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Can you tell me a few more things about this:

- Where does the form validation occur? Client side? Server side? both?
- Can I insert my own code for validation?
- Are all the forms stored in mysql?

Thank you!


1. Form validation occurs primarily on server side

2. There is currently no support for custom validation

3. All forms are stored in mySql

4. There hasn’t been a large scale effort to address responsive-support for all forms, but some of the new templates support it to a degree. The css for your forms is fully templateable as designed so you can add your own css styles by just throwing it in a folder, then selecting it from the drop down at design-time

5. Yes, the extended license allows you to deploy to your client’s server

thank you! What about the data that’s entered into a form? Is that saved to MySQL as well? How is it stored? Is each form field stored in a separate database field?

The relational model has a relationship that maps the data entered to the field which it was entered in.

I’m receiving an error after I set up my tables and adding a new form.

“Unable to save form SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: ’’ for column ‘IsRequired’ at row 1”

If I change the ‘IsRequired’ column to VARCHAR instead of a TINYINT I no longer receive the error but it makes all fields required. Any help is appreciated.

I can save the form properly but only if all of the fields are set with required as true. If the required field is false and I try to save the form the error occurs if that helps at all.

Let’s do this over email. Email me from the product or author page.

You should know however, the demo version is always kept in sync with the package you receive at the time of purchase. If you can throw this up on a shared server somewhere do that and give me access via email so we can debug it together.

Got it to work on a different machine. I’m not sure why the problem occurred on my other laptop. One more quick question. How is your session_start(); set? Or how can I redirect someone who is not logged in or has the right permissions when landing on the “New Form” page. Ex: if(!isset($_SESSION[‘logged_in’])) { redirect } else { run as normal }

Is this a desktop or online app? I’m creating a mySQL database on my desktop with Workbench, then will want to build forms and reports before uploading to the server as a web application

Hello I bought this morning your form builder But when I submit the form I do not receive any message in my mailbox

Thank you for your help

purchase code: 50e179cf-0e40-4c57-ba89-81b1ef9ceee8

Hello have a problem I receive a notification by mail but the contents of the fields of the posted form are empty just “You received a new submission …...” Can you help me For information I use php 7.1 thank you license: 50e179cf-0e40-4c57-ba89-81b1ef9ceee8

Hi, that feature is not supported in this version. This is the first time someone has requested this feature to my recollection. I can put it on the backlog for adding to a future release.

Hello! I recently installed the script, but when I create a form and publish it, it does not upload the attachments and it does not date either. How can we solve it. Thank you

This is a bit unclear. are you saying that files uploaded with the upload control are not saved? Also, what does “does not date” mean? You can email me directly with support questions.

Not sure what happen. Got a prob with register.php. PHP shows me some notices an warnings. So the eembed register.php do not find the ID.

okay got a solution:

<iframe id=”form-builder-frame” src=”https://*/register.php?embed=true&id=76” height=”832” frameborder=”0” width=”550px” marginheight=”0” marginwidth=”0” scrolling=”no”> </iframe>

Deleted the “amp;” in “src=”https:///register.php?embed=true&id=76”“

So you got only src=”https://*/register.php?embed=true&id=76”

And it works

Other Question: How to secure the controlpanel?

Hi, could you help me? I got the form working, but if i try to upload mp4 files there are no showing in the entrylist

whenever i add a new form element or click save button, i got this error “Unable to save form SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1366 Incorrect integer value: ’’ for column ‘IsRequired’ at row 1”...please how to resolve this issue

Hi, did you modify the code? It looks like you’re trying to pass an empty string into the “IsRequired” field which takes a TinyInt. The issue you are reporting cannot be reproduced in the hosted

If you can’t figure out what’s causing it. Give me as much information as you can as to how to reproduce the error including: 1. Version of MySql database 2. Types of fields on the form you are creating 3. Number of fields etc.