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Excellent work my friend!!!! Congratulations!!Wish you many sales!!!;)

Let it be 8-)

looks good, any chance for a wp version? bookmarked.

The wp version is coming soon. Probably it’ll happen next week.

hopefully responsive :)

not responsive ?(

how make the with 100%

the width can be set in pixels only, not in %

So I tried using it on a site, it works nice with noClick:flase but when I use noClick:true it has an horizontal offset of about 200px, any idea why it happens?

Please, give a link to the site where double viewer is located. Please, send me this information to my e-mail


is it possible to use below code snippet:

var config = { img_before: ‘images/’ + $(’#image_1’).val(), img_after: ’’images/’ + $(’#image_2’).val(), ...

I have used above code but it not worked. Please advice how to use this case.

Hi, Yes, it’s possible. I’ve checked it – and everything is working well.

If you have any question, you can write me about it to my email.

Hey Anatolik, real good plugin, thank you man! I just adopted it for my joomla site and was wondering if it’s possible to make jquery.doubleviewer.js working on the base of jquery-1.7.2.min.js instead of jquery-1.6.1.min.js In my case i got both above jquery js loaded which is redundant and conflicting. But for some reason doubleviewer would not work with jquery-1.7.2.min.js Is there a snippet of code within 1.6.1 i can copy into 1.7.2 for doubleviewer to work? Thank you!


It’s quite strange. I’ve checked jquery.doubleviewer.js in version jQuery-1.7.2.min.js and everything was working well. You also can send me a link for a doubleviewer at your site and ask me any important questions.


How to make slides auto play ?

Unfortunately it’s impossible at this moment. Now it can be managed manually only. You’re not the first person who asked this. I suppose that one day I’ll add this option in a new version.

Thank yo for reply. I have one more doubt. Can you tell me how to put thumbnails instead of small dots navigation.

Unfortunately, this plugin doesn’t have such an option.

Dear very nice plugin, its possible to do different angle? like top to down

Unfortunately, it’s possible to use only horizontal images here

Can you do it for me

Hi – I’ve made the images full screen responsive. Is there a way to make the images “Fit” to screen height and width? Right now, they fit 100% wide – but the bottom can be cut off causing scrolling if the screen size is small.

Would like to be able to resize screen to any dimensions and have the entire image maintain its aspect ratio – even if background is showing on the sides.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to do it. If the size of screen is full, DV plugin responds only to the width of the window.

Is it possible to customize this? We can pay you.