘{view name}’ does not exist in the project directory, It may have been moved, renamed, or deleted.”

At first, I thought it was something I may have done, but after re-downloading and extracting the zip file, it appears these files were never included in the original zip.

I can provide a full list of the files if necessary, but please let me know if it’s possible to get an updated zip of the solution that contains these files.


Tony Ferrara

Hey Tony, which version of the plugin are you using? MVC4 or MVC5?

In any case, the account folder is only included to demonstrate the integration aspect of the tool. The readme details how you would integrate the tool into an existing application. You’ll notice you don’t need anything in the Account or Home folders. The actual form builder application’s associated controllers and views are located in the “Forms” subdirectory in the Controllers and Views folders.

Let me know if this makes sense. Also, email me a screenshot of your solution opened in Visual Studio and showing the missing files when you get a chance.

After update this, not longer builds or works with ASP MVC 5, .net 4.6.2 or 4.71 which is what comes with windows 10 now, when you buy a new windows 10 laptop.

Many of the nugets, js libs were out of date.

Much of it was a simple fix, just update the nuget packages from VS 2017 and test it.

Heads up, didn’t experience any build issues after the update myself but looking into this. Will try to have a fix up by noon EST tomorrow.

I am still unable to reproduce a build or run-time error. Are you building the project as a standalone or did you integrate it into another project?

Hi, I am doing it as its own project no integration yet. It used integrate well before, but since I updated the nugets and the targeted MVC 5 it doesnt build anymore.

Can you try on a completely different machine please.

BTW, I was able to integrate calendars and forms with d3 charts previously, you should check it out.


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Hello -

Is there a trial of the .net Drag N’ Drop Form builder available?

Thank you


lorigar Purchased

Thanks for the quick reply. I work for a municipality and we are looking to find a .net MVC form builder that we can modify to fit our needs and extends as our needs change. Your product looks like it may work for us, but I’d like to see the code first before buying it. I’ve seen the demo and it looks as close to what we’re looking for as anything else I’ve found, but if I buy it, then we have to use it, so I’d like to see code to make sure we can make the changes we would need to make it work for us before buying.

Got it. There isn’t a trial version though. Giving you the code I have now is basically giving you the product. You do however get full source code with the purchase. No part of the code is obfuscated.

Does “Drag N’ Drop Form-builder” support multiple columns?

Hi, this release doesn’t support multiple columns.


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Do you have a WEB Form version?

I don’t at this time.